Toward Independence

Toward Independence

Toward Independence Chapter 5 Section 2: Before 1763 Population went from 50, 000 to

more than a million in a century. People came because there was more freedom. Conflict in the Ohio Valley

France built a fort in the valley called Fort Duquesne in what is now Pittsburgh English (Virginia) fought them for the land Militia small army made of

ordinary citizens available to fight Led by George Washington French and Indian War British went to drive France our of the Ohio Valley for good

French had Indian Allies War lasted 7 years British won and was given Canada Section 3: Proclamation of 1763

King George III said draw a line through the Appalachian Mnts, settlers on the east and Indians on the west. Tyranny unjust use of government power.

Problems: No room to settle People on both sides of the line already The Stamp Act

British had large debt from war Required to buy a stamp for every piece of paper used Parliament had no right to tax them because no representatives No taxation without

representation! Act was repealed or cancelled Questions What was the population increase in the first century?

Who fought in the French and Indian War? Where was the French and Indian War fought? When King George III split the Appalachian Mnts in half to divide the land what was this called?

What were the 2 problems with the plan? What was the Stamp Act? The Townshend Act Taxes on goods from England

Act was cancelled Samuel Adams led protest against Act Citizens very upset boycotted ALL goods from Britain Government got rid of taxes on everything except tea

Citizens still not satisfied Boston Massacre Small riot broke out, guns were fired, and citizens were killed Mob formed and caused another

man to die John Adams (2nd President) put an end to fighting claimed the troops acted in self-defense Boston Tea Party

Tea Act lowered the price of tea, but was still being taxed and people still upset Citizens who protested dressed like Native Americans and threw tea overboard the delivery ships

Over 90, 000 pounds dumped in the sea Questions What was the Townshend Act? Who was involved in the Boston Massacre?

How did the colonists protest the tax on tea? What was this protest called? Intolerable Acts

Closed harbor until all the tea was paid off Massachusetts was firmly under British control More soldiers were sent to control the city

Acts did not work Colonists united and protested Britain even more Colonists began to split their loyalty, half loyal and half not

First Continental Congress Citizens from 12 colonies came together and wrote a letter of protest to King George Militias formed called minutemen

minutemen to enforce boycott Intolerable Acts brought both sides to brink of war Lexington and Concord

King George did not even respond, but instead was ready to fight British soldiers came to fight at Lexington and won Paul Revere The British are coming British moved to Concord to fight and lost

Citizens hid the guns and moved the gunpowder Proved Americans were willing to fight and die for their rights Questions

What were the 3 Intolerable Acts? Who were the group of men that wrote a letter to the King protesting the Intolerable Acts? What did King George do in reply to the letter?

What did Americans prove in the end?

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