Town hall - UCSB

Town hall - UCSB

TOWN HALL Finance and Resource Management Chuck Haines, Acting Assistant Chancellor WELCOME! Welcome! Finance And Resource Management Office of Budget and Planning Budget Office Capital Development Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment Community Housing Authority Real Estate Office

Business and Financial Services Accounts Payable/Travel & Entertainment BARC/Cashiers Data Control Equipment Management Extramural Funds Accounting General Accounting Internal Controls Payroll Procurement Services Jim Corkill, Controller, Director BFS BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES

BFS Mission Statement and Operating Principles Mission Statement In support of the USCB Mission Statement and UC Statement of Ethical Values: Business & Financial Services is an integral campus and community partner, providing sustainable value-added services and solutions to ensure responsible compliance and stewardship. BFS Mission Statement and Operating Principles Partner Adapt Serve

Collabora te Sustaina ble UC Path Current UCPath Organizational Readiness Timeline Go/No Go Decision 2017 Mar Go-Live 7/1/2018

2018 Apr May Jun Jul Document & Review Future UCPath Processes Aug Sep

Oct Nov Dec Jan Transition Planning & Preparation (All Departments) Feb Mar Apr

May Centra l End User Office Training Trainin g Jun Jul New Hire Traini ng

UC Path Elimination of Same Day Checks NEW Off Cycle Pay Check Generation and Mailing ACTION 1. Reduce reliance on same day checks 2. Promote Direct Deposit now UC Path 2014 Electronic W-2 2014 Direct Deposit

100% 100% 80% 80% 60% 60% 40% 40% 20%

20% 0% 0% B ey is ne es ed de go co uz S C el av rvi gel rc rsi ie cis Cr U rk D I n e e D n a M v e a nt

n A i a r B R F s S n Sa Lo Sa B ey is ne es ed de go co uz S C el av rvi el rc rsi ie cis Cr U rk D I ng e e D n a

M v e a nt n A i a r B R F s S n Sa Lo Sa UC Path

NEW Use of Sub 5 and 7 PLAN 1. Review campus use cases 2. Develop plan to address current uses 3. Resolutions needed prior to UCPath data conversion 7/1/17 UC Path NEW Leave Accruals PLAN

1. Export of leave accruals into KRONOS timekeeping 2. UCPath will be system of record for vacation and leave balances UC Path NEW Verification of Employment PLAN 1. Moving to UCPath late spring/ early summer 2017 2. More information coming soon BFS Mini Tune-Ups

Monthly Sessions 20 30 minutes Online via Zoom Host, Jim Corkill Topics Announced ahead of time via ACTGNEWS listserv Questions collected via online form BFS webpage with information and links (Coming Soon) We want to hear from you! Kimberly Ray, Associate Director OFFICE OF THE CONTROLLER

Office of the Controller Financial Controls Jim Corkill, Controller Kim Ray, Associate Director of Controls Administration Liz Molina, Business Officer Kim Taylor, Office Manager Banking Services Matt Coy, Banking Services Administrator Ariana Severseike, Banking Services Analyst Merchant Credit Card Security UCSB Credit Card Merchants

40+ departments process cards 70+ merchant accounts 1.8 million transactions (2016) $35 million processed (2016) According to a 2014 Harris Institute poll, 24% of U.S. adults would no longer donate to their alma mater if their personal data was compromised! Projects Underway and Coming Soon Controllers Office Underway Campus PCI Compliance Key Control Review/Documentation

Cash handling campus control reviews CFS User Role controls monitoring program BFS website review Petty Cash program updates Coming Soon BFS HR/Budget Hub Update BFS Budget/Forecasting model Service Ticketing System Campus credit card balance sheet accounts review BFS website content enhancement Leslie Griffin, Associate Director

CAMPUS FINANCIAL SYSTEMS Campus Financial System (CFS) PPS PPS Facilities Facilities Management Management BARC BARC GMC GMC Library Library

Campus Campus Departmen Departmen Budget tt Journals Journals Ledgers Data Data Warehouse Warehouse Housing Housing & & Accounts Residentia Residentia Payable

ll Services Services Transfer Transfer General of of Funds Funds Ledger Gateway Gateway Project Purchase Purchase Costing Orders Orders

Transfer Transfer of of Expense Expense FlexCard FlexCard Chart of Accounts Cashiers Travel Cashiers Travel Disbursements Disbursements


Technic al Experts Function al Manage rs Technic al Experts Projects Underway and Coming Soon Campus Financial Systems Underway UCPath integrate with

campus financial systems Web Apps stabilize & link authentication to CAS US Bank & CashNet convert file transfer process to new platform PeopleSoft server migration to cloud Facilities Management System Integration (FIDO) Coming Soon Upgrade PeopleSoft to version 9.2 BARC upgrade to more current technology BFS Imaging Server migrate from ARIT to ETS

Librarys ALMA system integrate with BARC & PeopleSoft Accounts Payable Develop flexible reporting tool Butch Phillips, Manager GENERAL ACCOUNTING General Accounting Butch Phillips, Manager Janet Kennedy, Financial Controls Russell Remington, Accounting Supervisor Lynn Tran, Plant Accounting Supervisor Fiscal Close

Close Schedule for 2017 UCOP Closing Schedule Campus Closing Schedule May Ledger June Preliminary Ledger Anticipated cutoff dates: Manual Journals: July 3 @ 4pm Electronic Journals: July 6 @ 4pm Recharge Activity: July 7 @ 4pm Fiscal Close Letter will be distributed in May; all other dates approximately the same as previous years Steve Kriz, Associate Director AP/TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT, DATA BILLING OFFICE, LOAN COLLECTIONS,

CASHIERS AP/Travel and Entertainment/Data Control Accounts Payable/Travel and Entertainment Annette Gonzales, Manager Monique Chaidez Marco Fuentes Ron Hirst Stephanie Sacco Jamie Sawyer Frederika Smith Data Control Susan Esparza, Manager Mark Mares

Travel & Entertainment Employee Reimbursements Moving & Relocation Advances Glacier NRA Administration Payment Processing Support - Gen Actg, Payroll, AP Transaction and Journal File Processing Accounts Payable

Average Annual Transaction Volume Student Entertainment Employee Gateway Travel Other Total Payments Reimbursements 200,000 45,000 72,000 48,000 12,000 17,000

6,000 Accounts Payable Guiding Principles Purpose Authorizati on Audit Proof Documenta tion Perception Future Plans

Accounts Payable AP/Travel and Entertainment Update/Improve Web Content Develop Quick Reference Guides Develop Job Aids Training Data Control Participate in UCPath effort Billing Office/Loan Collections (BARC) Erick McCurdy, Manager Billing Office Belgin Alemdar

Rose Contreras Kathy Kraus Kelly Ponce Katerin Quintanilla Toni Vargas Loan Collections Sophie Barragan Emma Campbell Student Billing Financial Aid

Disbursement Payment Plan Counsel Students Manage Perkins, Institutional, and DREAM loans Collections Cashiers Office Cashiers Office Tracy Coy, Manager Adrienne Brunasso Sudathip Dozier Kim Kramer

Student Payment Processing Departmental Deposit Petty Cash Reimbursements International Wire Processing Check Cashing Billing Office/Cashiers New Fall Students 2016 2015 7,754

6,797 2014 7,042 2013 6,000 6,851 6,500 7,000 7,500 8,000

Future Plans Billing Office, Loan Collections and Cashiers Billing Office Improve web content and guidance Replacement of BARC system Cashiers Office New organizational structure Loan Collections Continued improvement in Perkins default rates Collection efforts for DREAM Loans Sunset of the Perkins Loan Program

Tyler Clark, Manager EXTRAMURAL FUNDS ACCOUNTING Effort Reporting 97.5% 2016 ERS on-time certification 36% in 2010 prior to ERS THANK YOU! Award Closing Uniform Guidance

Documenting Processes Identifying Key Controls Gap Analysis Risk Assessment It takes a team! Projects Underway and Coming Soon Extramural Funds Accounting Underway Closing awards in Campus Financial System EMF work process documentation Federal interest program EMF internal cross training program

Coming Soon Award set up enhancements Jake Godfrey, Associate Director PROCUREMENT SERVICES Gateway Purchase Invoices Invoice Processing Processed Orders Processing Processed Annually:

Time: Annually: Time: < 72,000 1 day < 54,000 1 day Technology Road Map Projects Underway and Coming Soon Purchasing/Contracts/Equipment Underway UC Procurement $200M (P200)

UC P2P Efficiency ONR Certification Procurement Delegations ITS Insurance Services Gateway Invoice Workflow 2.0 Service Desk and Newsletter Coming Soon Supply Chain $500M (SC500) Upstream Technologies UG Micro Cap Threshold Revenue Programs CPO Outreach Thank you! WRAP UP

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