Town of Queen Creek Fire Department

Town of Queen Creek Fire Department

West Park Site Conceptual Design September 21, 2016 West Park Site Conceptual Design Adam Robinson Recreation Superintendent Town of Queen Creek Jeff Sherman Owner Sherman Design Studios Conceptual Design

Concept: an abstract idea; a general notion Looking for: General flow of the park Spatial relation of amenities Impact on surrounding areas Most important amenities Brief History 2002 General Plan 2005 Parks, Trails, & Open Space Master Plan 2007 Five Park Master Plan 2009 Great Recession 2014 Legislative Changes take affect

Site Name Acres 1 Johan DeKieser Property 6.71 2 Johan DeKieser Property

0.246 3 Triangle (Town Property) 2.095 4 New Park Site 5

Future Phase Park 27.34 6 Future Phase Park 9.253 29.82 Public Input

June 15 - Council approved the West Park conceptual design project July 12 - Three concepts presented to PRAC August 6 - Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update public forum

July 14 - August 15 - Online poll with 803 participants (615 of which were QC residents) August 16 - PRAC voted on final recommendation to Council September 21 - Town Council to vote on PRAC recommended concept design for the West Park site 30-Acre Park Site

Impact fee $$ used only for 30 acres Immediate needs addressed Additional Park amenities Potential amenities

Natural progression to future lake area Long frontage with Queen Creek Wash Direct connection to the wash trail Alternative B

Project Timeline Council Approves Concept September 2016 Design detail, engineering, preconstruction Oct 2016 June 2017 Park Construction July 2017 Summer 2018 Grand Opening!!!

Summer 2018 Fiscal Impact Estimated Project Cost: $17 M. Funding Varies Based on Four Project Elements Options Exist Final Recommendations at Time of Construction Contract Award Source of Funds Project Element Park Improvements (excluding Splash Pad) Splash Pad Streets

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure TOTAL Park Impact Fees (post 8/1/14) and Operating Budget Savings Park Impact Fees (pre 8/1/14) or Operating Budget Savings Street Impact Fees and 2% Dedicated Construction Sales Tax Water and Wastewater Capacity Fees or Savings Amount $13.40 M

$0.45 M $1.9 M $1.3 M $17 M Park Naming Policy Criteria to name parks: Geographical location of the park, or Natural / geological features

Cultural or historical significance The family name of an individual or a family whove made a significant contribution to the community, country, state, or the field of parks & recreation Use of the park Motion Move to approve the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee recommended conceptual design for the West Park site, giving staff direction to move forward the process for architectural and construction designs, procuring a general contractor, and

constructing the park. Alternatives 1. Approve PRAC recommended concept, but with specific directions for changes 2. Choose not to approve at this time; direct staff to make changes to the proposed design and bring back to Council at a future date 3. Choose not to approve at this time; direct staff to suspend the project LIVE PLAY It is a happy talent to

know how to play. Ralph Waldo Emerson Sports do not build character, they reveal it. John Wooden You can be a kid as along as you want when you play

If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second. Edward Bellamy LEARN We dont stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. F. Mitchell

Just play, have fun, enjoy Parks have healththe power. game! Increased access to parks leads to a 25%Michael increaseJordan in people exercising 3 or more days a week. National Parks

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