Toyota Production System -

Toyota Production System -

(Please Turn Off or Silence Cell Phones) John Veatch Lean Concepts Inc. 17710 Willowcreek Way Westfield, IN 46074 [email protected] All Material Herein 1998 Lean Concepts Inc. Revised 1 Standardized

Work 2 The Challenge of Change Where we are Comfort Fear Anger Anxiety Sabotage Loss of status Denial

Blame Past Patterns Where we want to be WIIFM? (Whats in it for me?) Chaos no meaningful change occurs without chaos

Margaret Wheatley Reject Accept 3 The optimum combination of people, equipment, materials documented in time and space by the standard work combination sheet and the standard work sheet (layout and wip). The use of stable , repeatable , direct and unambiguous steps to achieve reliable output of

processes and superior quality. Standard Work is the key to achieve takt time , one piece flow, and pull. 4 Why Should My Company Embrace Standard Work Kaizen will succeed only if you pay regular and productive attention to Standard Work. Team member choices are dramatically reduced, eliminating the do it your own way.

Abnormal conditions are clearly defined and tracked. The flow of people, information, equipment and materials is choreographed to eliminate waste. 5 A Advantages of Standard Work Repeatable Processes. Operator Training.

Repeatable Quality Improved Safety. Disadvantages of Standard Work 6 Takt Time Takt time sets the pace for Just-In-Time production. It is the amount of time allotted for the production of one unit based on the available time and demand.

Takt Time Formula: TT = Daily Available Time Daily Demand 7 Standardized Work Objectives Establish and clarify the guidelines for manufacturing QUALITY, QUANTITY, COST, MANNING, INVENTORY, AND SAFETY


Three elements Takt time / Cycle time Work Sequence Standard WIP Four Tools Time Observation Process Capacity Standard Work Combination Sheet Standard Work Layout 9

10 11 The 7 Forms of Waste (Muda)

T ransportation O verproduction M otion D efects W aiting I nventory P rocessing 12 Questions

13 Lean Concepts, Inc THANKS YOU for your attendance, attention, and participation today 14

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