TRA6053 - Méthodologie et outils de la localisation II

TRA6053 - Méthodologie et outils de la localisation II

Theres An App for That! All About Adaptechs Free and/or Inexpensive Technology Database Jillian Budd, Alice Havel In Collaboration with Catherine Fichten, Laura King, Christine Vo, Alexandre Chauvin, Alex Lussier, Evelyne Marcil, Cristina Vitouchanskaia & Jennison Asuncion 19th Annual Accessing Higher Ground, Westminster, Colorado November, 2016 Agenda Adaptech Research Networks

research findings Overview of Free and/or Inexpensive technology database Some favourites Questions 2 Presenters Jillian Budd

Adaptech Research Network McGill University [email protected] 3 Presenters Alice Havel Adaptech Research Network Dawson College

[email protected] 4 Adaptech Research Network Based at Dawson College since 1996 Funding: federal and provincial grants Bilingual, empirical research Team: faculty, students, professionals, consumers, community partners 5

Adaptech Research Focus College/university students & graduates with disabilities Factors impacting student success Student outcomes after graduation Use and accessibility of information and communication technologies (ICTs) 6 Research Findings (1999-2001) ICTs and students with disabilities in

postsecondary education High cost of ICT products Poor compatibility Inadequate funding 7 Research Findings (1999-2001) Students shared low-cost alternatives General-use products used as assistive aids

"Cross-use technologies Quick and dirty" solutions for faculty 8 Research Findings (2009) Development and validation of the POSITIVES Scale ICT needs better met on campus than at home Concern regarding funding of ICTs for

personal use Lack of institutional ICT loan programs 9 Research Findings (2012) ICTs and students with learning disabilities ICTs recommended by experts not used by students

Students used general-use ICTs (e.g., Smartphone, MP3) 10 Specialized ICTs Used by Students with LD and Experts Recommendations Specialized ICTs Students with LD

Experts Kurzweil 3000 Wynn 6% 3% 45% 19% Dictation software

WordQ Text-to-speech software Scanning/OCR 10% 25% 18% 27% 65% 29% 38%

9% Mind-mapping/concept mapping 10% 41% Smartpen 3%

3% 11 General-Use ICTs Used by Students with LD and Experts Recommendations General-Use ICTs Students with LD Experts

Office suite Antidote 86% 65% 71% 47% Electronic dictionary MP3 to listen to books/texts

E-book PDF 58% 30% 11% 74% 2% 2% 0% 0%

Digital recorder Laptop Smartphone/iPod etc. 16% 85% 69% 16% 36% 10%

12 Research Findings (2016) Student and faculty perspectives on excellence in ICT in college Students like to use their own ICTs in class Laptops Tablets Smartphones 13

From Research to Real Life Barriers students faced Prohibitive cost (>$1000 adaptive technologies) Lack of knowledge of available products Inadequate opportunities to try products before purchasing Lack of information about where to purchase products 14

Adaptechs Response Remove ICT related barriers Provide students with: Information of existing low cost ICTs Creative applications of inexpensive, general-use technology Short-term solutions Quick and dirty solutions 15

Precursor to FANDI As a first response to our early research findings, Adaptech: Compiled a resource booklet Moderated an e-mail discussion forum Put a listing of ICTs used by students on our website 16 The Birth of FANDI Free and Inexpensive Technology

Database (FANDI) Evolved from listing of ICTs 17 FANDIs Evolution Bilingual database Product listings for different platforms Demonstration videos Descriptions / instructions for built-in accessibility features

18 FANDI in 2016 19 20 Product Guidelines 21

Product Categories Adapted Keyboards Dictionary/Reference Organization/Productivity Alternative Mice Dictation Magnification Scanning & Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Screen Reading Writing Other (including multipurpose programs) 22

Product Entries Include Developer name Type (free, free trial, limited trial, payware) Price Websites to find and download the product Languages the product works in System requirements Detailed description of the products features written by a team member Last time the entry was updated by a team member

23 Finding a product on the database Database entries are organized: Alphabetically By task rather than disability 24 Example

25 Finding New Technologies Suggestions from users Conference presentations Word of mouth Vendor / developer advertisement Websites Online stores 26 Selection/Testing Process

Fit our criteria regarding cost? Have a trial? Can it benefit secondary or postsecondary students? Do the features work? How easy/difficult is it to use? 27 Keeping FANDI Afloat Summer students Volunteers Funding

Inflation Bilingual 28 Some Of Our Well-known Favorites

Notability SmartPen Inspiration Cmap ABBYY Transformer+ WordQ TextAloud Evernote 29

Some of Our Lesser Known Favorites Foxit PhantomPDF OneNote Balabolka

Blio Cool Reader DrawExpress Typ-O 30 Your Favorites What are some of your favorite free and/or inexpensive technologies?

31 Questions? 32 Contact Us Adaptech Research Network

Jillian Budd [email protected] Alice Havel [email protected] 33

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