Transitioning to High School -

Transitioning to High School Northville High School Counseling Department Where to Start? There is a variety of advice out there - what should you listen to?

Consider your expectations. Be careful making your worries your students worries. Create a 4 year plan and be willing to change it. Trust your gut. If you think something is wrong, it probably is (esp with drug use). Extreme change is not typical teen behavior. Change can take a while - be patient! Remember: The antidote to anxiety is action Pick your battles, and then stick to your guns Focus on Mental Health Model healthy living habits make for a more resilient and problem solvin g teen

Adequate sleep Proper diet & exercise Monitor amount of screen time Encourage face to face connections & relationships (with adults and teens) Create opportunities for success to balance the failures Success looks different for each student Allow them to take risks and learn from failure. Encourage reading for pleasure when in summer and breaks Reading fiction promotes critical thinking and good mental health Students share: What have been the

differences between 8th & 9th grade? More independence, solve problems on your own Need to spend more time doing homework and studying Need to talk with teachers more Need to be more organized Biggest Adjustments Classes are every other day for 87 minutes Students have more responsibility for their learning and knowing what is happening at school

Classes are more challenging at the high school level Tests focus more on critical analysis and application, less on memorization and identification Grades count in Freshman year for GPA Over 90 clubs/sports to get involved in Social pressures/Social media Important must haves by the second week of school Review the entire website (preferably this was done over summer) Make sure Mistar login is working for student and parent. Note all teachers names and email addresses and make special note of your Seminar teacher! Make sure students and parents are signed up for the NHS listserv

Locate and Read the Mustang Trail!! Have a copy of the A day B day C day schedule - add important dates in your calendar Have your student provide you with each teachers syllabus, contact information and method for delivering assignments (moodle, google classroom, etc.. Keys to Success - Balance Enroll in academically appropriate classes and gradually increase rigor if successful/desired Dedicate between 18-22 hours weekly to homework & studying Studies show teenagers need an average of 9 hours of sleep each night Students involved in a couple activities at the school tend to have better grades than students who are not involved in any school

club/sport With approx 600 students in a graduating class, over 90 clubs/sports at NHS, social life may change/evolve Keys to Success - Goals Goal Setting: SMART goals S = Specific M = Measurable A= Attainable R = Realistic T = Time specific Class of 2023 SMART Goals Goal

All As = 41% B or better = 31% What happens if the goal is unrealistic? 1. Anxiety/Panic attacks 2. Lower self esteem/confidence 3. Potentially negative coping strategies Keys to Success - Organization SOAR Binder for all classes

Planner (paper or electronic) to record assignments Time management: 18-22 hours of homework, review & study time weekly Keys to Success - Review & Study 1. Try not to do too much studying at one time. 2. Plan specific times for studying. 3.

Try to study at the same times each day. 4. Set specific goals for your study times. 5. Try different techniques (read aloud, explain work to parents, graph it out, etc..). 6. Begin studying/working on the assignments/subjects that you find most difficult first.

7. Review your notes before beginning an assignment. 8. Find a study place free from distractions. 9. Work with another student when you are having difficulty with an assignment. 10. Review your schoolwork over the weekends.

Keys for Success - Seminar!! Track your students use - all freshman should be here all year They should earn the right to blend Get help on homework or have it checked for accuracy Get questions answered Go in for test review BEFORE a test so you know what to expect Review test errors with teacher to improve for next test

Keys to Success - Advocacy Ask for help when needed. Teachers, counselors and administrators are here to help! We want students to be successful emotionally and academically. See teacher in seminar for extra assistance Arrange study group with classmates See counselor if you are struggling academically, or emotionally. We may have assistance we can offer. For Parents: Request that your student report to you, resist following up after your student. Check for understanding. Have your student explain homework to you! Always, always contact the teacher first with any academic concerns. Meetings are also helpful. Be proactive and warn

Keys to Success - Record Keeping Check MiStar 2 times weekly for to prevent missing assignments Check to make sure you and your child know how to log into Mistar the first week of school. Create a signature planner system if needed Students can review tests with teachers to ascertain reason for errors (eg. misread directions, careless mistakes, trouble with concepts) & strategize for improvement. NHS Counseling Resources NHS Webpage

Individual meetings Daily Progress Report Card/Travel Card Structured Seminar Math & English intervention class (skill building) Peer Mentors National Honor Society Tutor List Referrals to community resources & adult mentors Naviance

Remember, with academic problems, contact the teacher first! Parent adjustments Ups and downs. Students still need parental oversight in freshman year. Try coaching versus directing. Help them problem solve versus solving the problem for them. Balancing technology. Increased desire for independence. Goal: Independent learner ready for post-secondary experiences & challenges Questions? Thank you for coming!

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