Traveler vs Tourist vs Excursionist - Ms. Zolpis' Classes

Traveler vs Tourist vs Excursionist - Ms. Zolpis' Classes

LOCAL EXAMPLES: Review of 5 sectors of Tourism In your group with the sector you have been assigned, make a list of the different services in Canmore and Banff that fall under that sector. Refer back to the slides The Tourism Industry For example, make a list of the hotels or other places for Accommodations

Or list the variety of restaurants in Canmore Or the different ways that people get around under Transportation Traveler vs Tourist vs Excursionist Travelers Any person who is taking a trip within or outside his/her own country of residence irrespective of the purpose of travel, means of transport used,

even though he/she may be travelling on foot. Tourist A tourist is a person who travels to destinations outside his/her residence and working place, and stays for at least 24 hours, for the purpose of leisure or business. Same-day visitor or Excursionist An excursionist is a person who temporarily visits a destination and stays for less than 24 hours, for the purpose of leisure or business, but not for

transit. Customer services: Does Canmore have everything that tourists would want/need? Canmore/Banff Scavenger Hunt Use the internet to find the answers to the questions on the handout

Guests are commonly grouped in three different ways: 1. Demographics (age, occupation, education, income level and marital status) 2. Psychographics (opinions, interests personality, behaviors, like and dislikes) - ex. Risk takers, reluctant travelers,

wanting a break from routine, introvert vs extrovert 3. Motivators (business or pleasure) Travel motivators Travel motivator: a reason why someone decides to travel People travel to meet certain needs or desires. These could be personal, professional, cultural, social or environmental

Motivators influence when we travel and where we travel because we select our destination to meet our needs Some motivators Relaxation Recreation Environment Adventure

Social or family Specialty travel Business and work Cultural Activity A tourist is usually motivated to travel for more than one reason. Identify travel

motivators that may have inspired people to choose the following trips: 1. An ocean-side hotel in Mexico 2. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France 3. An elephant trek in Thailand Scenarios For your example, provide an analysis of travel

motivators that includes: The reasons people travel The kinds of products and services each would expect to meet their needs TRAVEL BARRIERS

Definition Travel Barriers Factors that make it difficult for us to travel or force us to stay home If your desire to travel is strong enough, you will overcome these barriers Travel barriers may still affect choice of destination

Cost Trips are expensive We have to budget our money and save Ex. When fuel costs are low, travel increases Time People have jobs, family and other

commitments that limit time available for traveling Family Stage Parents with children may not travel because of cost and inconvenience Families may avoid specific types of travel, ie. Adventure tourism

Retired couples and young dual income families without children can afford to travel more Weather Travel can be hindered by weather Ex. Winter storms, hurricanes, extreme heat

Fear Things that may discourage people from traveling Political Conflicts High Crime Rates Terrorism Flying Sickness

Fear of the unknown Health Poor health may keep people from travelling Poor health makes it difficult to get travel insurance

Lack of Interest People have other interests than travelling They might rather stay home Travel Variables Complete the travel variables handout by giving an example

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