Trends in UI in Virtual Environments

Trends in UI in Virtual Environments

Trends in Virtual Interfaces Toni Emerson Human Interface Technology Laboratory User Interface of the Future ubiquitous transparent collaborative

networked continuous access Evolution of the user Virtual Reality or Virtual environments will change the way in which man interacts with computer systems. --Myron Krueger, 1983

Designing for the Human neuropsychophysiological multimodal spatial audio spatial interaction metaphors virtual space design virtual communities virtual humans

Drawing the VE Interface the ultimate display display diversification visual displays haptic devices graspable objects

Case Studies: HITL Mission To empower people by building better interfaces with advanced machines that will unlock the power of human intelligence and link minds globally into the 21st century. Where HITL fits in understanding humans

interfaces that amplify collaboration learning vanquishing human limitations Understanding Humans VR Effects Lab: exploring the

physiological and psychological effects of virtual interfaces presence measures simulator sickness adaptation Interfaces that Amplify Wearable Interfaces

Multimodal Project FLIGHT Sound Lab Virtual Retinal Display Virtual Motion Controller Tactile Augmentation

Collaboration Virtual Playground GreenSpace Netgate Mall narrative and spatial architecture

design Virtual Pilot Learning Virtual Classroom Global Change World testbed Virtual Reality Roving Vehicles VRRV

Overcoming Human Limitations Low Vision Group Low Vision Patient Testing Prototype Low Vision Aid Hardware Software Display Enhancement for

Low Vision How can the VRD help? Use small exit pupil to project image through an undamaged portion of the optical pathway project image onto functioning portion of

retina brightness, high contrast, wide fov Overcoming Human Limitations Cognition & VR virtual reality monitoring phobia therapy

Therapeutic VR Pain Distraction International Collaborations Hiroshima University, Japan British Telecom, UK University of

Regina, Canada University of Weimar, Germany Challenges Human Centered Systems Adaptive 2D to 3D upgrade usability standards content theory and development shift in focus-- from

information to communication Questions?

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