TRUE BROTHERHOOD: Male Mentoring for the Lifespan

TRUE BROTHERHOOD: Male Mentoring for the Lifespan

TRUE BROTHERHOOD: Male Mentoring for the Lifespan Kenwood Brotherhood, Inc. Chicago, IL Shelby T. Wyatt, Ed. D Nadia Y. Jenkins Brittany Sims Part 2 from the presentation in 2013 The Brotherhood is a school based male mentoring organization that was created as a supplement to promote student

achievement in elementary and high school. The scope has grown to include mentoring for young adults NOUN: An association of men, such as a fraternity or union, united for common purposes VERB:

Action associated with maintaining the Brotherhood bond ADJECTIVE: Genuine Concern 1. Kenwood Academy Brotherhood History 2. Mental Health Checkups 3. Intimacy Research 4. Cultural Comprehension 5. Expanding the Scope

6. Why Young Adults 7. Issues Affecting Young Adult Males 8. Kenwood Brotherhood, Inc. 9. Community and University Partnerships 10. Fun Evaluative Tools History Created to address: 1.Low graduation rate of African American males in the Chicago Public School System

2. Low participation of males in non-athletic leadership roles at Kenwood Academy 3. Lack of knowledge of positive opportunities outside of the classroom Counseling and Psychology Graduate School Students Provide Weekly: Professional Adult mentoring Assigned Mentees

Grade Checks Assessments of home issues Provide Coping Strategies Conflict Resolution Stress release activities Weekly Lesson Planning Leadership Skill development Enrichment Opportunities Discovering Intimacy: Fraternity, Responsibility, Creativity

Who What When Where Why

How Intimacy Results Formula: Safety + Trust + Vulnerability = INTIMACY Fraternity=Safety Responsibility=Trust Creativity=Vulnerability We are the Brotherhood. A male-mentoring

organization with the creed Fraternity, Responsibility and Creativity. We are our brothers keeper in this group. S. Rogers 14 It was the Brotherhood that showed me what bonding meant. Intimacy is what I was missing at home Corzail Nicholson 08 CULTURAL COMPREHENSION Cultural Comprehension Culture is

defined as the entity that makes you unique. Comprehension- Your ability to understand The purpose of cultural comprehension is to assist students to understand their uniqueness. This requires a series of assessments (informal/formal) to collect personal data on self-perception, selfesteem, and self-concept. Data collected from these assessments can be used to introduce counseling lessons or secure enrichment opportunities that can provide cultural clarification

CULTURAL COMPREHENSION Three Phases of Cultural Comprehension 1.SelfPerception 2.Self- Concept 3.Self-Esteem SELF- PERCEPTION

The perceived reality of how others view you Analysis of your own behavior and make judgments about why you do what you do Self Concept A collection of beliefs

about oneself How we see ourselves Who am I? Cognitive and Descriptive Interacts with selfperception and selfesteem Self-esteem A judgment and attitude of

oneself Negative or positive evaluation of oneself Expanding the scope Scope expands from Kenwood Academy to include the Brotherhood alumni 1.True Brotherhood

Mentoring 2.Validation 3.Information 4.Resources 5.Clarification 6.Cyclical Effect Why Young Adult Males? Issues Affecting Young Adult Males 1. College Admission

& Retention 2. Unsure Long and Short Term Goals 3. Employable Skills Unemployment 4. Mental Health 5. Death Statistics enwood Brotherhood, Inc Began as the Alumni Foundation in 2007 2011-Began researching

not for profit status Established in February, 2012 Purpose to support high school guys Platform for skill development for Brotherhood alumni and friends mmunity and University Partnersh

Fun Evaluative Tools Social Media Mentoring through DePaul University Journaling Skits Open Forum

Poetry Positive Rap Graphic Design Activities Projects Field Trips Questions and Answers Contact Kenwood Academy Brotherhood

5015 South Blackstone Chicago, Il 60615 [email protected] 773-535-1372 m Kenwood Brotherhood, Inc. 9412 South Calumet Chicago, IL 60619

[email protected] .com 773-550-0485 Facebook: Kenwood Academy Brotherhood/Kenwood Brotherhood Inc.

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