Tuesday, 4.14 - Kenwood Academy

Tuesday, 4.14 - Kenwood Academy

Tuesday, 4.14 P I C K U P A T H E S I S S H E E T. R E A D T H E C R E AT I N G YO U R T H E S I S S TAT E M E N T PAG E O F YO U R PAC K E T ( J U S T T H E F I R S T 4 PA RAG RA P H S ) 5 MINUTES Creating Your Thesis Statement WEAK THESIS VS. STRONG THESIS DEBATABLE, UNIQUE, STRONG!!! Thesis Writing Worksheet Is the American Dream an : Illusion or Reality? Thesis Checklist (Done after you write your thesis)

Topic Sentence #1 (Use from Gatsby paragraph) Evidence that supports (All quotes/evidence that was being used in that paragraph) What kinds of evidence are you using? (Quotes? Paraphrase?) How does it connect to your topic sentence and your thesis? (AFTER YOU HAVE FILLED OUT AN OUTLINE FOR ALL BOXES, THEN YOU CAN CREATE A WORKING THESIS. ALL TOPIC SENTENCES HAVE TO CONNECT TO YOUR THESIS) Teacher Sample (Reality) Countless people are quick to jump to the conclusion that the American dream is an illusion, but these skeptics merely like the individual characteristics that are

necessary for achieving the dream. The American dream is a reality that is reserved for those that are willing to put forth the extra effort into the quest. Topic Sentence #1 Topic Sentence #2 The American dream is an actuality when the individual striving for said dream has an unrelenting drive directed only on that goal. Many people believe that the American dream is unachievable, but the reality of the this dream exists in the opportunities seized by the individual.

Evidence Evidence 1. Jay Gatzs dream of wealth to be Gatsby. 2. James Gatsbys dream for prominence. 3. James Gatsbys dream for Daisy. Using Quotes from The Great Gatsby. This proves that the American dream is achievable depending on an individuals actions. 1. Youths learning from past generations

2. Creating own opportunities through advanced technology 3. Changing/adapting to surroundings. Using quotes from Source #1 This proves that the American dream is real as long as an individual seizes certain opportunities and adapting to a growing society. Take 5 minutes to work on the Gatsby topic sentence box. YOU WILL COMPLETE THE REST OF THIS PAPER AS PART OF YOUR HOMEWORK DUE ON THURSDAY.

Copy this down somewhere on your packet Citing articles should be organized like this: Last Name, First Name. Title of Article. Name of Periodical. Day Month Year: Pages. Kadlec, Dan. Is the American Dream Withering or Just Changing? TIME Magazine. 26 September 2013: 1-3 (WHEN IN DOUBT, GO TO www.easybib.com ) Teacher Sample of Annotated Bib Paragraph

Kadlec, Dan. "Is the American Dream Withering or Just Changing?" TIME Magazine 23 Sept. 2013: 1-3. Print. This article is about the American Dream and how it is changing throughout the generations of America. A strong argument is made to present that the dream is merely changing and not dying as some may believe; it is up to the new generations of Americans to change and adapt to meet the needs of the dream and not stand around like how their elders have done. The article discusses the mistrust that elders have in the younger generation, but this is disproved when the author proves that the younger generation has learned from the mistakes of their parents. The author wrote this source for the American people for reassurance that the American Dream does exist, but that it is just changing with the world around us. I am confident that this is a credible source because TIME magazine is a reputable source and the author has been researching this topic

of financial stability for over 25 years. Even though this is a nice source, I will not be using it for my essay; it does not meet the needs of my stance, which will discuss the illusion of dream for women. Silent Work Time (Headphones LOW) Handwrite your annotated bibliography by writing a quick summary of each article. Use your worksheets from yesterday to guide your writing. HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY: Thesis Worksheet Typed and Printed Annotated Bibliography (MLA)

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