Turning Information into Action: Rethinking Enterprise Reporting

Turning Information into Action: Rethinking Enterprise Reporting

Turning Information Into Action: Enterprise Reporting at Columbia University Maria E. Mosca, Director Student Information Systems Columbia University in the City of New York EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2004 Baltimore, MD January 14, 2004 Copyright Maria E. Mosca and Bernhard Kluger, 2004. This work is the intellectual property of the authors. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for noncommercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on

the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the Presentation Goal To describe the evolving role of reporting in support of administrative officers engaged in the delivery and evaluation of

student services at Columbia. Presentation Overview i. ii. iii. iv. v. About Columbia and SIS

Client Collaboration Technology Innovation Results New Directions About Columbia and SIS Columbia University Located in New York City Founded 1754

23,400 Students 7,700 Degrees Conferred 8,900 Faculty and Staff 17 Schools across 4 campuses Highly Decentralized http://www.columbia.edu/cu/opir/Facts2003.htm What Is SIS?

Mission Statement At SIS we provide the best possible integrated student information services to the Columbia University community by working collaboratively to ensure the accessibility, integrity, and security of student

information. What Is SIS? Structure A Partnership of Administrative Information Services and the Division of Student Services 25 employees in application development, maintenance, help desk, training, business process consulting, and reporting. The Student Life Cycle

Admissions Financial Aid Housing Records Accounts The Student Life Cycle Admissions Does the composition of our applicant pool meet our diversity goals?

Financial Aid Are we meeting the full financial need of our students as their personal circumstances change from year to year? Housing How many admitted students are likely to request housing? Records What has been the impact of academic advising on the performance of students in my program? Accounts How well are we managing cash flow from 3 rd-party tuition

payments? The SIS Reporting Model Client Collaboration drives Technology Innovation yields Accessibility of Information

Evaluation Client Collaboration Client Collaboration Develop Client Expertise in Reporting Evaluate Services in Consultation with Clients

Package and Promote Common Tasks Develop Client Expertise Monthly New User Orientation On-Site Training for Advanced Users Mobile Training Lab [email protected] In 2003, received 2,436

requests from 426 distinct users across 99 offices Evaluate Current Systems SIS Advisory Committee User Groups Admissions Financial Aid Reporting Working Groups

Address Management Identity Management [email protected] Package Common Tasks From green screens and green bar paper to one click online reports via personalized

portal. Technology Innovation SIS Systems: In the beginning The Student Information System Initiation: 1992 Users (03): 980

Platform: 0S/390 Mainframe Ad Hoc: none CICS/VSAM/Cobol First Generation Reporting SISUMENU (SIS User MENU) Initiation: 1992 Users:

25 and falling Platform: 0S/390 Mainframe Ad Hoc: FOCUS in CMS Green Bar Paper, Green Screens Second Generation Reporting SIS Report Server Initiation: 1994

Users: 50 and falling Platform: Sybase, AIX Unix Ad Hoc: SQL, Query Tools including Brio, Access & InfoMaker Point & Click Third Generation Reporting SIS Desktop Reports

Initiation: 2000 Users: 296 and rising Platform: InfoMaker Ad Hoc: None Sybase stored procedures, parameter-driven Next Generation Reporting Web Reporting System Initiation:

2004 Users: 30 and rising Platform: WebFOCUS on AIX Unix Ad Hoc: TBD Portal channels Results

Results 1997 Report Writing 2004 Business Process

Consultin g A single super expert user w/Focus Report Writing Help Desk Advanced

Tool Devt to a balanced toolkit and support for all Results The Data 500 reports available

30,000 reports produced annually Declining use of mainframe and ad hoc reporting Significance Greater accessibility, integrity and security Improved student service delivery New Directions New Directions

Technology Innovation Web Reporting uPortal Client Collaboration Business Process Consulting Working Groups -CUDOS Thank you !

Columbia University Student Information Systems www.columbia.edu/cu/sis Maria E. Mosca, Director [email protected] Bernie Kluger, Associate Director [email protected]

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