UBICOMP - Auburn University

UBICOMP - Auburn University

UBICOMP pervasive computing physical computing, the Internet of Things, haptic computing,[3] and things that think. A truly ubiquitous computing experience would require the spread of computational capabilities literally everywhere. Another way to achieve ubiquity is to carry all of your computational need with you everywhere, all the time. The field of wearable computing explores this interaction paradigm. How do you think the first-person emphasis of wearable computing compares with the third-person, or environmental, emphasis of

ubiquitous computing? What impact would there be on context-aware computing if all of the sensors were attached to the individual instead of embedded in the environment? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubiquitous_computing Ubiquitous computing presents challenges across computer science: in systems design and engineering, in systems modelling, and in user interface design. Contemporary human-computer interaction models, whether command-line, menu-driven, or GUI-based, are inappropriate and inadequate to the ubiquitous case. This suggests that the "natural" interaction paradigm appropriate to a fully robust ubiquitous computing has yet to emerge - although there is also recognition in the field that in many ways we are already living in an ubicomp world.

Contemporary devices that lend some support to this latter idea include mobile phones, digital audio players, radio-frequency identification tags, GPS, and interactive whiteboards. Mark Weiser Mark Weiser proposed three basic forms for ubiquitous system devices, see also Smart device: tabs, pads and boards. Tabs: wearable centimetre sized devices

Pads: hand-held decimetre-sized devices Boards: metre sized interactive display devices. New Paradigms Ambient intelligence Context-aware pervasive systems Human-centered computing Human-computer interaction List of Ubicomp Researchers Sentient computing

Smart device Ubiquitous learning Virtual reality Wearable computer Task computing Wearable Computers

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