UCAS Parents' evening presentation

UCAS Parents' evening presentation

UCAS Parents evening presentation Helping your son or daughter through the UCAS process Duncanrig Secondary School 19th September 2016 Research its free and important to do Start at www.ucas.com Your son or daughter can sign up for a UCAS Card theyll get monthly emails and discount on top-name brands. Research career options, universities, courses and minimum entry requirements. Attend Open Days even if your son or daughter doesnt know what they want to do, speaking to those in the know will help.

Learn from others student videos watch at UCAS.tv. are available to Other things to consider Finance course fees, grants, travel and living costs Travel to and from home Accommodation uni halls or private residences?

How can you support the research process? Sign up to the monthly UCAS Parents Newsletter. Download the UCAS Parent Guide from the UCAS website. Offer to attend open days with them, you may have a different perspective. Try to remain impartial. Visit www.ucas.com/parents Entry requirements

Entry requirements vary from course to course and between universities More qualifications may be required at second sitting (after S6 rather than S5) Prospective students must check entry requirements by looking at course specifications or by speaking to the admissions office for individual faculties at their chosen establishments. Key features of the UCAS scheme

Your son or daughter can make up to five choices in one application. The 2017 applicant fee is: 13 for one choice 24 for up to five choices. Applications received by the key deadlines are given equal consideration.

Invisibility universities cannot see where else students have applied. The UCAS application process The Process Online application Pupils must register and complete application online Linked in with school to allow staff to access and add reference Pay and Send to referee When completed payment made to UCAS and

application sent to referee Reference added by Guidance Teacher/Referee Application checked, reference added and sent to UCAS Guidance Teacher checks and if redrafting required form is returned to applicant. Application finally approved by Guidance Teacher. Application and reference approved by DHT before being sent to UCAS Making the application Apply is the UCAS online application system. Every applicant has six sections to complete:

Personal details Student finance (UK and EU only) Choices Education Employment

Personal statement. Personal statement start early Personal statements are so important, make sure your son or daughter includes: academic interests achievements, past and present in the chosen subject area knowledge what they enjoy about studying details

The of the subject and enthusiasm to go beyond the syllabus of their independent study skills. questions universities and colleges will ask: have do they chosen the right subject for the right reasons? they have a range of interests? does the personal statement confirm their interest in the subject?

have they studied independently? are do they motivated and committed? they possess good numeracy and literacy skills? Students Ensure they are realistic in their choices (aspirational but achievable) Ensure they have considered backup

choices/plans Organise relevant work experiences etc which are required to support their application if required Undertake any external tests such as (UKCAT/LNAT) by the deadlines set by the organisations Access help from Skills Development Scotland staff (Careers Advisor)for in-depth careers advice if they are unsure of what to apply for.

Complete their application by the deadlines set by the school to ensure there is enough time to process and refine their application Pay relevant costs direct to UCAS Key dates and deadlines Applications for courses offered by Conservatoires have separate deadlines from 1st October onwards. School Deadlines for 1st draft of applications to be submitted to Guidance Staff

Medicine/Vet medicine/Dentistry/ Oxford and Cambridge Monday 3rd October All other applications Monday 7th November These dates allow the required checks and discussions to take place before UCAS deadlines apply. Students missing these deadlines cannot be guaranteed to have their application submitted by the deadlines indicated by UCAS.

How do we support and prepare pupils to apply to Higher Education On going process through careers information in PSE from S4S6, UCAS presentations by Universities arranged for PSE slot Input from Skills Development Scotland staff in PSE and on individual/group basis Early in S5/S6 identification of students planning to apply for entry Provide the students with Help Booklets which guide them though on line application

Staff lead pupils through application process using PSE time and individual interviews Encourage candidates to investigate and attend relevant University Open Days. Predicted grades identified by staff based on previous performance as well as current progress Guidance staff discuss and proof read Personal Statements

Application forms scrutinised by staff and any errors highlighted for amendment Write reference to support the application Offer Mock Interviews to students requiring/requesting one Make students aware of how to apply for funding Input so far this session.. Strathclyde

University Applying to University. Choosing a course and Personal Statement information Glasgow Caledonian University Applying to University Speed Network activity with student mentors to discuss courses Attendance UCAS at Higher Education Convention presentation in PSE on Registering

process and importance of research Still to come Information and materials on Personal Statements Careers Talks from SDS advisor ongoing at PSE times Workshops on Personal Statements delivered by GCU staff Student Finance Talk planned for early next session Time within PSE to discuss individual issues and to work on applications, especially personal statements What we cannot do Complete

an application on a students behalf Amend any of the content entered by the student Write personal statement for student Extend or change deadlines set by UCAS Decision-making by institutions

Universities will review: Personal statement Reference Qualifications Admissions test results Interviews* Portfolios* Auditions*. (* where relevant) An admissions tutor may make one of three decisions: Unconditional offer

Conditional offer Unsuccessful. Tracking applications Track will allow your son or daughter to: follow see the progress of their application 24/7 their choices and personal information display reply their offers

to offers online. Replying to offers When your son or daughter receives decisions from all of their choices they will need to make their replies by a set date. They can now hold a maximum of two offers: Firm - their first choice. If they meet the conditions of the offer they will be placed. Insurance acts as a back-up choice and only comes

into play if they are not placed with their firm choice. If your son or daughter fails to reply to their offers by the deadline date, all offers will be automatically declined. Extra If your son or daughter does not get an offer from any of their choices they can use Extra. Students eligible for Extra: Used all five choices

All choices unsuccessful, cancelled or offers declined No option for firm or insurance Universities have 21 days to respond Existing apply information used. Extra is open between February - July Results ...what next?

Exam results are published many are passed electronically to universities by UCAS. Admissions staff check if the applicant has met the conditions of the offer. There are four possibilities: 1. If a student meets the conditions of their firm choice. Its time to celebrate! 2. If a student doesnt meet the conditions of their firm choice, but meets the conditions of their insurance choice (which should be lower), they will be placed at their insurance choice. Its also time to celebrate!

3. If a student has not met the conditions of their firm or insurance choice (or no insurance), they will be entered into a process known as Clearing. 4. If a student meets and exceeds the conditions of their offer, they are eligible for Adjustment. This provides an opportunity for them to reconsider where and what to study whilst still holding their firm offer.he conditions of their firm choice. Its time to celebrate! The Clearing process Useful web links Open day calendar and information http://www.opendays.com/ Advice for parents and guardians http://www.ucas.com/how-it-all-works/parents-and-guardians

Search Tool for Courses http://search.ucas.com/

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