Udspaltning af den recessive q = 0,01 og p = 0,99 f(rr) = q2 ...

Udspaltning af den recessive q = 0,01 og p = 0,99 f(rr) = q2 ...

Chapter 11: Colour genetics Hair types Colour types and colour genes Colour genes and biochemical function Examples from different domestic animals Hair types

Physical texture Ratio between under fur and guard hair Strength and durability of the fur Winter pelt and summer pelt Hair types and genotypes Dominant Recessive Wire haired W- Straight haired

ww Short haired L- Long haired ll Examples of hair types Long hair Wire haired Mole guard hair

Hairless Colour types in mammals and colour genes Melanin is the stain of the hair Eumelanin black and brown Phaeomelanin yellow and red Air bubbles White Melanin is produced in a cell type, called melanocytes Important colour loci in domestic animals

Agouti locus: Brown locus: Albino locus: Dilution locus: Extension locus: Pink eyed dilution locus: X-linked Orange locus: A-locus B-locus brown whelps

C-locus D-locus E-locus yellow whelps P-locus O-locus Colour genes and biochemical function The genes can be divided into the following groups: Part of the melanin synthesis (biochemical synthesis) Regulate melanin production (hormonal) Regulate the morphology of the melanocytes Regulate number of melanocytes

Colour genes: biochemical function Colour genes in Danish swine breeds Dominant Recessive Dominant white Black White belt Yorkshire IEB-

Landrace Coloured ii Red ee Uniform bb Hampshire Duroc Colour genes in Danish cattle breeds Dominant

Black Uniform White head Recessive ESH- Black & white Red Spotted Uniform Red Danish Hereford

ee ss hh Colour genes in the horse Colour genes in the horse Colour genes in the dog Dominant Recessive Black and tan Black

Dark cch cch Black Black atBDE- Silver dd Red (yellow)ee Uniform Airedale mm Merle

Labrador C- Tibetan Red aa Brown bb Light M- Colour genes in mink Colour types,

single White Grey Brown Bicoloured Mutant genotype Albino, red eyed cc Hedlund White, hh deaf Aleutian, bluish aa

Silver Blue, grey pp Steel Blue psps Royal Pastel bb Moyl mm American kk Palomino Black Cross Ss Mutant name Wild type, Standard

CC HH AA PP PP BB MM KK ss Colour genes in mink Colour genes in cats Colour genes in other species Sheep

Rabbit Mouse

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