Understanding Intercultural Communication, Second Edition

Intercultural Communication Second Edition Chapter 7 What are the Different Ways to Communicate Nonverbally Across Cultures? Stella Ting-Toomey & Leeva C. Chung OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PowerPoint Slides Designed by Alex Flecky and Noorie

Baig TODAYS MENU I. The Impact of Nonverbal Communication II. Forms of Nonverbal Communication III. Boundary Regulations: Four Broad Themes IV. Intercultural Reality Check: DoAbles I. The Impact of Nonverbal Communication

A. Nonverbal Communication: Message exchange process involving the use of nonlinguistic and paralinguistic cues which are expressed through multiple communication channels in a particular sociocultural setting. Nonlinguistic cues e.g., eye contact, smiles, touch etc. Paralinguistic cues e.g., tone, pitch, volume, pace etc. Multiple channels e.g., facial expressions, gestures etc.

Sociocultural setting e.g., cultural norms, etc. I. The Impact of Nonverbal Communication B. One Code, Countless Interpretations C. Verbal and Nonverbal Comparisons Nonverbal cues relate to verbal messages in five different ways: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Repeat Contradict Substitute Complement Accent I. The Impact of Nonverbal Communication Application Exercise: Intercultural Nonverbal Communication: Fun Nonverbal Quiz. How many answers did you get right? II. Forms of Nonverbal

Communication: A. Physical Appearance: Artifacts and clothing B. Paralanguage: Sounds and tones C. Facial expressions: Kinesics, SADFISH, and cultural display rules D. Gestures: four categories of hand gestures 1. 2. 3. 4. Emblems

Illustrators Regulators Adaptors E. Hapticstouch behavior, high-, low-, moderate-contact cultures II. Forms of Nonverbal Communication: Can you identify the emotions? III. Boundary Regulations: Four

broad themes A. Regulating Interpersonal Boundaries Proxemics: study of space. Intimate zone: 018 inches. Reserved for those closest to us. Personal zone: 1848 inches. Closer friends, some acquaintances. Social zone: 48 inches to 12 feet. Public zone: 12 feet or more. III. Boundary Regulations President Bush meets Saudi Arabian royalty,

Prince Abdullah What can you gather about their spatial zones? III. Boundary Regulations A. Regulating Interpersonal Boundaries: Marking Boundaries + Expressing Respect or Deference Cultural Norms & Rules Meanings Appropriateness President Obama Bows and Shakes Hands In Japan To

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko III. Boundary Regulations: Four broad themes B. Environmental Boundaries: claimed sense of space and emotional attachment we share with others in our community. C. Psychological Boundaries 1. Intrapersonal space: need for information privacy or psychological silence between the self and others. 2. Privacy regulation is important in individualistic cultures, not perceived as

critical in collectivistic cultures. III. Boundary Regulations: Four broad themes D. Regulating Time: attitudes we have about time. Chronemics: how people in different cultures structure, interpret, and understand the time dimension. Two patterns of time govern different cultures: Monochronic-time schedule Polychronic-time schedule

III. Boundary Regulations Media Analysis: Gran Torino film clip DISCUSSION: What is your initial reaction to this clip? Can you identify all of the nonverbal violations experienced by both Walt and the Hmongs family? Have you experienced any international nonverbal faux pas?

IV. Intercultural Reality Check: Do-Ables Nonverbal points to consider in communicating across cultures: A. Be flexible when you observe and identify nonverbal display rules. B. Attempt a deeper-than-surface explanation for the behavior. C. Monitor your own nonverbal behavior. D. Be adaptive and sensitive to appropriate nonverbal display rules for emotions in a particular culture.

E. Be less judgmental and more tentative in interpreting others nonverbal signals. Parting Thoughts Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions . . . by changing the experiences that comprise

those impressions. ~ Malcolm

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