Unit 1: An Overview of Geography - cabarrus.k12.nc.us

Unit 1: An Overview of Geography - cabarrus.k12.nc.us

Unit 1: The World of Geography What is Geography? Geography is the study of our earth and how we interact with it. It includes the rivers, mountains, and

the seas, but also the chopping down of trees and hot days at the beach. Unit 1 Essential Questions 1. How does geography effect a nations history?

2. How do environmental conditions impact modern societies? 3. What does the environment do for us? How Do We Study Geography? There are 5 ways to look at the Earth. We

call these the 5 Themes of Geography. They include: 1.Location 2.Place 3.Human-Environment Interaction 4.Movement 5.Regions

The Five Themes of Geography: 1. Location geographers begin to study a place by finding where it is, or its location. This is measured by the latitude and longitude coordinates on a map. 2. Place geographers study the physical and human features of a location such as its

weather, altitude, language, cultures, etc. 3. Human-Environment Interaction geographers study how people affect their environment and how does the environment affect them as well? The Five Themes of Geography: 4. Movement explains how people, goods,

and ideas get from one place to another. 5. Regions Geographers compare the climate, land, population, or history of one place to another. Regions do not have formal boundaries, but are areas of the same stuff.

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