Unit 1 Review Game - Ms. Ramm

Unit 1 Review Game - Ms. Ramm

Unit 1 Review Game World History 2 16 The printing press with moveable type was invented by _______________ in the year ____________.

# D. Gutenberg; 1455 29 By 1600, the Anglican Church # B. was wellestablished and secured under

the reign of Elizabeth I 15 Robert Boyle advanced the knowledge and understanding of which scientific field? # C. Chemistry

1 Who was the first great Italian humanist? # D.Francesco Petrarch 11

Which law made Henry VIII the head of the Anglican Church? # B. Act of Supremacy 27 Which of the following individuals did NOT study the

motion of the planets? # B. Vesalius 13 How did Machiavelli express concepts associated with realism and secularism in The Prince?

# B. He described the ruthless manner in which rulers could obtain and hold onto political power.

2 Ignatius Loyola is best known for # A.the religious order he founded 18

The telescope was drastically improved upon by # B. Galileo 7 Which of the following groups of subjects collectively form the humanities?

# A.History, poetry, grammar, and rhetoric 23 Which of the following regions was NOT mainly Calvinist by 1600?

# C. Sweden 12 The term revolution is applied to the scientific advancements of the 16th and 17th centuries due to #

C. the shift in ways of discovering knowledge and solving problems 4 The idea that every human should be given the opportunity

to make his/her own way in the world is best represented by the concept of # D.individualism 17 Where was the diet that Martin Luther was called to by Charles

V and the Pope in order to renounce his teachings? # D.Worms 3 By challenging the traditional belief in the geocentric universe, Galileo valued his

# C. skeptical curiosity 28 The changing attitude toward education, individual achievement, and worldly concerns at the end of the

European Middle Ages was the # C. Renaissance spirit 20 Which one of the following beliefs was shared by Catholics, Lutherans, and Calvinists?

# C. The Bible is a major source for religious truth 30 Luther and Calvin supported the geocentric theory because #

A.it supported their interpretations of certain passages in the Bible 25 What did Rabelais, Shakespeare,

and Cervantes have in common? # D.They were popular in their native lands because they wrote in the vernacular

5 Which of the following best describes the events that make up the Protestant Reformation? # B. The formation of Protestantism 9

How is the scientific method associated with the Renaissance spirit? # C. It allows skeptics to search for answers to critical problems

21 Which individual designed and built the dome on the Florence cathedral? # B. Brunelleschi 26

Which of the following was NOT part of the Catholic Reformation? # A.The assembly at the Diet of Worms 6

What was Newtons major contribution to the study of astronomy? # D.The explanation for why planets revolve around the sun

19 The writings of Baldassare Castiglione and Thomas More reflected the # D.the new ideals and visions for society that were

established after the Middle Ages 24 When did Copernicus publish On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres? #

C. 1543 10 Flanders is important to the Northern Renaissance because # C. it was a commercial center that was

a hub for many artists 14 Which of the following best describes the concept of predestination? # C. Christians can

do nothing to earn their own salvation 8 What is the central idea behind Lutheranism? # B. Christians

achieve salvation only through faith 22 The use of perspective revolutionized painting because # A.artists could

realistically reflect the world they saw

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