Unit 1 Test Review - Waterloo Region District School Board

Unit 1 Test Review - Waterloo Region District School Board

Unit 1 Test Review HPC3OI Mrs. Stewart October 28, 2014 Test Makeup 10 multiple choice (general course content)

10 matching (Think terminology/vocabulary) 10 true/false (general course content) 3 short answer (worth 5 marks each) Application question (think decision-making) TOTAL MARKS = 55 marks Curriculum Identify factors involved in deciding to become a parent Explain why child rearing is a lifelong commitment Explain impt. Of healthy, supportive relationships with other adults Identify personal qualities, skills, attitudes necessary for parenting

Personal understanding parent and family with possible biases Functions of family Lifestyle and relationship changes parents experience when raising young children Understanding of challenges faced by parents with young children Challenges associated with long parenting Roles of a Parent

Take care of biological needs Provide healthy environment Protect offspring Teach and educate Support and motivate Develop emotional skills Discipline Families

Family of orientation Family of procreation Definition of family Explain how families are diverse in todays society Know the types of family structures popular in Canada Nuclear, childless, common law, adoptive, extended, foster, recombined/blended, single parent, same-sex

Why would peoples individual definition of family be different from yours? Watched and Compared Modern Family (multiple family structures within) The Duggar Family Sisterwives Family Life Cycle Poster Assignment 6 stages

Beginning Expanding Developing Launching Empty Nest Aging Know definition of each stage and characteristics

Why might the family life cycle vary among individuals? Love vs Infatuation Types of Love (identify)

Unconditional Self Companionship Platonic Manic Pragmatic Romantic Altruistic What is infatuation? What are the major differences between love and infatuation? Movie: Hes Just Not That into

You Ideas behind love and infatuation Choosing a Partner List and prioritize What is your number 1 priority? Explain. What is something that doesnt really matter to you? Explain. Theories of Partner Selection What is involved in each theory? Define and identify: Wheel Theory

Stages (1-4) Socialcultural Theory Propinquity, exogamy, endogamy, homogamy Complementary Needs Theory Examples of what this means Filter Theory Factors included in filtering out partner Reasons for Marriage

Emotional Support Commitment to Permanent Relationship Primaries Sexual exclusivity Procreation and childrearing Important Things in a Marriage

Love Laughter Talking Involvement Friendship and fun

Integrity Tolerance Adaptability Sex Sharing Article: Am I in a Healthy Relationship? 7 things that make a healthy relationship

Mutual respect Trust Honesty Support Fairness/equality Separate identities Good communication Be able to identify why a relationship is unhealthy

Factors Influencing the Decision to Parent Social and cultural influences Education

Parenting partnership Finances Personal maturity Age Health Life experiences Present Lifestyle Decision Making

Decision web Plus, Minus, Interesting 5 Step process Be able to apply a case scenario using one (to be determined on test) of these models Preparing for Parenthood Fill-in-the-blank Note from PPT What types of development have to be supported in children by parents? Identify and describe the considerations required in preparing to become a parent What should one have in order to be a

parent? Parenting Styles 4 Types of parenting styles Define Characteristics How might a child turn out with each style? Explain. Tasks of Parenting / Needs of a Child PPT note

3 tasks of parenting and describe 4 main needs of a child and describe Vocabulary to Know Absences *** YOU MUST HAVE A VALIDATED ABSENCE IF YOU MISS THE TEST ON Tuesday October 28th 2014 OR ELSE RECEIVE A MARK OF 0 ON THIS TEST. REMEMBER IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LET ME KNOW. SHOULD YOU MISS THE TEST FOR A


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