Unit 5 VCB, Level F

Unit 5 VCB, Level F

Unit 5 VCB, Level F Unit 5 Vocabulary Unit 5 First 10 Words Amnesty Caveat Extricate Filch

Flout Fractious Precepts Sepulchral Unwieldy Vapid Amnesty

(n) A general pardon for an offense against a government; in general, an act of forgiveness or absolution Synonym: reprieve Ex: Nelson Mandela received amnesty after spending 27 years in prison.

Autonomy (n) Self-government, political control Synonyms: home rule Ex: The seniors should have autonomy at HHS. Axiomatic

(adj) Self-evident, expressing a universally accepted principal Synonyms: taken for granted Ex: It is not an axiomatic truth that teachers always know the answers. Blazon (v)To adorn or embellish; to display

conspicuously; to publish or proclaim widely Synonyms: broadcast, trumpet Ex: Buckley blazoned the news of Rorys birth all over the media. Rory Atticus DiSalvo 12/3/12 @ 5:43 p.m. 7 lbs 2 oz.

Caveat (n) A warning or caution to prevent misunderstanding or discourage behavior Synonyms: admonition, word to the wise Ex: The parent stated this caveat before the teen left the house, You wont drive again if you get a ticket!

Equitable (adj) Fair, just, embodying principles of justice Synonyms: right, reasonable Ex: The parents disciplined the children in an equitable fashion; they were both grounded for their actions.

Extricate (v) To free from entanglements or difficulties; to remove with effort Synonyms: disentangle, extract Ex: The man had to be extricated from the vehicle. Filch

(v) To steal, especially in a sneaky way and in petty amounts Synonyms: pilfer Ex: The student filched mail from her neighbors. Flout (v)To mock, threat with contempt

Synonyms: snicker at, scorn Ex: She flouted at the teacher when he was teaching at the board. Fractious (adj)Tending to be troublesome; unruly; quarrelsome; contrary; unpredictable Synonyms: peevish, recalcitrant

Ex: Toddlers tend to be the most fractious when they are tired. Precept (n)A rule of conduct or action Synonyms: principle, maxim Ex: Abraham Lincoln wrote a precept on the rules of conduct.

Salutary (adj) Beneficial; helpful; healthful; wholesome Synonyms: salubrious, curative Ex: The salutary gentleman assisted the senior citizen across the street. Scathing

(adj)Bitterly severe, withering; causing great harm Synonyms: searing, harsh Ex: His scathing speech made the young girl cry. Scourge (v)To whip, punish severely. (n) a cause of affliction or suffering; a source of severe

punishment or criticism Synonyms: flog, beat Ex: Arthur Dimmesdale scourged himself behind closed doors to pay for his iniquity. Sepulchral (adj) funeral, typical of the tomb; extremely gloomy or dismal

Synonyms: mortuary, lugubrious Ex: The sepulchral tone made the students sad; they didnt like the novel. Soporific (adj) tending to cause sleep, relating to sleepiness or lethargy (n) something that induces sleep

Synonym: narcotic, anesthetic Ex: Shakespeares Juliet drank a soporific in order to pretend she was dead. Straitlaced (adj) extremely strict in regard to moral standards and conduct; prudish, puritanical

Synonyms: stuffy, overly rule-following Ex: Straitlaced parents tends to experience rebellious teenagers; the teens want to rebel. Transient (adj) lasting only a short time, fleeting (n) one who stays only a short time Synonyms: impermanent

Ex: It was a transient visit to the beach. Unwieldy (adj) not easily carried, handled, or managed because of size or complexity Synonyms: bulky, clumsy Ex: I was fearful of dropping the boxes,

for they were stacked in an unwieldy manner. Vapid (adj) dull, uninteresting, tiresome, lacking in sharpness, flavor, liveliness, or force Synonyms: lifeless, colorless Ex: The vapid conversation made the student experience lassitude.

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