Unit 7 - Weebly

Unit 7 - Weebly

Unit 7 Support PPT for Sadlier-Oxfords Vocabulary Workshop Level C WORD ATTACK!!! Roots you will encounter in this unit: -doct- (Latin) meaning learned, skilled (related to teachings) doctrine exo- (Greek combining form) meaning outer, outside exotic -junct- (Latin) meaning join

juncture -trib- (Latin) meaning assign, classify; pay, bestow attribute Prefixes you will encounter in this unit: at- (Latin) meaning attend attribute be- (ME) meaning to make, cause to become belittle ex- (Latin) meaning out excise con- (Latin) meaning together, with convey un- (OE) meaning not unassuming

Adjective-forming suffixes you will encounter in this unit: -al (Latin) meaning that which; characterized by menial -ic (Greek) meaning having some characteristics of exotic -ory (Latin) used to form Latin nouns and verbs into adjectives predatory -y (OE) meaning characterized by jaunty Verb-forming suffixes you

will encounter in this unit: -le (Middle English) used with actions that have a repeating quality belittle -ise (Latin) to render, make; to convert into excise acme (noun) the highest point The acme of Mr. Filberts career came when he was named Man of the Year by the Tucson Chamber of Commerce. SYNONYM: summit, top, peak,

pinnacle ANTONYM: low point, bottom, nadir Ah, the irony!!! attribute as a NOUN MULTIPLE USAGE ALERT! PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRONUNCIATION!!! (noun) [a-truh-byoot] a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something For anyone who plans to pursue a career as a radio announcer, a clear speaking voice is an

essential attribute. SYNONYM: (noun) trait attribute as a VERB PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRONUNCIATION!!! (v.) [uh-trib-yoot] to assign to, credit with; to regard as caused by or resulting from John attributes his keen interest in the sea to his being a descendent of the great naval hero John Paul Jones. SYNONYM: (v.) ascribe WORD ATTACK!! at- (Latin) meaning attend -trib- (Latin) meaning assign, classify; pay, bestow WORD FAMILIES!! attribution

tribute contribute belittle (v.) to make something appear smaller than it is; to refer to in a way that suggests lack of importance or value If you belittle a child in front of his friends, the humiliation associated with the experience will be far worse. SYNONYNS: minimize, underrate, disparage ANTONYNS: exaggerate, magnify, overestimate WORD ATTACK! be- (ME) meaning to make, cause to become convey

(v.) to transport; to transmit; to communicate, make known; to transfer ownership or title to Please convey our condolences to Mrs. Jefferson on the death of her husband, Otto. SYNONYNS: carry, send, impart WORD ATTACK! con- (Latin) meaning together via (Latin) meaning way WORD FAMILIES: conveyor conveyance Sweetheart Conversation Hearts are dropping off a conveyor belt and into a tank. doctrine

(noun) a belief, principle, or teaching; a system of such beliefs or principles; a formulation of such beliefs or principles It is important for Confirmation candidates to have a strong understanding of Catholic doctrine. WORD ATTACK! -doct- (Latin) meaning learned, skilled WORD FAMILIES: indoctrinate Who are the Doctors of the Catholic Church? Doctor of

the Church is a title given to a holy author whose writings have greatly contributed to advancement of the faith and matters of doctrine. Originally, there were four Great Doctors of the Western Church St. Augustine, St. Jerome, St. Gregory the Great, and St. Ambrose - but now there are 36, including four women. The most recent saint so honored is St. Gregory of Narek, designated Doctor of the Church on February 21, 2015, by Pope Francis. Saint Thrse of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church MULTIPLE USAGE /MEANING ALERT! PAY ATTENTION TO THE

PRONUNCIATION!!! BEWARE!!! MEANINGS ARE UNRELATED! (v.) [ek-sz] to remove by cutting Doctor Futz excised a pendulous excrescence from the nose of Mr. Wattle. SYNONYM: (v.) cut out, delete, expunge ANTONYM: (v.) put in, insert, interpolate WORD ATTACK! ex- (Latin) meaning out But then -ise (Latin) to render, make; to convert

into (noun) [ek-sz] an indirect tax on the excise manufacture, sale, or distribution or a commodity or service A significant excise is placed on gasoline at the pump, raising its price beyond the actual cost of the gas itself. exotic (adj.) foreign; charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual Exotic plants like orchids grow best in greenhouses.

SYNONYMS: strange, alien, picturesque, colorful ANTONYMS: native, indigenous, familiar, commonplace WORD ATTACK! exo- (Greek combining form) meaning outer, outside -ic (Greek) meaning having some characteristics of haggard (adj.) thin, pale, and careworn as a result of worry or suffering; wild-looking President Lincolns haggard expression attests to the heavy

burden the Civil War placed upon him. SYNONYMS: drawn, gaunt, wasted ANTONYMS: healthy, glowing, radiant, hale and hearty WORD FAMILIES! hag Yes, hag. The etymological source of haggard is, in fact, hag. A hag is defined as an ugly old woman, a witch or shrew. To appear haggard, literally, is to a look like a hag, but the word has come to mean having a careworn look. As such, even _________ (fill in the blank with your idea of a beautiful person here) is capable of looking haggard.

jaunty (adj.) lively, easy, and carefree in manner; smart or trim in appearance Justin Timberlake is a snappy dresser, preferring modern yet jaunty styles to stodgy ones. SYNONYMS: unconcerned, lighthearted ANTONYMS: downcast, dejected, glum WORD ATTACK! -y (OE) meaning characterized by WORD FAMILIES! jauntily jauntiness ETYMOLOGY!!! Jaunty is related to the Old French word gentil, meaning gentle or noble, behavior associated with the gentry or nobility. This

makes sense: Those high in society have always placed great importance upon appearances. juncture (noun) a joining together; the point at which two things are joined; an important point in time Angela realized, at this juncture her life, she had to turn to her faith and pray for guidance in choosing her future path. SYNONYM: union, seam, joint, turning point WORD ATTACK!

-junct- (Latin) meaning join WORD FAMILIES! junction conjunction menial MULTIPLE USAGE ALERT! (adj.) lowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity Though Catholic Social Teaching disavows such actions, many cultures assign menial tasks to women and those of the lowest social status. ANTONYMS: (adj.) lofty, elevated (noun) a person who does the humble and unpleasant tasks Poorly educated people have few options other than to take jobs as low-paid menials.

SYNONYMS: (noun) underling, scullion, servant ANTONYMS: (noun) boss, master ETYMOLOGY!!! Menial is related to the archaic (meaning long out-of-date) word meiny [mey-nee], which means household, followers, or attendants. The connection makes sense. All of these words seem to point to the underlings of a household, and as such, those most likely to be assigned the lowly tasks. Menial is a word that goes hand-in-hand with injustice. parry MULTIPLE USAGE ALERT!

(v.) to ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid Although Ferdie parried a few of Henrys blows, eventually the big galoot landed a shot right in Ferdies kisser. (noun) a defensive movement in fencing and other sports En garde! Pierre shouted as he took his stance. Andre swished his epee with great force, but Pierre deflected the blow with a quick parry. The sport of fencing

predatory (adj.) preying on, plundering, or piratical Since I always remember to pack myself a good lunch before heading off to school, I resent my twin brother Geoffreys predatory behavior in the lunch room when he forgets to bring something for himself. SYNONYMS: looting, pillaging, ravenous, rapacious WORD ATTACK! -ory (Latin) used to form Latin nouns and verbs into adjectives WORD FAMILIES! predator

ravage MULTIPLE USAGE ALERT! (v.) to destroy, to lay waste, ruin A tornado ravaged towns across Alabama, destroying property and leaving residents homeless. SYNONYM: (v.) wreck, devastate ANTONYMS: (v.) spare (noun) ruinous damage, destruction After decades of sun exposure, the ravages of time could be seen on his deeply wrinkled skin. stance Clearly, the word stance is

closely related to the verb/noun stand. MULTIPLE MEANING ALERT! (noun) 1) a way of holding the body The batters firm stance at the plate gave him both balance and leverage against the pitchers wicked fast balls. SYNONYM: posture, bearing 2) an attitude or position on an issue Congressman Wickhams stance on the immigration issue offends many of his constituents. SYNONYM: position

tawdry (adj.) showy and flashy but lacking in good taste Designer clothing is thought to be the height of fashion, but often the styles are downright tawdry. SYNONYMS: loud, garish, gaudy, tacky, vulgar ANTONYMS: refined, tasteful, subdued, muted turncoat (noun) a person who switches to an opposing side or party Benedict Arnold will be remembered in American history as a turncoat, a traitor who donned the infamous red coat in service to the Crown.

SYNONYM: traitor, quisling, renegade ANTONYM: loyalist, diehard tesco.com; ushistory.org unassuming (adj.) not putting on airs, unpretentious; modest OR, IN THE VERNACULAR: not (un-) full of yourself. If you are unassuming, then you do NOT assume that you are all that and a bag of chips, hot stuff, Mr. (or) Miss Cool Beans, etc. Although Angie is a talented musician, a gifted scholar, and a strikingly beautiful young lady, she has an unassuming manner that makes her well-liked by all. ANTONYMS: conceited, pretentious, arrogant

WORD ATTACK! un- (Latin) meaning not -ing Wait a minute. Youre saying ing will get me an adjective? Not a verb? Yes, both ing and ed might be adjective signals. Both of these suffixes create participles, words that are verb forms but can be used as modifiers. Always examine the USAGE of a word before making a presumption regarding its part of speech. wallo w MULTIPL E USAGE ALERT!

Mr. Pig wallows in his wallow. Oh, the sublime joy of it! I REPEAT: MULTIPLE USAGE ALERT! (v.) to roll about in a lazy, clumsy, or helpless way; to overindulge in; to have in abundance Every once in a while, Miss Priss wallows in some imagined misery and throws herself a little pity party. SYNONYMS: (v.) delight in, bask in. NOTE: The synonyms here are positive verbs, yet the verb wallow connotes self-indulgence and feeling sorry for oneself. But though these synonyms seem to be oxymorons, they are accurate. Many people enjoy feeling sorry for themselves and making a big, pouty show of it. What better way to gain attention?

(noun) a wet, muddy, or dusty area used by animals as a sort of bath; a state of moral or physical collapse The wallow for the rhinoceroses at the Reid Park Zoo must be watered regularly to keep it muddy. Claudes talent show act wowed the audience as he dashed among the spinning plates, wavering threateningly on their thin poles. waver (v.) 1) to move to and fro, become unsteady;

2) to show lack or firmness or decision, vacillate There is no point in arguing with Mom because once she makes a decision, she simply will not waver. SYNONYNS: hesitate, falter ANTONYNS: stand firm, be resolute WORD FAMILIES! wave

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