University of Iowa Business Processes Series

University of Iowa Business Processes Series

The University of Iowa Budget Officers Meeting TIER Update May 2015 Todays Agenda I. Sourcing & Procurement (Debby Zumbach) II. Finance (Debby Zumbach) III.

HR (Kevin Ward/Richard See) IV. ITS (Steve Fleagle) 2 Sourcing & Procurement April 2015 Huron evaluated the Universitys fund structure to determine how additional savings from this business case would impact the university. May 2015 Huron presented their findings and

recommendations for 4 commodity areas: Janitorial supplies MRO Computer peripherals Computers and Laptops [email protected] Website Correction to Proposed Timeline Not fiscal year it is calendar year! Finance Implementation Timeline FY2015 Q2

Q3 FY2016 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 FY2017 Q4 Q1 Q2

Q3 FY2018 Q4 Q1 Q2 University-Wide Financial Shared Services Model Detailed Design/Change Management Infrastructure Building/Test Implementation Optimization 5

University Wide Share Service Technology Changes Purchase Order Receiving Changes ITS project to revamp receiving process Emails issued 2-3 days after voucher created to match with invoice image availability Focus group for review of functionality Easy navigation to outstanding receipts Q2 FY2016 DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT University Wide Shared Services

Finance Advisory Committee Members of the Finance Advisory Committee are as follows: Scott Arneson, College of Dentistry Lori Cranston, College of Public Health Erin Herting, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Richard Hichwa, Office of Vice President of Research David Ricketts, Business Services (Parking & Transportation) Joyce Ruplinger, College of Business Scott Seagren, Student Life (Housing & Dining) April Tippett, College of Engineering Amy Welter, International Programs Implementation Team: Debby Zumbach, Dani Weber, John Watkins, Denise Hyche, Audra Haddy & Selina Martin. University Wide Shared Services

Transactions/Services Potential transactions and services for financial shared services include: procurement card purchases procurement card reconciliation request for travel travel expense vouchers procurement requisitions ebuy requisitions general accounting entries (GLJE, PayCV, WebCV) TDR reconciliation components of cash handling University Wide Shared Services Progress

Chazey Partners summarizing data collected from the Stakeholder interviews, opportunity matrix & ABA survey. Preliminary results suggest that the University has a significant savings opportunity by implementing shared services. April 2015 Shared Services Beta Site with Athletics 2 FTEs

June 2015 Shared Services Beta Site with College of Dentistry 1 FTE Chazeys Benchmarking Report University Wide Shared Services Whats Next? Continue with Beta sites to determine whats viable for implement ation

Validate ABA survey results & integrate transactio n volume data in analysis Define transactio ns and services to be included in Shared

Services Evaluate funding model options June 4th Chazey Presentati on University moves forward ERIP/TIER: Staff Mobility and HR

Process Changes INFORMATION FOR BUDGET OFFICERS MAY 11, 2015 Staff Mobility During ERIP/TIER (current June 30, 2018) Goals: Effectively match the right people with the right jobs Maintain engagement and retention of staff Provide opportunity/potential for future job growth and career development Ease the transition issues for staff and assure timelines for change are met Maintain compliance with EEO/AA What HR Processes are Different/Same During ERIP/TIER? Different

Same UI is considered as a single employer for Merit staff may be reassigned to the same reassignments Reassignment across classification to avoid layoff within UI orgs/departments occurs without creating a vacancy Merit staff may be promoted to a classification Able to consider multiple qualified staff without a within the Merit system or career shifted into a P&S search via ERIP/TIER Staff Opportunities Process Classification based upon work requirements Immediately eligible for P&S Career Promotion, Career Advancement and Career Shift without 6 mo experience requirement following modified documentation procedure Search procedures for vacant positions

Staff and Work Realignment Accomplished primarily through reassignment of staff who are currently doing some or all of the responsibilities of redesigned job Reassignment may be in same job classification or a different one based upon responsibilities Reassignment may be in different department, college/division If reassignment results in career advancement, career shift or career promotion: No requirement to perform new responsibilities for 6 months before classification change or pay adjustment No requirement to submit a Documentation of Career Development form Typically no pay decrease if shifted to classification at lower pay level Staff and Work Realignment Some work realignment may result in opportunities that can be filled through: Reassignment when multiple staff are known to be qualified ERIP/TIER Staff Opportunities Process allows affected staff to express interest and ability to meet new responsibilities without regular search process

Internal Search to fill a vacancy when current UI staff within department, college/division, General UI or UI have needed skills External Search to fill a vacancy when it is not certain UI staff have needed skills When/What Flowchart Work Needed One person: Reassign to Same or Different Classification YES Multiple staff: ERIP/TIER Staff Opportunities Process Results in Reassignment to Same or Different Classification

Are There Qualified Staff for Reassignment? NO Search Process Internal External Steve Fleagle | Associate VP and CIO | May 11, 2015 [email protected] DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

[email protected] Updates One [email protected] Steering committee formed, meeting weekly Individual project leaders, teams, charters created Program Office established Project training/kickoff event last week Starting to capture savings DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT [email protected] [email protected] Updates Chazey update Plan validation Working on recommendations and final report

ISU/UNI collaboration Meeting scheduled for June 10 @ISU Early Retirement 18 IT classified staff were accepted in early retirement programs DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

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