Updates to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

Updates to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

U P D AT E S T O T H E O S H A H A Z A R D C O M M U N I C AT I O N S TA N D A R D Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Labels, & Pictograms BACKGROUND OSHAs Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) was reissued in 2012 to bring it into alignment with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) The revisions include more structured requirements for labeling and formatting Safety Data Sheets (SDS, previously called MSDS) The updated labels and SDSs more quickly and clearly convey hazard

information so that the users are informed about how to protect themselves. SAFETY DATA SHEETS New format requires 16Sections 1-8 contain general information about the chemicals sections identity, hazards, safe handling, and emergency control measures. Sections 9-11, and 16 contain technical and specific scientific information including physical and chemical properties, exposure control and toxicological information, and stability and reactivity guidance. Sections 12-15 contain information regulated by DOT, EPA and

other agencies as well as the date of preparation or last revision of the SDS. SDSKNOW THE SECTIONS Section 1-Identification Section 2-Hazards Section 3-Ingredients and Composition Section 4-First Aid Measures Section 5-Fire Fighting Measures Section 6-Accidental Release Measures Section 7-Handling and Storage Section 8-Exposure Controls/PPE

Section 9-Physical & Chemical Properties Section 10-Stability & Reactivity Section 11-Toxicological Information Section 12-Ecological Information Section 13-Disposal Considerations Section 14-Transport Information Section 15-Regulatory Information Section 16-Other, including SDS date LABELS New Manufacturer Labels must include the following:

Product Identifier Signal Word Pictogram Hazard Statements Precautionary Statements Name, address, & phone number of chemical manufacturer, distributor or importer PRODUCT IDENTIFIER Can be name, code number, batch

number or whatever manufacture r chooses. The same identifier will appear on the label and the SDS SIGNAL WORD Only one of two choices

will be used: WARNING or DANGER Used to alert relative severity of hazard DANGER indicates a greater hazard than

WARNING PICTOGRAMS Requirements: -Red square set on a point -Black hazard symbol -White background. OSHA has designated 9 different

pictograms in the Haz Com standard to indicate hazard category. OSHA PICTOGRAMS Hazards at a Glance HAZARD STATEMENTS Describe the nature of the hazard and

degree of the hazard. Specific to the hazard classification. Always the same for the same hazard, regardless of the chemical. P R E C A U T I O N A RY S TAT E M E N T S Describe recommended measures to minimize or

prevent adverse effects resulting from exposure, improper storage, or improper handling of a chemical. There are 4 types: Prevention Response Storage Disposal They can be combined for readability and to conserve space or, when similar, the most

stringent statement utilized on the label. P R E C A U T I O N A RY S TAT E M E N T S Combine d and formatte d to conserve space N AM E , AD D R E SS, A N D TE L EP HO N E

NUMBER Chemical Manufactu rer, importer, or other responsibl e party SDS AND LABELS Information must be in English, but can also be in other languages Precautionary statements on the label and SDS will be the same

Labels can include additional supplemental information Information on the label can be used to ensure proper storage and provide immediate guidance for emergency response personnel. The Hazard Communication Standard STILL requires that SDSs be readily accessible for all hazardous chemicals in the workplace. QUESTIONS? If you have any questions regarding this training, the updated Hazard Communication Standard or need additional information on SDSs or labels, contact the Environmental Health Coordinator. Marcella Mullenax

[email protected] Please proceed to the quiz for the updated Hazard Communication Standard. A minimum score of 80% must be achieved for successful completion of the training.

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