Updating Your Class and Event Calendar

Updating Your Class and Event Calendar

Updating Your Class and Event Calendar The CW Compelling Why For marketing purposes, we can actively promote your classes via email, etc. by sending our customers to vikingsewinggallery.com. This will eliminate you having to

send out multiple mass emails to your customers and thus save you time. By having the calendar always available on vikingsewinggallery.com, your customers can check out your events any time of day or night without having to search through your emails. This will make it much easier for your customers to find classes and get more information.

The CW Compelling Why This will create a unified brand image for Viking Sewing Gallery stores. This is an ongoing goal to have all of our marketing materials branded cohesively. You will not need to create your calendars in multiple places or in a variety of programs. You can update all class

information on vsg.com and both you and your customers can print a calendar for reference. This will eliminate having to print as many calendars in your store since a customer can simply view your calendar online. Now Lets Add a Class!

First, you will need to login Enter your Username and Password. Your Username is your email address and the password is the same as your store email. If you have forgotten your password, email or call Kelly, Kristin, or Jenny for assistance. This is what your Dashboard will look like.

Here you can manage class information, images, and location information. To edit or add a new class, click Classes. This is where you will find a list all of your uploaded classes. Here you can edit current classes and add new to your calendar.

Click Add New to add a class to your calendar Now you can add your class information. Note: After the class is published you will be able to add Date and Time information about the class. (we will get to this shortly)

Notice a URL will be created for the class If you wish to add text from a Word Document or other source, click the button shown below (looks like a clipboard with a W) to copy and paste your text. Want to add a picture to your class description? Click Add Media to upload or choose

your photo. A window will pop-up to upload an image. You can drag and drop the image into the window or Select the File from your computer. When you select your file, you will be taken to the Media Library. The Media Library is the place that will house all uploaded images and documents for use on the WordPress

website. Any image you upload will be located in your Media Library. The image you uploaded will be selected to insert into the post. Notice the Attachment Details on the right. Here you can add a title and description for your image. You can also change the size that the image will be within the post. Once completed, click Insert into Post. Now your image is embedded in the class description. If you wish to upload another photo, click Add Media and select another image.

However, try not to go too heavy with images. Up to three images is fine. If you feel good about the class title and description, click Publish to add Date/Time. Please insert the image at the END of the class description. Now you can add the Date and Time of the class.

Once completed, click Update to update the post with the date/time information. Dont worry about filling out the Locations. With or without this information, your classes will still show up on your page. The message at the top will confirm that the post has been updated. This means that your post is complete and available to view on the website!

Note: If you click View Post from here, the post that displays will not look correct. Dont fret! Just look it up on the site or follow the URL that was created for the class. When a customer reaches your store page, this is what they will see. Here they can see the details of the upcoming class, they can sign up for the class, and view the full list of classes available.

Note: There is a number that will come up next to the class title, but ignore that. It will be resolved soon.

This is how the customer will reserve a spot for the class. Once they send this form, the information will be sent to your stores email address. It is up to YOU to follow through with that customer to get them officially booked and set-up for the class. Do you have a class that is offered many different times throughout the month? Now you can clone this class to change the date and any extra information necessary.

To do this, simply hover over the class you wish to copy and click clone. The cloned class will then show up as a DRAFT on your class list. Simply open the class, edit what is needed, and click the blue publish button to add the class to the site. Things to Keep in Mind Posts should be descriptive and fun!

When you write a post, write it as if it were meant for someone who has never heard of VSG. That way both new and old customers will all be on the same page! Make sure to include ALL info about class Cost of class Date/Time of class

Topics and techniques covered in class Items needed for the class Number allowed in class. Ex: Space is limited, reserve your spot today! Things to Keep in Mind A customer does not understand what Owners

Class 1 means. Instead, try Machine Introduction or Machine Basics. See website_class_examples (attached to this slide) for suggested copy If a class is sold out, edit the title to be SOLD OUT Machine Introduction

Keep times consistent. Ex: Use 10:00am 12:00pm instead of 10am-noon. Microsoft Office Word Document Things to Keep in Mind Please DO NOT link to any outside websites

All text formatting has been locked to ensure consistent branding throughout the entire site. You can call out text by bolding or underlining. The published date is NOT the date/time of the class. It is the date when the class was posted to the site. Try not to change this date but be sure it is a date in the past.

Course Series Some courses are required to be taken in a series. 1. Some series are required to be taken together 2. Some have a prerequisite to the course 3. Some have previous courses that are helpful but not necessary. The description is where you explain the series requirements to the

customer. Each course will need to have its own post (so it will populate in the calendar), and each post will have to clearly explain which courses are necessary to take in the series. 1. If all classes in series are required, then In the first course description:

This is the first course in a 2-course series. All parts in this series are required to be taken together. Include the full course description Part 2 (or 3, 4, etc.) in this series will occur on (course date/time). By signing up for this course, you also register for the remaining courses in the series.

In the second (and third, etc.) course description: This is part 2 of 2 in a series. All parts in this series are required. To sign up for this series, please register for the first course in the series, (course title/date). Upon registration for the first course, you will automatically be registered for all parts of this series Include the full course description

Links to Series It is extremely helpful to include links to the series in the courses. (especially when the customer must sign up for the first course in the series). That way, they can simply click the link to the class and can register for all courses in the series. Highlight the text you wish to hyperlink, and click the Hyperlink button (looks like an infinity symbol)

Note: Please do not put links to any sites outside of VSG.com Links to Series This box will pop up. Simply copy and paste the URL to the course in the URL box and click Add Link. Your text will now be hyperlinked to that page!

Remember, the URL to the course will be right under the course title. 2. If all classes in series are not required to be taken in conjunction, but a prerequisite class (or classes) is required, then Add a note (or list) in the post description that includes the Prerequisite class(es) necessary.

3. If there not a prerequisite required but a previous class is beneficial to have taken first, then Add a note in the class description like, Having attended Machine Introduction is helpful, but not necessary. Editing Store Information

Click locations, and you can edit store hours and store description Here you can add your store hours and a description of who you are! Ex: We are located in the shopping mall inside Joanns Fabric Store.

Note: There is longitude and latitude information here. This is for the map function on your store page. Please do not alter these numbers. Questions?? Dont be afraid to ask! Email Kelly or Kristin anytime for assistance!

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