Using Civic Engagement to Support the Pre K-16 Pipeline

Using Civic Engagement to Support the Pre K-16 Pipeline

USING CIVIC ENGAGEMENT TO SUPPORT THE PRE K-16 PIPELINE: THE PERSPECTIVE OF MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA Natalie Dawe MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA member for the College Advising Corps Background Mission of AmeriCorps*VISTA: Alleviate poverty Role of MACC AmeriCorps*VISTAs: Community service and service-learning specialists on college campuses Working group of 11 MACC AmeriCorps*VISTAs met in January 2011 to discuss our education, access, and success programs

Product of the working group: Guide on the Pre K-16 Pipeline Goals Give examples of how to put civic engagement into practice for access and success initiatives Describe challenges MACC AmeriCorps*VISTAs have seen in their programs Share lessons learned and best practices What did it take for you to go to college and to finish your degree? Defining Key Terms Access typically defined as enrollment Success typically defined as educational

achievement and degree attainment These terms limit our discussion I propose we use PREPARATION, PURSUIT, & PERSISTENCE Defining Key Terms PREPARATION: PURSUIT: Academic, emotional, & financial preparation College knowledge, completing the college application, understanding how to finance college, choosing a college, enrolling in and transitioning to college, & starting the semester PERSISTENCE: Accessing the support needed in order to succeed in college (academic, financial, emotional, leadership support), fall-to-fall reenrollment, financial literacy, & degree completion

The Pre K-16 Pipeline ACES, Lasell College 5th and 6th College Bound, Gordon College K thru 2nd | | Pre-K | K 15 | 1 16 Key Preparation Pursuit

Persistence College Bound, Gordon College 3rd thru 5th | 2 | 3 | Leadership Development & Civic Engagement Certificates BFIT 13th thru adulthood Lets Get Ready, Stonehill College 9th thru 12th College Bound, Gordon College

6th thru 8th | | 4Student5Bridges, 6 UMass Amherst 5th thru 8th Life Skills, BHCC 6th College Advising Corps, MACC 9th thru 12th | | | | MAPP, Middlesex CC 13th thru adulthood | 7 SPARK

8 the Truth, 9 10 Wheelock 9th thru 12th Public Policy Institute, North Shore CC 7th thru 12th Student Bridges-COCA, UMass Amherst Middle school thru 12th Common Interest Communities, BHCC 13th thru adulthood | | | 11 12 13 Student Bridges, UMass Amherst

13th thru 16th Community Scholarships, Boston University Adulthood | 14 Snapshot of 3 Ps Programs Preparation: SPARK the Truth, Wheelock College Pursuit: ACES, Lasell College Persistence: Leadership Development & Civic Engagement Certificates, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology All 3 Ps: Student Bridges, UMassLeadership Development & ACES, SPARK the Civic Engagement Amherst Lasell

Truth, Certificates College | Pre-K | K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Student Bridges BFIT

Wheelock | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 Student BridgesCOCA | 12 | 13 | 14 Student Bridges

| 15 | 16 Civic Engagement as a Method Method to help others with the 3 Ps Method to help yourself with the 3 Ps Boston University, Bunker Hill CC (LifeSkills), College Advising Corps, Gordon, Lasell, Stonehill, UMass Amherst BFIT, Bunker Hill CC (Learning Communities), Middlesex CC, North Shore CC, Wheelock, UMass Amherst Target: Youth, K-12 teachers, parents, community members

Curricular vs. extracurricular Desired Outcomes Starting a Civic Engagement and 3 Ps Program Developed through an existing partnership Initiated by higher ed institution Lets Get Ready (Stonehill), Lynn Housing Authority (Gordon) Initiated by students Boston University, Bunker Hill CC Initiated by a community-based organization

Lasell and Boston Renaissance Charter Public School UMass Amherst, Wheelock **Build a network of allies** Utilizing Higher Ed Resources Students Faculty Higher ed staff and departments Senior leadership, admissions, financial aid, academic services, and student affairs Physical resources Space, scholarships, assistance with books Partnerships: Who & How to Make Them Work

Schools, housing authorities, community/ youth centers, community-based organizations 1) Clear expectations for all partners 2) Reciprocity: Each partner benefits 3) Communication Challenges Recruiting college volunteers Retaining college volunteers Youth-led organizations Only one person supporting the program Assessment and evaluation Funding Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Engage with all the pieces of civic engagement College Advising Corps, Bunker Hill CC, UMass Amherst Communication between partners Service has rich content Community-based federal work-study Clear and uniform objectives when have multiple sites and stakeholders Student voice Find allies across the campus Impact and Outcomes 146 K-12 students tutored and mentored 1045 K-12 students who visited a college

campus UMass Amherst, Lasell College, College Advising Corps 1250 high school students who received help with the college application process Gordon College, UMass Amherst, Bunker Hill CC Stonehill College, College Advising Corps 168 college students participating in civic Questions? Natalie Dawe, MACC*AmeriCorps VISTA [email protected] Thank you

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