Using the new toolkit to develop informal learning at work ...

Using the new toolkit to develop informal learning at work ...

Transfer from Carillion About NGSU Independent TUC Affiliated Trade Union + NGSU working on behalf of members for 40+ years + 12,500+ members + Recognition Agreement with Nationwide since 1972 & Carillion since 2008 + No political affiliation or donations Dedicated to Protecting Members Interests + Negotiating Terms and Conditions + Help and Advice at Work + Individual Representation

+ Benefits and Discounts 2 Join Us Today Together We Are Stronger Monthly Subscription Fee - from 1st April 2018 + Full Time Staff 11.50 p/m + Part Time Staff (16+ hours)

5.90 p/m + Part Time Staff (-16 hours) 4.50 p/m + Maternity & Pensioners How do we compare? - 2.25 p/m @ Feb 2018 + Unite = 15.14 p/m

+ GMB = 13.22 p/m + Unison = up to 22.50* p/m *Linked to salary rates shown based on equivalent salaries in NBS. 3 Working with Carillion NGSU had a Recognition Agreement with Carillion for: + Collective Bargaining rights for all employees in levels F,G & H within the scope of Carillions commercial contract at Nationwide + Individual Representation for support with disciplinary and grievances and provided for dispute resolution through ACAS if required (as does the Agreement with Nationwide). + Since 2008 we have:

Recruited and trained reps, who have attended NGSU Conference Pay negotiations resolved living wage issues raised by Carillion Union members Supported individuals at meetings and hearings (TUPE, redundancy, disciplinary and grievance) Attended Employee Involvement Committee meetings raised and resolved issues with Management Negotiated a Uniform allocation for Receptionists Resolved individual issues with HR, Payroll and Management shift allowances, overtime issues 4 Working with Nationwide Over the past 45+ years we have negotiated improved rights for employees, including + Best pay awards in the FS Sector (IDS) + Equal pay + Holidays

+ Enhanced maternity & paternity benefits + Enhanced Sick Pay arrangements + Flexible working and flexible retirement + Pension scheme + Redeployment and severance terms + And much more . 5 Protecting Your Interests Over the next few weeks NGSU will work with you and your Representatives to progress the transfer of your employment to Nationwide. + NGSU will continue to work with your Managers on your

behalf + Identify the key employment issues which need to be worked through with Nationwide: e.g. your pay; working hours; sick pay arrangements; holidays; allowances; pensions; working practices; family friendly policies; and much more. + Elect Representatives (in early weeks of February) these Reps will be involved in the negotiations with Nationwide. 6 Protecting Your Interests Moving Forward + Your Representatives will become engaged in our Regional Councils and Business Committees*

+ Well offer individual support and advice, help with understanding Nationwides people processes and policies. + Well be here to help you as you integrate into Nationwide. Business Committees + The regular forum for the exchange of information and consultation, comprising of business leaders, HR & NGSU Reps, facilitating the resolution of issues as early as possible. 7 Working with you and Nationwide NGSU has a proven track record of protecting and enhancing our members rights at work + Collective bargaining on all the key employment issues + Individual Representation independent help and advice

including legal support if needed + Free Legal Helpline from Slater & Gordon + Free Personal Injury Compensation and Advice Service 8 Monthly Subscription Draw Available to Members only + First prize of up to 15,000 + Second Prize of up to 5,000 + Third prize of 2,000 Plus other prizes

+ 1 per chance max 10 chances + Join the Union and you could win! Total Winnings in 2017 267,754 9 Member Benefits - Discounts NGSU Extras NGSU Extras is designed to help you make the most of your membership by providing a great package of savings with some of the best names on

the high street and other fantastic offers. + Discount Cinema Tickets + Discount Gym Membership + Discounted Theme Park Tickets + Up to 16% Cashback on your Shopping + Up to 30% off EE Phone Plans 10 Member Benefits - Discounts Team Club You can receive up to 16% cashback on your everyday shopping when you spend at any of the Team Club retail partners.

+ Its Not a Credit Card + Visa accepted + Earn cashback straight away + Minimum of 10 Top Up + 14.99 set up fee + many more 11 Member Benefits - Discounts Hotpoint Privilege Purchase Club Exclusive Nationwide Group Staff Union offer, savings of up to 30% on Hotpoint, Whirlpool and Indesit products

over 850 different appliances, ranging from washing machines, fridges, cookers and dishwashers to Small Domestic Appliance range. Juicers, kettles, toasters etc. Virgin Experience Days We have teamed up with Virgin Experience Days to offer you an exclusive 20% discount on all full priced experiences. 12 Member Benefits - Discounts NGSU Travel Club Benchmark Travel The NGSU Travel Club provides fantastic travel deals and will try to beat ANY OTHER travel agent/website/Teletext deal

+ Extra Discount to Members + Summer Breaks + Winter Breaks + Cruises + Wedding & Stag/Hen events 13 Member Benefits - Discounts Many more discounts available We have exclusive discounts with many other companies including + O2 - 25% Off O2 Refresh + Tastecard Discount Annual Membership

+ Great Magazines Discounted Subscription + Car Leasing - Up to 45% + Free Legal Helpline 14 Join Us Today Dont wait until you need specific advice or help join today to get the full benefit of the Union

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