Utilization sample - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Utilization sample - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Application of the Rensselaer Mobile Studio I/O Board in an Introductory University Physics Course* Peter D. Persans1, Stephanie Tomasulo1, Gwo-Ching Wang1, and Don L. Millard2 Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy 2 Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY 1 (*work supported by the NSF) [email protected] http://ioboard.rpi.edu Physics in the Rensselaer Studio Model Two two-hour studio classes per week Reading quiz Homework review Short lectures on new material

Quick feedback questions Experimental/conceptual activity 48 students in 16 groups of 3 One professor, two TAs 2 Some Issues with the Studio Model Studio pedagogy uses dedicated spaces and laboratory instrumentation One experimental set-up for three students Studio facilities need staff and maintenance Studio activities must be accomplished quickly and efficiently Students dont get sufficient exploratory time in the studio mode. Timing and equipment expense constrains

activities One student frequently dominates activity 3 Physics II at Rensselaer Electric fields, forces, potential Gauss Law, Capacitors, DC circuits Magnetic fields and forces Fields from currents Faradays Law and inductance AC circuits Maxwells equations and electromagnetic waves Waves and oscillations Wave interference, diffraction

Concepts in quantum physics 4 A typical experimental activity Wave Interference - Beats In this activity, students create audible signals using two audio function generator programs on their laptops. The audio signal is picked up with a microphone and observed on an oscilloscope. When the frequencies differ, a beat signal is observed. Equipment: PC function generator (2) 2 channel oscilloscope Audio pick-up microphone 5 So what if ? We could enable students to perform sophisticated, quantitative experiments anyplace at anytime Dormitory room

Student Union Library Campus meeting rooms Etc. 6 The Mobile Studio RED2 I/O Board Specifications 8 Mobile I/OBoard Activity Development Fall 2007 develop I/OBoard versions of studio activities that use oscilloscope and function generator (7 out of 20 activities) Spring 2008 try out activities in our Honors Physics II course labs Fall 2008 IOBoard based activities were run for one Studio section (out of twelve parallel sections)

Most students purchased/borrowed an IOBoard with electronics kit Each student had to perform most activities 9 Mobile I/OBoard Activities - F2008 Setting up/using the oscilloscope* AC voltage divider (C1-C2) RC and RL decay* AC reactance (RL, RC)* Diode IV curve LC ringing RLC resonance Audio frequencies and hearing*

Audio beats * take-home activity component 10 The Mobile Studio Audio Beats Activity* Dual function generator on IOBoard is used to generate periodic signals Function generator output drives headphones or amplified speakers directly. Dual oscilloscope plus math functions are used to observe output to speakers plus sum signal. Audio or function generator output can drive filter circuit. Filter output can be viewed on oscilloscope screen and heard. Students can explore sound and circuit behavior outside

of class. Students can store waveforms in csv format for later analysis *see handouts 11 The Mobile Studio User Interface Evaluation overview Students in regular studio and mobile studio class had same lectures, similar activities, took same exams. Class to class comparison was performed on all test items and overall. Student input gathered via online IDEA forms. Student input gathered via in-class

surveys. 13 Example test item 10 8 6 Emf(V) 4 2 0 -2 0 100 200 300 400 500 -4

-6 -8 -10 time (microseconds) _____A1) The root mean square (rms) value of the emf in Fig. A1-4 is closest to: A) 10V B) 20 V C) 14 V D) 7V E) 0V _____A2) The frequency in Hz of the oscillating emf in Fig. A1-4 is closest to: A) 500 Hz B) 5000 Hz C) 3070 Hz D) 200 Hz E) 2x10-4 Hz 14 Example test item C-1 The RC circuit shown below is driven with a harmonic emf of . The value of the resistance is 1000 ohms. a) Write an equation for the reactance of the capacitor as a function of frequency f. b) At a driving frequency f=10,000 Hz, the amplitude of the voltage across the resistor is the same as that across the capacitor. What

is the value of the reactance of the capacitor at this frequency? v(t ) 10V cos 2 ft C R c) What is the value of the capacitance? d) What is the amplitude of the voltage across the capacitor at 10,000 Hz? Explain your answer. 15 Mobile Studio results Performance on classwide tests was compared. A1 A2 A3 A4

A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 B1 B2 B3 B4 C1 C2 average MSG

3.47 4.00 3.73 3.73 2.13 0.80 2.67 1.33 3.73 3.20 4.80 7.40 7.20

6.27 9.73 13.00 77.20 Average, control 2.86 3.81 2.76 2.67 3.05 1.90 2.10

1.33 3.62 3.05 4.05 7.86 7.48 6.71 7.88 12.93 74.05 diff 4-5 /stdev (4-5) 1.30 1.43

2.43 2.64 -1.49 -2.04 0.94 0.00 0.34 0.30 1.57 -1.06 -0.65 -0.55 0.10

0.86 1.79 Green Mobile studio group >1 deviation above control group. Red Control group > Mobile studio group. Problems A1-A4 and C1 involved interpretation of oscilloscope graphs and ac circuits. Mobile Card class consistently overperformed on oscilloscope and ac circuits problems. Their performance on other material was randomly above and below average. 16 Why the difference? Each student in Mobile Studio class performed the activity himself/herself. Digital data storage permitted later analysis and plotting. Use of IOBoard outside of class Assignments

Students played with the audio functions Students interface differently with GUI than with knobs With Mobile interface they have to choose the scales rather than twiddle knobs. 17 Future work Expand activities to include use of boards outside of class Design activities to take advantage of special IOBoard features audio amplifier output digital data storage

Expand implementation to hundreds of students Add wireless daughter card with accelerometer, force gauge, position sensor 18 Contact Information Peter D Persans Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street, Troy NY 12180 [email protected] www.rpi.edu/~persap For I/O Board information: [email protected] http://ioboard.rpi.edu 19

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