Synchronization Solutions for Railways / Metro Rail January 10, 2017 Index: Network Architecture System Architecture Primary Reference Master Clock System (ITU-T G.811 Compliant PRC for providing an ultra stable (Stratum 1) time-of-day reference and frequency reference for synchronizing SDH / SyncE transmission equipment) SSU - Synchronization Supply Unit Sub-Master Clocks

Digital Display Clocks Network Management System (NMS) overview 2 Applications: Synchronizing Railway Signaling and Railway Communications Distributing Time (ToD) and Frequency references across all nodes of the network Synchronizing Wireless Networks : 2G, 3G and LTE Base Stations / Cellular Networks Synchronizing Wireline Networks : SDH and SyncE equipment.

IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster Clock IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster-Slave applications 3 Network Architecture: The Clock System shall provide Synchronized Stratum 1 Time and Frequency Reference The Time Source for Central Node shall be obtained from GPS (which is an ITU-T G.811 PRC Compliant Source) Synchronization of timing information of other systems

shall be achieved through SSU, Sub-Master Clocks and NTP The synchronized information shall be provided to other interfacing systems via OFC network GPS / GNSS Time Source shall be used to synchronize Slave Clocks 4 System Architecture Sub-Page # 1: Master (ITU-T Compliant G.811 PRC) Primary Reference Clock shall provide Synchronized Time and Frequency References The Primary and the Secondary time source for Stations / Remote Stations shall be NTP Servers and SubMaster Clocks, respectively

SSU shall filter accumulated frequency wander in the frequency synchronization chain 5 System Architecture Sub-Page # 2: NTP Server shall be the Master Primary Reference Clock (ITU-T Compliant G.811 PRC) shall provide Synchronized Time and Frequency References Sub-Master Clock synchronize with the Master Primary Reference Clocks to provide a Time Reference to all the Slave NTP elements at the Station level. It shall

be the Master Clock to Slave NTP elements at the Station level Digital Display Clocks will display time with milli-second accuracy at the various stations 6 Typical Network Architecture 7 Primary Master Clock System (G.811) - VCL-2145 VCL-2145: PTP IEEE-1588v2 Grandmaster, Primary Reference Clock (G.811),

NTP Server Product Highlights: GPS / GNSS Time and Frequency Synchronization Solution Optional 1+1 Redundant GPS Receiver for high-reliability applications (Model # VCL2145-D) G.811, Primary Reference Clock (PRC) IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster Clock High Capacity IPv4 and IPv6 NTP Server. Capable of handling up to 6000 NTP / SNTP Requests / Sec. IRIG-B Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE-1588v2 and NTP Ports: 2 x 10/100/1000BaseT Network Interface - Ethernet (RJ45) Ports 2 x 1000Base-X Network Interface Optical Ethernet (SFP) Ports 8

Block Diagram VCL-2145-D 8 Specifications: Master Clock - VCL-2145-D Input Ports: GPS / GNSS Receiver 2.048 MHz, 75 Ohms (BNC) 2.048 Mbit/s (E1) (BNC) 10 MHz, 50 Ohms (BNC) Output Ports: 1 x PTP Grandmaster 8 x 2.048 Mbit/s (E1), or 8 x 1.544 Mbit/s (T1) 8 x 2.048 MHz,

1 x 1 MHz / 5 MHz /10 MHz, 50 Ohms, 6 x IRIG-B 1 x 1PPS 1 x TOD (Time-Of-Day) output compliant to NMEA0183 (DB9, RS-232C) IPv4 and IPv6 NTP Server Optional - OCXO or Rubidium Oscillator for Holdover Clock 10 SSU - Synchronization Supply Unit - VCL-2145-LC VCL-2145-LC: G.811 (PRC) Primary Reference Clock Product Highlights: GPS Time and Frequency Synchronization Solution Primary Reference Clock (PRC)

Input Ports: GPS Receiver 2.048 MHz, 75 Ohms (BNC) 2.048 Mbit/s (E1) (BNC) 10 MHz, 50 Ohms (BNC) 10 SSU - VCL-2145-LC Output Ports: 8 x 2.048 Mbit/s (E1), or 8 x 1.544 Mbit/s (T1) 8 x 2.048 MHz, 1 x 1 MHz / 5 MHz /10 MHz, 50 Ohms, 1 x 1PPS 1 x TOD (Time-Of-Day) output compliant to NMEA0183 (DB9, RS-232C)

Optional - OCXO or Rubidium Oscillator for Holdover Clock 11 Sub-Master Clock VCL-2103 IPv4 and IPv6 compliant NTP Sub-Master Clock NTP/SNTP Date and Time Synchronization NTP Master-Slave Emulation Master-side - 1 x 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet as NTP Client Client-side - 4 x 10/100BaseT Ethernet NTP/SNTP as Master High-Performance NTP Server Engine Capable of driving up to 1000, VCL-W-KLOX, NTP/SNTP Slave display devices

Remote Management over TCP-IP Network Compact: 1U High, 19-Inch Rack Mounting Chassis Dual, 1+1 Redundant 90VAC-240VAC, 50-60Hz or 48VDC Power Options 13 Slave Clock (Digital) - VCL-2106 (VCL-W-KLOX) High Reliability Time Display Unit: Available in 57mm, 100mm and 200mm Display size options May be provisioned for installing with 1+1 Redundant NTP Servers or Sub-Master Clocks The VCL-W-KLOX shall automatically fall back to the Standby NTP Server if the Primary NTP Server quality degrades or becomes un-available. Extremely high clock accuracy - better than 1ms accuracy

High Stability Oscillator for standalone operation (in the event of the un-availability of the external time source). The clock drift is less than 0.1 second in a 24 hour time-period in the absence of a remote synchronization source. 14 Slave Clock (Digital) - VCL-2106 (VCL-W-KLOX) features cont.: USB Local Management Interface 10/100BaseT Interface for Remote Management NMS (Network Management Software) for monitoring and managing multiple nodes Maintains a log of all alarms and events LED Status Indicator / LED Alarm to indicate loss of synchronization

with Master Clock Optional PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Temperature Operating Range: -20C to +65C 15 NMS Overview: Unified Management System 15 NMS - Management and Remote Monitoring: Remote Management: Single Unified NMS. Unified Management System for managing every type of VCL Time and Frequency Synchronization equipment from a

single Management Utility. Visual differentiation of the equipment type by ICON in the NMS GUI (Graphical User Interface) - Runs on any PC operating on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 OS. Windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface) for easy configuration, management and access of the equipment. CLI Control Interface with predictive command completion (HyperTerminal and Telnet) SNMP V2 Monitoring and Traps (MIB File provided) 16 System Management Options: Local Management: USB Remote Management:

10/100BaseT Ethernet Access Options: Telnet CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100) SNMP V2 Traps (MIB File provided). Security and Protection: Password Protection Secured Access via SSH V2 RADIUS 17 Thank You for your attention For more details visit us at our Website at

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