Variable Frequency AC Source - Bradley

Variable Frequency AC Source - Bradley

Variable Frequency AC Source Students: Kevin Lemke Matthew Pasternak Advisor: Steven D. Gutschlag 1

Project Goals Variable Frequency AC Source (VFACS) Capable of delivering 208 Vrms and 5 A (35.5V rms for initial testing) Frequency range from 0 to 60 Hz 2

High Level System Block Diagram 3 PWM Generation Controller Produces PWM signals for the Gate Drive Circuitry Use a LabVIEW based cDAQ controller from National

Instruments Able to control both single phase and three phase systems 4 PWM Generation Controller

5 PWM Generation Controller Produce TTL level PWM signals Produce waveforms representative of sine waves from 0-60 Hz Produce waveforms following proper V/Hz ratio of 0.5892

6 Gate Drive Circuitry High speed signal isolator and driver Use optical isolators and gate driver chips to isolate and amplify signal to the Inverter Optical isolators and gate drivers chosen for speed and

robustness 7 Gate Drive Circuitry 8

Gate Drive Circuitry Along with inverter, capable of switching at 1% duty cycle of 15 kHz switching frequency without clipping Optical Isolator 6N137 Optocoupler Isolate cDAQ outputs from Inverter, Filter, and Load Gate Driver

IR-2110 Amplify PWM from TTL to +15V 2A level adequate for driving the Inverter 9 Gate Drive Circuitry Changes Replaced IR2110/6n137 with

HCPL3120 Robustness Real-estate Simplicity Verify that this chip would meet specifications Speed capability

Drive capability Inverter PWM Signal Amplifier for AC machine application Use IGBT pairs and DC rails to amplify PWM signal IGBTs used for high voltage capabilities and availability

Single- and three-phase configurations 11 Inverter 12

Inverter 13 Inverter Single-phase Inverter Fairchild FMG2G75US60 IGBT Pair Each IGBT will receive one PWM signal

Output one dual-sided PWM signal representing the necessary sine wave Have 0 and 100 VDC rails capable of providing 15 A Three-phase Inverter Three single-phase inverters Single-phase inputs 120 out of phase from any other input Capable of 5 A per phase

14 Inverter Updates IRF520N MOSFETS Used for testing of single phase inverter Current limiting resistor system protection IGBTs will be used when filter, controller, and load are designed and built

Filter Used to extract sine wave encoded in PWM signal Three identical filters used (one for each phase) LC filter 16

Filter 17 Filter LC Filter Components rated for 400V and 15A Output sinusoidal waveform extracted from PWM signal

18 Load Overall system output used for testing Initially resistive-inductive (RL) for both single- and three-phase systems Final tests will be performed on a three-phase motor

Shall be able to draw the rated power from the system 19 Lab Work Opto-coupler Simulation (6N137) Gate Driver and Optocoupler construction

HCPL3120 Gate Driver construction Single phase, single side inverter test With IRF520N MOSFET Lab Work Basic cDAQ Interface

Analog Input Digital Output (TTL) Lab Work Lab Work Basic PWM Generation Controller in LabVIEW Point by Point vs Waveform Signals

Lab Work Equipment & Parts List LabVIEW Student Edition NI-cDAQ-9174 Data Acquisition Chassis NI-9401 Digital I/O NI-9221 Analog Input Module

NI-9211 Thermal Couple IR2110/2113 6N137 Opto-coupler HCPL3120 Gate Driver* IRF520 MOSFET* FMG2G75US60 IGBT Pair with anti-parallel diodes Sources and Scopes available in Power Lab 25

Schedule Schedule Week 1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

13 14 Date 1/27/2013 2/3/2013 2/10/2013 2/17/2013

2/24/2013 3/3/2013 3/10/2013 3/17/2013 3/24/2013 3/31/2013 4/7/2013 4/14/2013

4/21/2013 4/28/2013 Task LabVIEW Tutorials Build & test single phase optical isolator Build & test single phase gate driver and inverter Interfacing LabVIEW with NI cDAQ

Basic LabVIEW controller design LC filter design & single phase resistive/inductive load selection Apply LC filter and load to single phase VFACS Controller tuning/modification with voltage feedback Performance testing of single phase VFACS Re-evaluation of schedule/evaluation of implementing three-phase VFACS DC to AC source conversion design DC to AC source conversion building and testing

Final system testing and analysis Oral Presentation Preparation/ Final Project Report Questions? 27 Pictures

28 Datasheets http:// R2113_IR2113S.pdf

http:// http:// ml 29

Flow Chart 30 RLC Filter Design Equations 1 Vo LC

Vi s 2 R s 1 L LC w0 1 LC

F b 1 0 Q 2

R C 2 L 31 RLC Filter Response


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