Advanced imaging systems Kirk Martinez Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton VASARI

Visual Arts System for Archiving and Retrieval of Images European project - 1989 Aimed to make highest quality imaging system to replace conventional photography BRAMEUR LTD, DOERNER INSTITUT, TELECOM PARIS, NATIONAL GALLERY, THOMSON,

BIRKBECK COLLEGE, TV, GFAI, SIDAC, SYSECA, DIRECTION DES MUSEES DE FRANCE National Gallery VASARI Scanner Captures 3kx2k patches precise mechanics uses Kontron Progres camera

VASARI scanner Fibre-optic system illuminates area with narrow spectral band of light Vasari lighting system

VASARI scanner filter wheel Filter wheel in light system holds the narrow-band filters recently extended

from 7 to 12 to include near infra-red bands VASARI scanner in action CIELab for device independence

The Uffizis VASARI scanner From VASARI to MARC MARC European project to investigate accurate

printing and a calibrated image chain. calibrated printing press and printed a book! Also made a new camera with the Lenz brothers in Munich. MARC camera

Sensor Masking MARC results 20min capture time for 10kx10k in use at National Gallery photographic dept. to capture the whole collection. colour accuracy around 2-3E CIELab

MARC2 camera Made by the Lenz brothers in Munich for JJT and National Library of Congress much faster: around 30s! 10kx10k x 12 bits

uses a 1.3kx1k masked sensor in 4 macro positions and microscanning uses fibre link to PC with 1GB RAM. Viseum How to browse 2GB images over the Web?

Web server plugin sends image tiles Java applet views portions of images at any scale and position We also made a fibre linked network from Vancouver to London to test ATM (up to 155Mbit/s)

ACOHIR Accurate colour high resolution imaging of 3D objects

Improving on Quicktime-VR: Higher resolution more accurate colour Web browsing of objects without large download Make applications for archaeology, sculpture and commercial sales or porcelain and furniture

ran from 1997-1999 ACOHIR Partners

Athens Technology (Gr) Barco (B) University of Southampton ENST, Paris

AIDIMA (E) Cobax (D)

The National Gallery, London LRMF - Louvre (F) Museum of Cycladic art (Gr) University of Thessaloniki (Gr) Christian and Byzantine

museum of Athens EOCENO (E) Vasari enterprises (UK) ECS Imaging System Louvres ACOHIR system

Uses Kodak DCS 560 camera (3kx2k) strong turntable for larger sculptures custom PC software for capture and colour calibration. Acquisition Procedure Setup object in centre of turntable.

Focus camera (using zone plate print if needed). Set aperture and gain for Macbeth white to be in range. Take test grab to check exposure, focus and cropping. Take black image (cover lens). Take image of flat white where chart will be. Take image of Macbeth chart. Run capture script.

Calibration Procedure Chart: Linearize, subtract dark, scale by white, measure Use MacBeth image to find 3 by 3 matrix, plus 3 offsets, to go from linear RGB to XYZ Colour convert each frame to XYZ, then to sRGB Optional sharpen

Save as TIFF pyramids Tiled Pyramidal JPEG TIFF Store full image plus half/quarter etc resolution Each image is tiled as 64x64 blocks Each tile is JPEG compressed (or LZW lossless)

Pels are stored as sRGB or CIELab Icon View Descriptio n

Main image area links to views

Zoom control s off-site links

Current research content-based retrieval of art finding images for the V&A picture library finding conservation structures for Louvre and Uffizi

Demos: email: [email protected]

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