Versions of Java

Versions of Java

BlueJ: a very quick introduction Jan 30, 2020 BlueJ

BlueJ is an IDE (Interactive Development Environment). It includes

an editor, which you use to write your programs a debugger, to help you find your mistakes

a viewer, to see the parts of your program an easy way to run Java programs an easy way to view documentation Open BlueJ, choose New Project

Name the project, click Create Create and name a new Class or Applet The name of the class should begin

with a capital letter Double-click the new class to edit it The stripes show that the class "Drawing" is not

compiled (ready to run) Edit your class, then Compile it BlueJ starts you with a simple class or a simple

applet. You can modify what BlueJ gives you, or just replace it with your own program. If it's an applet: Right-click the class

and choose Run Applet If applet: choose how to run it, and what size it should be Here's the running applet!

If application: right-click and choose void main(args) Application: Just click Ok

Application results Final notes

You don't have to Save your workBlueJ does that automatically for you when you compile If you quit BlueJ and come back later, use Open

Project to continue where you left off This quick introduction does not replace working through the tutorial! Your Assignment Step through the BlueJ tutorial and note any

differences between the documentation and the actual program (hand in a list) Modify this applet to draw a picture of your own 1.

2. a. b. Use 10 or more drawing commands You will not be graded on artistic merit

The End

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