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VIC ELECTRONIC FOOD SAMPLE GUIDE Aug 2014 Introduction This a quick guide to help set up, operate and feedback information about the electronic food sampling app The guide is split into four areas: Support instructions How to complete the form

How to save & duplicate a form Contacts details and feedback Introduction The electronic food sampling app is a system that will produce an electronic food sample submission form. The system will transmit the required data directly to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and to the EHO who collected the sample The system will help to facilitate better records of regulatory activity by officers, and improve the communication from the field and central offices. The app allows the EHO to take photographs of food samples and

automatically attaches those photographs to the sample submission form. The app also allows EHO to sign on glass. The use of the app is voluntary and will not replace the paper form. EHO will still have the option to choose which method suits their business requirements when collecting food samples. However, the electronic food sampling app will be available to LGAs at no extra cost over the next 5 years by the app developer How to install and log into the app Please follow the installation instructions in this document

Step 1 Type: into your browser Any internet enabled device Step 2 To use the app in browser mode Type User Name: test Type Password: fscs Press: Login

Handy hint The more recent versions of following browsers are recommended as they manage WebApps best, for user experience Safari Chrome Firefox IE9+ (Prevents photo capture in browser mode though you can choose photos from your gallery, and the sign on glass functionality is limited)

Step 3 To download the app to your smart device For iPhone / iPad Press Step 4 Click Install

Loading App Click to Open App Step 5 Enter User profile info (including username and new password) Dont forget to enter

the lab/s contact email Enter log in info as per step 2 Remember to save each section Step 6

Ready to go Click Home Button Note Additional navigation bar How to complete the form Designed to flow and replicate the paper form

Still has mandatory fields Enter the data as required, such as: Scan or key the Council Food Sample barcode (Note field requires a valid barcode) Premises classification Premises name, address How to complete the form Continue to complete the form

by clicking on the appropriate field Sample condition Purpose of testing What are the required tests How to complete the form Click on the appropriate sample descriptors Note: for ready to eat foods/ composite foods, please

make sure either ingredients cooked, ingredients uncooked or both are selected Continue to follow descriptors until completed How to complete the form Continue to complete the form by adding additional

information Take a photo and sign Confirm lab contacts Note if you have multiple labs set up in your profile choose the appropriate one from the drop down list Submit the form New button will save current form and open a new form

How to complete the form Once the form has been submitted: You will receive a pdf and csv file The lab will also receive a pdf and csv file How to save & duplicate a form The app allows you to save and duplicate forms to

make taking multiple samples from the same premises easier and quicker How to save & duplicate a form Pre-fill the information you want to duplicate Press the Save button Once saved, this message will appear How to save & duplicate a form

To access the saved form, click here To access the form, click on the one you want. Then click either Resume or Duplicate How to save & duplicate a form Original Duplicate

Once duplicated, press resume to go into a copy of the original form You will also need to change the time and date of the sample, as it stays the same as when the original form was started. Contacts and Feedback

Issues related to the IT functions of the app please refer to Acresta Support Acresta - Issues related to the sample selection or other form entry data please refer to the Department of Health: Paul Goldsmith - 03 9096 5497 or [email protected] Heather Haines - 03 9096 5751 or [email protected] Karen Marsh - 03 9096 1457 or karen.m[email protected] Laboratory contacts: DTS - [email protected] OMIC - [email protected]

Handy hints Depending on the device type you are currently using, you can run the app in a browser mode or installed on your device as an app In browser mode you have the same features and functions as the app except you have a dependency on network coverage In app mode the form will only require network/connectivity to submit the form (it is a smoother user experience) At the moment, the downloadable app is only available on Apple devices but in future releases there will be Windows and Android App installs on the home screen (see step 3 of your install guide

for how to install) Handy hints Take the time to set your profile correctly as it will save you time entering data in the future Dont forget to save as you go through the setting up of your profile If you share devices with your colleagues remember the profile and passwords would be different Save time and key strokes .. Remember to enter the prefix of the barcode. You will only have to type in the trailing digits in the future forms

Also remember that the barcode field has an algorithm built in to make sure the barcode is a valid one (the barcodes allocated by Department of Health) Some device cameras do not have barcode scanning capabilities. In that scenario type the barcode Handy hints Please click the FAQs button for Online Information Training and FAQs about the form

If you have a problem that directly relates to the performance of the app Please register and log the issue at You will be assigned a support ticket to track the progress of its resolution

Importantly, it will speed up the resolution of potential issues for other users Please follow the instructions in the Acresta Support Guidelines in FAQs button of the app

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