Videoconferencing Open Day Agenda (Draft) January ?? 2007 ...

Videoconferencing Open Day Agenda (Draft) January ?? 2007 ...

Videoconferencing in Nurse Education Heather Wharrad School of Nursing University of Nottingham The University of Nottingham, School of Nursing East Midlands, England Courses 4000 students (pre and post registration, undergraduate and postgraduate); 200+ staff Pre-registration diploma 300 students (2 intakes/ year) 120 LBR modules NB one core module run 17 times/academic year Academic and professional practice competence assessed Mature students (100% LBR; 65% pre-reg diploma; 4% undergraduate Masters)

SONET Applied Research Centre & CETL base SONET Applied Research Centre Reusable Learning Objects RLOs Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) Reusable learning designs Sustainable approaches communities of practice Rapid development and course builder tools for e-learning Web CT and online discussion Teaching and Learning Observatory (Videoconferencing) Social networking tools Facebook, Second life Social Learning Hubs Genetics Applied Maths

Engineering Study skills Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Collaboration EB Practice Pharmacology Clinical skills Study skills Languages Sports science Study skills Business studies The RLO-CETL is concerned with: Developing RLOs for Health Sciences Evaluating the use of RLOs Helping lecturers to develop and use RLOs Developing tools and templates for RLO use

Integrating RLO use with other technologies eg mobile phones, white boards, videoconferencing Research and advancing RLO pedagogy Reasons Pragmatic Old VC equipment replaced and expensive (BT phone line rental) Integration with e-learning initiatives eg RLOs, electronic whiteboards Reduce time and costs travelling between centres Capital funding from RLOCETL Pedagogical advantages Extend learning communities Synchronous communication Access to specialists local and world wide for teaching and research Widening practice opportunities

Travel costs (2006-2007) Last year we spent 157,000 on student travel. Across the centres this was split: Boston - 86,000 Lincoln - 14,000 Derby - 19,000 Mansfield - 17,000 Nottingham - 7,000 Midwifery - 14,000 Staff costs on travel - 110,000 VC Specification 42 inch plasma screens with speakers Portable small/medium meeting rooms and

medium/large classrooms Link to existing AV (projectors) in classrooms Join up to 8 sites in conference (multipoint) Supports network and video equipment from multiple vendors Simultaneous display of presenter and presentation material Manages calls made on multiple protocols (IP, ISDN ) Complies with standards policies (JANET acceptable policy; UoN IS security policy) Remote management system Training package Stages in Installation procurement process - Tender & Shortlist 3 companies (delayed us by four months) VC solution selected and contracts signed

Getting the Video Conference units to work correctly with existing AV Infrastructure i.e. Lecterns already installed in the Classrooms Bandwidth issues and Quality of Service on those points, i.e. enough network bandwidth available to give good video & audio quality Finding suitable rooms at each centre (QoS) Registration with the University of Nottingham's Gatekeeper and JANET (to allow ISDN as well as IP) Tandberg management software installed onto a server and get all the VC units registered with this software so that the MCU & VC units could make multi-sited calls.

Staff development for SoN AV Technicians SoN Videoconferencing Project VC equipment installed in all centres (7 units) and projectors and classrooms upgraded Tandberg (First Connections) KEY School of Nursing Education Centre USER CARERS & HEALTH PROFESSIONALS EVALUATION Interactive teaching & learning



OBSERVATORY Visual Learning Lab CETL Teaching & Learning Observatory VLL CETL funded 2 year project Identify target areas of the curriculum for VC delivery Evaluate the implementation and disseminate findings Feasibility of establishing a TLO in a nursing practice setting Outcomes & Progress Literature review Open day (Feb 2007) with talks and hands-on Cross school/course working group and ToR Website good practice and etiquette guidelines Monitoring usage and trends Case studies of use of VC in selected modules Evaluation Scoping TLO

Usage (TCM stats) VC in Teaching Third year Diploma in Nursing students module Personal and Professional Development hosted at Grantham with link to Mansfield. Mental Health Diploma in Nursing students Lincoln to Duncan MacMillan House Evaluation Grantham(n=25)-Mansfield (n=21) I would like to be involved in another videoconferencing session I enjoyed learning this way 10 14 9 12

8 7 10 6 8 Mansfield 5 6 Grantham 4 Mansfield Grantham 3

4 2 2 1 0 0 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Strongly agree Agree

Disagree Strongly disagree Evaluation Grantham(n=25)-Mansfield (n=21) I felt able to ask questions The speaker looked into the camera so I could see his/her face 12 14 10 12 8 10 Mansfield

6 Grantham 4 8 Mansfield 6 Grantham 4 2 2 0 0 Strongly agree

Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Evaluation Grantham(n=25)-Mansfield (n=21) The teaching room was appropriate in terms of layout and facilities I was able to hear questions/comments from the other centre

14 18 12 16 14 10 12 8 Mansfield 10 Mansfield 6 Grantham

8 Grantham 6 4 4 2 2 0 0 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly

disagree Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Evaluation Grantham(n=25)-Mansfield (n=21) Being able to see students at other centres was distracting The presence of cameras and technical equipment hindered my learning 18 16 16

14 14 12 12 10 Mansfield 8 Grantham 6 10 Grantham 6

4 4 2 2 0 Mansfield 8 0 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree

Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Evaluation Grantham(n=25)-Mansfield (n=21) enjoyed the session although would have liked to be told about the videolink so I could be more prepared (G) if we were prepared it would have been better as it took a while to relax (G)

I found it intimidating (G) Found questioning stilted videoconferencing is good for lectures not for Q&A sessions (G) very good session - it worked a lot better than expected (M) I really enjoyed it, it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be (M) I really enjoyed this method of learning and think it is really good, especially when the teacher is not present as we can still have a lesson Thankyou (M) mansfield cohort too large, perhaps 2 sessions would be better than large one (M) at first felt too shy to speak but got used to it by the end of the day (M) I did not feel I could ask the questions I normally would ask(G) Evaluation Lincoln-DM Nottingham Video-conferencing proved effective good to share learning with another centre Good video-conference, nice to interact with Nottingham Enjoyed the video-conferencing and news of other students from another centre I found the video-conferencing to be a useful component. It was interesting to have opinions from another cohort Good method of teaching and combining two sites The room was far too small for 40 odd people in Nottingham. It was hot and

scruffy and the sound at times was too quiet to hear. Very hard to concentrate at times and that made interest hard to keep Personally feel that video conferencing is a waste of tutor resource Conclusions Procurement and installation across sites more time than planned Early indications that students are positive about the use of VC in teaching VC use across school is increasing for curriculum/research meetings familiarity with the technology - pioneers at each centre in using VC in T&L - support and strategic role out from project researcher TLO probably in a mental health practice setting Videoconferencing Open Day 1st February 11.00-15.00 hours Programme

11.00-12.00 Welcome and Introductions Brief presentations from First Connections and School staff 'Using the Videoconferencing system' 'Videoconferencing tips and etiquette' 'How to book the VC facilities and how to get support From Visual Learning Lab CETL 'Videoconferencing in the School of Education- the Teaching and Learning Observatory' 12.00-15.00 Demonstrations, activities and questions (Between 12 and 3pm) ALSO: From University of Ulster and RCN via videoconference links Question and answer session on using videoconferencing in teaching and learning

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