Virtua - Rowan

Virtua - Rowan

Alyssa Carto, Alyssa DiMenna, Lauren Petraglia, John Pestridge, Sierra Hall Virtua Meet Kristen Przybylski Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer Was always an athlete 14 years fitness industry experience Did not have stomach to be a nurse.

Attended Rowan for HES:HPFM Received Bachelors HES:HPFM Masters in Wellness and Lifestyle Management Meet Kristen Przybylski Cont. Areas of Expertise:

Personalized or Group Related workout Routines Special Population Athletes Weight Loss Balance and Core Strengthening Certifications National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association (N.E.S.T.A.) Personal Trainer, Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) American Heart Association CPR/AED Virtua-Center for Health

Fitness 45,000 sq. foot center Indoor running/walking track Lap swimming pools, exercise pool, warm water therapy pool, and whirlpool Spacious fitness floor and exercise studio Equipment Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and other cardiovascular machines.

Free weights Modern-circuit Fitness Center Elite Training Room Group Exercise/Swim Lessons Virtua-Center for Health Fitness Cont.

Programs Personal training Group exercise and aquatics classes Indoor cycling Yoga and Pilates Private swim lessons for all ages Medially integrated exercise programs For managing diabetes, orthopedic, cardiac cancer, and obesity issues Indoor Cycling

Live DJ! Yoga and Pilates, Boxing and Thai Chi Classes Virtua-Center for Health Fitness Cont. Healthy Caf Vir tu Spa CAP (Center for Athletic Performance)

Sport-specific training program Provides strength and conditioning Main focus: Strength, speed, agility, reaction time, power, and flexibility. Helps athlete take level of performance to a whole new level. Kidz in Motion 6 mo.-11 yrs. Old

Supervised childcare while you work out Arts and crafts and active games Fitness Assessment Kidz in Motion Virtua-Center for Health Fitness Cont. H.E.R.O. Healthy Emergency Response Organizations

- program designed to address the special physical fitness, nutrition and lifestyle needs for firefighters, police, military and EMS in the South Jersey region. Our strength coaches use nutrition counseling, strength and conditioning programs and behavior modification programs to help you and your team prepare for your job. Assisted Locker Rooms For handicap or people that need assistance getting ready.

Regular Locker Rooms Showers-shampoo, conditions, and soap Personal Lockers-built in locks where you make up your own code of choice. Typical Day for Kristen Oversees

everything fitness staff, Group x, Aquatic Department, Finances Meeting Program design Makes sure everything is running smoothly (i.e. fitness classes etc.)

Mission Statement Starting Average Salaries Experience floor duties: $12.64- $15.00 Group exercise: Around $20 Personal trainer: $21-$30

Depends on hours more hours=higher rate Benefits PT (Part time) and 401K Health (Medical Benefits) Vacation Sick Days (30) Christmas and New Years Day off

Pro/Con of Job Pro: Working with people and making a difference in their lives, ability to change lives Con: You cant always please everyone Skills and Personality Traits Needed Someone who is personable

Meshes well with staff Credential degree certification Needed within 6 months of being hired Recommendations While in school get involved in your field and do your internship at a place where you get to experience

everything so you can figure out what you like. You can volunteer at Virtua through Virtua Learning Center Montclair (Grad School #1) Masters Degree-Exercise Science and Physical Education Opportunity to pursue advanced study in the field of exercise science and physical education.

Courses in program are offered in a hybrid format. Concentrations are offered in Exercise Science, Sports Administration and Coaching, and Teaching and Supervision in Physical Education. A balance of exercise science theory and practical application, coursework is designed to enhance skills regarding the development of aerobic and anaerobic exercise programs for: Athletes Healthy adults Individuals with various health challenges.

Montclair (Grad School #1) Cont. At the completion of this program students are prepared for taking the ACSM and NSCA fitness certifications. Facilities for learning activities and research in motor learning, biomechanics, and exercise physiology are provided in the state-of-the art Human Performance Laboratory and the Physical Education Activity Laboratory in University Hall.

ms/ma-exercise-sci-physed / A recent addition to this program is a course in management and supervision of sport and fitness programs. A bonus for those pursuing an administrative

position in the fitness industry. Montclair (Grad School #1) Cont. Montclair State University is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Programs leading to a degree or certificate (not certification) are approved by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education of the State of New Jersey.

Programs leading to certification are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education using the standards of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification. Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (Athletic Training major, BS, Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education, College of Education and Human Services Rutgers (Grad School #2) The

Master of Business & Science (MBS) Program - where Science meets Business Masters Degree- business and science with focus in kinesiology and fitness If you have a bachelors in fitness management you can get that degree to further your education. Objective: Educate students about the systemic adaptations and responses to exercise, and the implications for application of these principles to the health, fitness, biotechnological, nutraceutical, supplement, and wellness

industries Thomas JeffersonGrad School #3 Jefferson School Master of Public of Population Health Health Can work in state and local public health orgs, schools and universities, professional health agencies, related

health care businesses, public health research, and global health environments Accreditation report is available upon request Continued Pre-requistes Bachelor Degree with 3.0 gpa 3 yrs clinical experience

Anatomy and Phys 1&2 General Bio 1&2 General Chem 1&2 Physics [email protected] College Algebra/Trip Statistics Social sciences Humanities Jefferson Continued Identify,

interpret and implement policies, care guidelines, and regulations Apply quantitative and qualitative analytic skills to design, conduct and evaluate measurement, improvement, and research activities Produce research evidence to support policy development and change Evaluate strategies for selection and integration of information systems and technology to support decisionmaking and work flow within and across healthcare settings Apply management and leadership skills to develop policy approaches related to measurement and improvement

Jefferson Continued The degree program requires completion of 30 credits (nine courses and a capstone project). All courses for the degree are offered online across three 14-week sessions per year, beginning in September and ending in July. The degree program can be completed in 20-24 months by taking two courses per term or in 27 months by taking one course per term.

The capstone project applies concepts, methods and theories of healthcare quality and safety management to problems in actual settings. It is presented on site at an ACPE meeting or conference upon completion of all coursework.

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