Vocab Unit 1

Vocab Unit 1

VOCAB UNIT 2 9TH LIT WORDS OF THE DAY Adjourn (verb) to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place The judge ___________ the hearing until ten oclock the following morning Synonyms: postpone, discontinue Antonyms: open, call to order Alien (noun) a citizen of another country; (adjective) foreign, strange Movies about _________ from outer space have been extremely popular for decades. An ___________ species of

plant or animal can upset the balance of an ecosystem. Synonyms: exotic Antonyms: native, endemic WORDS OF THE DAY Comely (adjective) having a pleasing appearance Compensate (verb) to make up for; to repay for services The proud parents and their ______________ children posted for a family portrait. Synonyms: goodlooking, attractive, bonny Antonyms: plain, homely, ugly, repulsive Synonyms: pay back,

recompense The manufacturer was ordered to ____________ customers injured by the defective product. Antonyms: fail to reward, stiff WORDS OF THE DAY Dissolute (adjective) loose in ones morals or behavior The mad Roman emperor Caligula led an extravagant and _____________ life. Synonyms: dissipated, debauched, immoral, corrupt Antonyms: chaste, moral, seemly, proper Erratic (adjective) not

regular or consistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable Students who have an __________ attendance record may find themselves disciplined by the principal. Synonyms: irregular, inconsistent Antonyms: steady, consistent, dependable WORDS OF THE DAY Expulsion (noun) the process of driving or forcing out The Biblical story of the _____________ of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is told in Genesis. Synonyms: ejection, removal, eviction Antonyms: admittance, admission

Feint (noun) a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense; (verb) to make a deceptive movement; to make a pretense of The chess masters opening ________ gave her an immediate advantage. His uncanny ability to ____ and counterpunch made the champ unbeatable. Synonyms: (noun) trick, ruse, subterfuge, bluff WORDS OF THE DAY Fodder (noun) food for horses or cattle; raw material for a designated purpose Every experience in life is __________ for a novelists imagination. Synonyms:

provender Fortify (verb) to strengthen, build up The soldiers ________ the garrison against the expected attack. Synonyms: reinforce, shore up Antonyms: weaken, undermine, sap, impair WORDS OF THE DAY Illegible (adjective) difficult or impossible to read The effects of air pollution have rendered the inscriptions on many old gravestones ____________. Synonyms: unreadable, scribbled

Antonyms: readable, distinct, clear Jeer (verb) to make fun of rudely or unkindly; (noun) a rude remark of derision To ________ at someone with a disability is absolutely inexcusable. Umpires and other referees quickly become immune to the ___________ of angry fans. Synonyms: (verb) laugh at, mock, taunt (noun) gibe, insult Antonyms: (verb) applaud, praise (noun) applause, plaudits WORDS OF THE DAY Lucrative (adj.) bringing in money; profitable Many people find that they can turn a favorite hobby into a ___________ business.

Synonyms: gainful, moneymaking Antonyms: unprofitable, losing Mediocre(adj.) average, ordinary, undistinguished The teams number-one draft pick turned out to be a rather ___________ player, not a star who could lead them to the championship. Synonyms: run-of-themill Antonyms: outstanding, distinguished WORDS OF THE DAY Proliferate (verb) to reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly Because malignant cells __________, early detection of cancer is absolutely crucial to

successful treatment. Synonyms: multiply, mushroom, burgeon Antonyms: decrease, diminish, dwindle, slack off Subjugate (verb) to conquer by force, bring under complete control We must act quickly, the general said, in order to ___________ the rebel forces. Synonyms: subdue, vanquish Antonyms: be conquered, submit WORDS OF THE DAY Sully (verb) to soil, stain, tarnish, defile, besmirch The Nixon-era Watergate scandal

____________ the image of politicians in the minds of many voters. Synonyms: pollute, taint, smear Antonyms: Satisfy, fulfill, gratify Tantalize (verb) to tease, torment by teasing When I am on a diet, the treats in bakery window seem to have been put there to _______________ me. Synonyms: tempt, lead on, make ones mouth water Antonyms: satisfy, fulfill, gratify WORDS OF THE DAY Terse (adjective) brief and to the point

The manuscript for my short story was return to me with the _________ letter of rejection. Synonyms: succinct, crisp, short and sweet Antonyms: wordy, diffuse, prolix Unflinching (Adjective) firm, showing no sign of fear, not drawing back Everyone admires the ____________ courage with which firefighters and other rescue workers carry out their dangerous jobs. Synonyms: resolute, steadfast, unwavering Antonyms: irresolute, wavering, vacillating

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