Vocabulary #1 - Moore Public Schools

Vocabulary #1 - Moore Public Schools

VOCABUL ARY #1 B E L LW O R K E X E R C I S E S MONDAY, JANUARY 25 TH 1. aggravate - to annoy or make angry 2. amiable - friendly and easygoing 3. coincidence - an occurrence of events at the same time by accident

4. contradict - to speak against; say the opposite of 5. demolish - to destroy 6. verbal- a word that is formed from a verb but acts as a noun, adjectives, or adverb. (It is no coincidence that my mom and I both love painting.) TUESDAY, JANUARY 26 TH 7. diminish - to become less 8. drastic - to react by doing something extreme (beyond

what is considered necessary) 9. eligible - qualified to be chosen or to participate 10. eliminate - to get rid of; remove 11. emphasize - to give intensity to something to show its importance 12. gerund- a verbal that ends in ing and acts as a noun. (Painting is a hobby that eliminates boredom.) WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27 TH

Write out the sentence. Circle the vocabulary word and underline the gerund. 1. In a strange coincidence, John got paid for sculpting a dolphin, his favorite animal. 2. It is a contradiction, but after jogging, Mr. Conway loved to eat doughnuts. 3. Omar preferred watching the home hockey team demolish the visitors. THURSDAY, JANUARY 28 TH

Write out the sentence. Circle the vocabulary word and underline the gerund. 1. Drawing aggravates Thomas because he is not naturally talented. 2. Collecting candy on Halloween still appeals to amiable Allison. 3. Before running, Jim always stretches in an attempt to eliminate injury. FRIDAY, JANUARY 29

TH Write out the sentence. Insert the correct vocabulary word and underline the gerund. 1. After painting lessons, Juan showed ________________ improvement. 2. Studying art will _______________ your ignorance on brushwork technique. 3. Painting by numbers is an activity that seems to _____________ the creativity of art.

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