Vocabulary Unit 3 - Augusta County Public Schools

Vocabulary Unit 3 - Augusta County Public Schools

Vocabulary Unit 3 Mrs. Williams English 9 and 9B abridge (v.) to make shorter Synonyms: shorten, condense, abbreviate Antonyms: expand, enlarge, augment EX Travel by air abridges the time needed to reach far-distant places.

adherent (n.) a follower, supporter; (adj.) attached, sticking to Synonyms: (n.) disciple; partisans Antonyms: (n.) opponent, adversary, critic, detractor EX The senators loyal adherents campaigned long and hard for her reelection. Before we could repaint the walls of our living room, we

had to remove an adherent layer of wallpaper. condone (v.) to pardon or overlook Synonyms: ignore, wink at, turn a blind eye to Antonyms: censure, condemn, disapprove, deprecate EX Our parents have always made it crystal clear to us that they do not

condone rude behavior. dissent (v.) to disagree; (n.) disagreement Synonyms: (v.) differ, dispute Antonyms: (v.) agree, concur; (n.) unanimity, harmony EX Justices have an option to dissent from a ruling issued by a majority of the Supreme Court. Some people voice their dissent on issues of public

policy by writing letters to newspapers. eminent (adj.) famous, outstanding, distinguished; projecting Synonyms: illustrious, renowned Antonyms: obscure, nameless, unsung, lowly, humble EX A group of eminent scientists met to discuss

long-term changes in Earths climate. fabricate (v.) to make, manufacture; to make up, to invent Synonyms: put together, devise, contrive, concoct Antonyms: take apart, undo, destroy, demolish EX Threads from the cocoons of caterpillars

called silkworms are used to fabricate silk. irate (adj.) angry Synonyms: incensed, infuriated, enraged, livid Antonyms: calm, composed, cool, unruffled EX Long delays caused by bad weather are likely to make even the most

unflappable travelers irate. pauper (n.) extremely poor person Synonyms: destitute person Antonyms: millionaire, tycoon EX During the Great Depression, many people were reduced to leading the desperate

lives of paupers. pilfer (v.) to steal in small quantities Synonyms: filch, rob, swipe, purloin EX An employee who pilfers from the petty cash box will get caught sooner or later. rift (n.) a split, break, breach Synonyms: crack,

fissure, gap, cleft Antonyms: reconciliation EX Failure to repay a loan can be the cause of an angry rift between longtime friends. semblance (n.) a likeness; an outward appearance; an apparition Synonyms: appearance, air, aura, veneer, facade

Antonyms: dissimilarity, contrast, total lack EX Despite a bad case of stage fright, I tried to maintain a semblance of calm as I sang my solo. surmount (v.) to overcome, rise above Synonyms: conquer, triumph over Antonyms: be vanquished, be defeated,

succumb to EX Wilma Rudolph surmounted childhood illness and physical disabilities with three Olympic gold medals. terminate (v.) to bring to an end Synonyms: conclude, finish, discontinue Antonyms: begin, commence, initiate

EX If you fail to perform your job satisfactorily, your boss may terminate your employment. trite (adj.) commonplace; overused, stale Synonyms: banal, hackneyed, corny, timeworn Antonyms: original, novel, fresh, innovative EX

When you write an essay or story, be especially careful to avoid using trite expressions. EXAMPLES: The early bird gets the worm. They're like two peas in a pod. more fun than a barrel of monkeys eat my dust

open a can of worms usurp (v.) to seize and hold a position by force or without right Synonyms: seize illegally, commandeer, supplant EX The general who led the coup usurped the office of the duly elected president.

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