Vocabulary Mrs. Cox AP Language Written Communications 1 & 2 Instructions For each of the following words Copy the word, part of speech and its definition Leave space to write a synonym and an antonym for each word

Complete the activity by copying the sentences Latin Root Words #1 RUPT: to break or burst 1. abrupt (adj)-broken off, steep; sudden, quick 2. corrupt (adj)-changed from good to bad 3. corrupt (v)-change from good to bad; debase; falsify 4. disrupt (v)-break apart; cause disorder

5. erupt (v)-burst or break out 6. incorruptible (adj)-inflexibly honest; incapable of being bribed 7. interrupt (v)-break into or between; hinder 8. rupture (n)-break; hostility Copy each sentence and insert the appropriate word from the list. 1. The simmering antipathy between the rival groups may ___ into open combat.

2. The stars ___ withdrawal from the cast took the producer by surprise. 3. Both sides had faith in the judges honesty, for he was known to be ____. 4. Many homes were flooded as a result of a(n) ___ in a water main. 5. Please dont ___ me when I am speaking. Practice-Latin Root RUPT Write a paragraph using at least 5 of the words from the list. Your paragraph should

address the following prompt: Yesterday, a man broke into my house. Who was he? Why did he do it? What will happen to him when he gets caught? How did this event affect me? This paragraph can be in the form of a story, a news article, a letter, or an expository paragraph. CIDE: killing or killer NOTE: These are ALL nouns.

Biocide-substance that destroys living organisms Fratricide-act of killing ones brother (or the killer of) Genocide-deliberate extermination of a racial or cultural group Matricide-act of killing ones mother (or the killer of) Patricide-act of killing ones father (or the killer of) Regicide-act of killing a king (or the killer

For each of the following, list 2-3 other words that include the base word in bold. BIOcide FRATRIcide GENOcide REGIcide SORORIcide CIDE review Create your own cide. Write a story to

explain its origins. Example: Santacide: The death of a childs belief in Santa. The first known case of Santacide happened in 1945. An angry father, having lost his job on Christmas Eve, blamed the lack of gifts under the tree on Santa Claus. He told his kids that Santa obviously did not exist, or they would have received presents. The children wholeheartedly believed their father, so they disavowed Santa from that

STRING: bind or draw tight Astringent (adj)-(1)drawing tightly together; (2)stern, austere Constrict (v)-draw together; shrink Restrict (v)-keep within limits, confine Stricture (n)-adverse criticism, censure Stringent (adj)-strict, rigid, severe Copy the following sentences and fill in the blanks using a word from the list.

1. He was _____(ed) from accessing the building. 2. The general was known for being _____ with his soldiers. 3. The _____ effect of the alcohol helped heal the wound. 4. The sweater _____(ed) in the hot water. 5. If you cant handle the _____ of your boss, you should find a different job. Use the words from the list to

complete the following activities: 1. Write one sentence using at least one noun, one adjective and one verb from the list. 2. Draw a picture illustrating at least 3 of the words from the list in conjunction. Label the picture with the vocabulary words, write a sentence to explain the picture. The water main rupture erupted and disrupted my morning walk.

ERUPTED RUPTURE DISRUPT ED VOR: eat greedily 1. carnivorous (adj)-flesh eating 2. devour (v)- (1) eat greedily or ravenously, (2) seize upon and destroy 3. frugivorous (adj)-feeding on fruit

4. herbivorous (adj)-feeding on plants 5 omnivorous (adj)-(1) eating everything, both the plant and animal, (2) avidly taking in everything 6. voracious (adj)- (1) greedy in eating, (2) insatiable Copy each sentence and use a word from the list to complete each one. 1. Have you ever watched a ravenous eater ____ a sandwich in two or three gulps?

2. The rabbit is _____; it eats grass, vegetables, and even the bark of trees. 3. _____ insects damage fruit crops. 4. The diet of the _____ lion includes the zebra, antelope, buffalo, and ostrich. 5. Jim bought 8 new books today and ordered 3 more; he is a _____ reader. Review: VOR Write a short (very short) story about a _____ that is voracious about ____ or who

devours ____. Example: The voracious bookworm was eating his way through the library one day. He devoured Shakespeare and Proust, Faulkner and Hawthorne. Then, he realized his omnivorous ways were detrimental to his health. So, he inched his way over to the reference section to munch on a few diet books. Latin Root Words #5

VIV: live, alive Convivial (adj): fond of eating and drinking with friends; jovial; hospitable Vivacious (adj): lively in temper or conduct Vivacity (n): liveliness of spirit Vivify (v): enliven, make vivid Vivisection (n): operation on a living mammal for scientific investigation Remember to write the synonyms and antonyms for each word. (NOTE: No

syns/ants for vivisection. VIV review Write a sentence for each of the words on the list. Be sure to use each word correctly according to its part of speech. VIV review List at least 2 other words in English that contain the root VIV. Write definitions for

each of the words based on your knowledge of the root word. TORT: twist Extort (v.)-wrest (money, promises, etc.) from a person by force (literally twist out) Retort (v.)-reply quickly or sharply (twist back) Retort (n.)-quick, witty, or cutting reply Torsion (n.)-act of twisting; twisting of a body by two opposing forces

Tortuous (adj.)-(1) full of twists or curves; winding, (2) tricky, crooked TORT Review Activity Create visual definitions for the two verbs on the list. TORT review activity Fill out the Frayer model for the word TORTUOUS


ILLUSTRAT E THE TERM List 7 VICT (VINC): conquer, show conclusively Conviction (n)-(1) state of having been judged guilty of an offense (2) strong belief Evict (v)-(1) expel by legal process (2) oust Evince (v)-show clearly; disclose Invincible (adj)-incapable of being

conquered Vanquish (v)-overcome in battle; conquer List 7, Activity 1 Create a list showing degrees of meaning between vanquishable and invincible. vanquishable invincible

Vocab Review-List 7, VICT/VINC Create a title for a book or movie using one or more words from the vocabulary list. Briefly explain the premise of the book or movie using words from this and previous lists. Underline or highlight each vocabulary word that you incorporate.

List 8 FRACT (FRAG)-Break Fractious (adj)-apt to break out into a passion; cross; irritable Infraction (n)-act of breaking; breach; violation Refract (v)-bend a ray of light, a heat or sound wave Refractory (adj)-resisting; intractable; hard to manage

Activity for FRACT Write a sentence for each vocabulary word using it correctly. FRACT review Complete a concept of definition map for fractious and for infraction PROPERTI ES/ QUALITIES


List 9 OMNI: all, every, everywhere 1. Omnibus (adj)-covering many things at once, like a Congressional bill 2. Omnibus (n)-(1) bus, (2) book containing a variety of works by one author 3. Omnifarious (adj)-of all varieties, forms, or kinds 4. Omnific (adj)- all-creating 5. Omnipotent (adj)-unlimited in power; almighty

6. Omniscient (adj)-knowing everything OMNI activity 1 1. I could not answer all the questions since I am not ____. 2. With his magic lamp, Aladdin was ___; no feat was beyond his power. 3. Because of its ____ uses, a scout knife is indispensable equipment for a camping trip. 4. It was a conviction of the ancient

Egyptians that their sun god was ____; they believed he had created everything. OMNI activity 2 Combine the prefix omni with roots from previous vocabulary lists to create new words. Create 2 new words and define each based on your knowledge of Latin roots. Then, use each of your words in a sentence. Example: OMNIFRACTABLE

Definition: able to break everything The Incredible Hulk is omnifractable like a powerful earthquake. List 10 FLECT/FLEX: bend Deflect (v): turn aside Genuflect (v): bend the knee; touch the right knee to the ground, as in worship Inflection (n): change in the pitch or tone of

a persons voice Inflexibility (n): rigidity; firmness Reflex (n): involuntary response to stimulus FLECT activity 1 The final minutes of the game were ticking away. The coachs _____ shown as he demanded total obedience from his players. They ______ed before him, as though they were looking up to a god. They ran onto the field. The captains _____

changed as he shouted out the play. In order to pull this one off, they need to keep their _____es sharp and their minds focused. The ball soared through the air; alas, it was _____ed by the other team. Game over. FLECT activity 2 List 3 other words that include the root FLECT or FLEX. Draw a picture to represent each of the

words. List 11 TEN (TIN, TENT): hold, keep Impertinent (adj): inappropriate; rude Pertinacious (adj): adhering firmly to a purpose or opinion Pertinent (adj): having to do with the matter at hand Retinue (n): group of followers or assistants attending a distinguished person

Tenacity (n): firmness in holding fast; persistence Tenet (n): principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true Untenable (adj): incapable of being held or List 11-activity 1 For each adjective, write a synonym and an antonym of the word. Word Impertinent

Pertinacious Pertinent Untenable Synonym antonym List 11-activity 2 For each noun in list 11, complete a Frayer model to describe the word:

Essential characteristics Examples Non-essential characteristics Vocab Word examples

Non- List 12 MON (MONIT): warn Admonish (v): warn of a fault; reprove; rebuke Admonition (n): gentle reproof; counseling against a fault or error Admonitory (adj): conveying a gentle reproof

Premonition (n): forewarning; intuitive anticipation of a coming event Premonitory (adj): conveying a forewarning List 12-MON Activity 1 1. Her mother gave her an _____ for her faulty behavior. 2. The honking horn was a _____ warning to the careless driver. 3. Jill had a ____ about the fate of the trains

passengers. 4. The coach _____ed the team for their poor performance. List 12-MON activity 2 Write a short (like 1 paragraph) story using all of the words from list 12. List 13 MAND (MANDAT): order, command, commit

Countermand (v): issue a contrary order Mandate (n): authoritative command, or territory administered by a trustee Mandatory (adj): obligatory; required by command Remand (v): send back; recommit, as to prison Writ of mandamus (n): written order from a court to enforce the performance of some public duty

List 13-activity 1 1. The reelected candidate regarded her huge popular vote as a _____ from the people to continue the policies of her first term in office. 2. On learning of the colonels ill-advised order to retreat, the general hastened to _____ it. 3. Several prominent citizens have applied for a _____ to compel the mayor to publish the budget, as required by law. 4. The coach regards attendance at todays practice session as _____; no one is excused.

5. Since the retrial resulted in a verdict of guilty, the judge was obliged to _____ the defendant to the state penitentiary. List 13-activity 2 1. Write as many words as you can think of that also contain the root -mand. 2. -Mend is a root that is related to the root -mand. Make a list of words that contain -mend and relate to the meaning of the original root.

List 14 CRED (CREDIT): believe Accredited (adj): officially authorized or recognized Credence (n): belief as to the truth of something Credulous (adj): too ready to believe; easily deceived Credo (n): summary of principles believed in or adhered to

Incredulity (n): disbelief List 14-activity 1 Write a sentence for each word showing a clear understanding of the definitions. List 14-activity 2 Respond to each of the following: 1. Write a 3-point credo about your personal beliefs.

2. Write about someone you know who is credulous. 3. Write about something that you think does not have much credence. List 15 FID: faith, trust Affidavit (n): sworn written statement made before an authorized official Bona fide (adj): made or carried out in good faith confidant (n): (confidante if a woman) one to whom

secrets are entrusted Diffident (adj): lacking faith in oneself; timid; shy Fiduciary (adj): held in trust, or confidential Infidel (n): one who does not accept a particular faith Perfidious (adj): false to a trust; faithless Perfidy (n): violation of a trust; treachery; disloyalty List 15-Activity 1 Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1. When would you receive an affidavit? Explain. 2. Who is your confidant/confidante? Why? 3. Name a character from a book/movie/TV show that is diffident. Explain. 4. Name a historical figure who was an infidel. Explain. 5. What do you think is the biggest perfidy one can commit? List 15-Activity 2

Write a sentence using 4 words from the list. List 16 BELLI: war Rebellion (n): refusal to accept authority or control Belligerent (adj): aggressive, combatant Bellicose (adj): battleful, having a disposition to fight

Casus belli (n): an event used to justify starting a war Antebellum (adj): belonging to a period before a war List 16: Activity 1 1. The _____ South was populated by 2. 3. 4.

5. Southern belles in hoopskirts who lived on plantations. The students decided to start a _____ against the new dress code. The murder of the president was the _____ that the infidels were waiting for; they were anxious to go to war. The _____ general even dreamt about war! _____ children frustrate their parents and often end up in time-out.

List 16: BELLI Activity 2 Write a short rhyming poem using at least 3 of the words from the list.

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