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Volume Cylinders, Cones, Pyramids and Spheres Cylinder Volume = r2h

See homework examples Real Life Cylinders Cones

Cones Cones A fact: If Pringles

came in a cone, which was the same height and diameter

as the tall tube, it would contain one third of the

calories!!! Why?? Cones Slant height (l)

Volume = 1 2 r h 3

Example: find the volume of this cone Pyramids Pyramids

Pyramids Pyramids Volume = 1/3 x base area x height

Find the volume of this pyramid Spheres 4/3 of the yumminess of a cube-shaped

container!! Find the volume of a sphere whose diameter is 15 cm Volume = 4 3

r 3 Complete this table Solid

Volume D = 10cm L = 15 cm H = 13 cm R = 3.5 cm

L = 9 cm H = 60 m L = 50 m W = 40 m D = 23 mm

Chopping up a cone A smaller cone A conical frustum

Chopping up a pyramid A pyramidal frustum

A smaller pyramid Real life frustums

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