Voyages and Explorers - Ms. Kasper's Social Studies Class

Voyages and Explorers - Ms. Kasper's Social Studies Class

Explorers to the Americas Sponge Describe the Renaissance from 7th grade. Provide your own definition of the term Technology. Sponge

What three goals did each Explorers have? Identify one piece of Technology that may have been used during exploration? List three major trade items were being brought from Asia to Europe? Who created the first moveable printing press? Bell Work During the Columbian Exchange

Identify three items that were brought from the New World back to Europe. Identify three items that were brought from Europe to the New World. What product was traded on the Middle Passage. Bell Work

Explain the term Mercantilism. Explain the term Capitalism Why do people in the Caribbean speak Spanish? Define circumnavigate. List some of the products brought by Europeans back to their home lands. Bell Work

On a separate sheet of paper what do these images mean to you? Assignment Who is your explorer? Who did they sail for? (Country)

PictureFun Facts -- Schooling? What person gave them the boat or money? What was their major accomplishment? Map of where they went. 3 sources (Text book, 2 internet) Why? Trade Items Spices, Silk, Perfume, Jade India and China

1) Gold Wealth 2) God Reformation and Counter-Reformation 3) Glory Find Exotic land Technology Advances Astrolabe or compass Better Ships Triangular Sails

Lower in water, Larger cargo holds Can be turned to catch wind Weapons on Ships Canons Enemies Portuguese Explorers Henry the Navigator

Vasco de Gama Atlantic and African Trade Find water route to Asia Enslaved people trade Starts a school for navigation First to go around Africa India Pedro Cabral

Claimed Brazil Spanish Explorers Christopher Columbus Europe India Sailed west to Hispanola, Bahamas, & South America what he

called Indies Spain was focused on mercantilism He worked for What country benefited for the work of Columbus?

Columbian Exchange Amerigo Vespucci South America Names Americas because realizes it isnt part of Asia Ferdinand Magellan

Circumnavigate World Cortes & Pizarro Hernan Cortes (Spanish) Goal riches and land Mexico Montezuma Quetzacoatl Gave everything

Disease Spread Took Tenochtitlan and Aztec Empire Francisco Pizarro Goal riches and land Peru Civil War in Peru Atahualpa Gave everything Disease Spread Took Cuzco and Incan Empire Spain Colonies & Conquest

Encomienda System Conquest of Mexico Spanish land settlements Disease and terrible treatment Hernan Cortes Conquistador

Beat Montazuma Conquest of Peru Francisco Pizarro Conquistador Beat Atahualpa English Explorers John Cabot

Sir Francis Drake England Canada Sunk on Second Voyage South around South America to California 2nd to circumnavigate world Henry Hudson

Hudson Bay Cartier: Explores and maps for the French in Canada Coronado Travels up into the Southwest. Discovers the grand canyon and the pueblo builders

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