Warrior Preservation Metrics

Warrior Preservation Metrics

Force Preservation Councils Safety Division The Force Preservation Council is conducted to identify personnel issues, create holistic risk management plans that mitigate adverse outcomes, and improve individual and force readiness. OPTIMIZE INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL=INCREASE UNIT READINESS 02/23/2020 FOUO-UNCLASSIFIED 1 FPC Membership Safety Division Principal

Chair: CO or XO Sergeant Major Company Commanders / Department heads Company / Department Head Senior Enlisted Advisor Medical Officer Aviation Safety Officer Supplemental Safety Officer/Manager Tactical Safety Specialist Operations Officer Senior Enlisted Leadership Platoon Commander / Platoon Sergeant Chaplain Substance Abuse Control Officer (SACO) Legal Officer Family Readiness Officer Suicide Prevention Program Officer Operational Stress Control and Readiness (OSCAR) Representative Family Advocacy Representative Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) Mental Health Professional Violence Prevention Officer (VPO) 2 Safety Division Requirements

FPCs shall be established at battalion, squadron, group, regiment, and headquarters (up to and including colonel-level command) tailored to unit size, structure, location, geographic dispersion and mission. Active Duty units shall conduct FPCs monthly. Reserve Component units shall conduct FPCs no less than semi-annually. ALL Service Members shall be individually evaluated. Assessing a Service Members welfare and individual readiness start at the platoon or work center level. Service Members who require additional assistance or resource beyond the immediate capabilities of the lower echelons should be referred to the commands FPC as required. Conduct FPC in compliance with Privacy regulations, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR), and Substance Abuse Program orders and directives. Information generated from the FPC is for COs use and force preservation/risk mitigation only. It shall be kept in confidence and shall not be used for disciplinary action. FPC notes belong to CO. 3 Safety Division

Process Use risk management principles and process to identify hazards associated with each Service Member by reviewing all known human factors. Develop and execute risk mitigation plans for personnel as required. Use engaged leadership to supervise. Identify Assess Initial Assessment Correlation Matrix Risks Levels Colors Critical High Red Serious Medium Orange Moderate Elevated Yellow Minor/Negligible Low Green Make Decisions

Implement Controls Combat Marine Total Operational Fitness Cords Stress Control Ill Injured Reacting Ready Drained Depleted Stressed Fit Supervise Final Assessment Matrix Application of Resources (Controls) reduces level of severity and probability 4 High-Risk Indicators Safety Division

Relationship issues Transition (PCS/ Separation) Family history Disciplinary issues Performance/Conduct issues Financial issues Behavioral issues Humiliating event/ Shame/ Dishonor Substance abuse Off-duty activities PMV/Motorcycle issues Abnormal living arrangements 5 Other Risk Indicators Safety Division

Lack of knowledge Lack of skill Lack of experience Lack of confidence Lack of teamwork Poor communication skills Poor headwork/judgment Slow qualification progress Over estimates abilities Pushes the limits Violates standards/SOPs Been there/Done that attitude Fails to recognize own limits Has been out of touch Mood/Personality shifts Anger/ Aggression Preoccupied/ easily distracted/ overloaded Poor attitude Loss of SA

Life stressors TBI/PTSD diagnosis Sleep Issues 6 Discussion: Risk Mitigation Strategies Safety Division Corporal Smith just purchased a new motorcycle. Lance Corporal Jones made a suicidal ideation to his SNCOIC. PFC Clarks credit card company has called the command about overdue payments. Sergeant Whites husband left her. 7 Resources Safety Division FPC policies and best practices are available at: http:// www.safety.marines.mil/Resources/ForcePre servationCouncil.aspx You can also call CMC Safety Division at 703 604 4172 or 4365. 8

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