Waves - Peachtree Charter Middle School

Waves - Peachtree Charter Middle School

Waves What is a Wave?

Longitudinal Wave Transverse Wave

Clickers! What does a wave carry? a)Energy

b)Matter c) Particles d)Atoms

Mechanical Waves Electromagnetic Waves

Clickers! A transverse wave travels _______ to the direction of the waves motion. a) at various angles

b) longitudinal c) parallel d) perpendicular

Amplitude and Energy Transverse vs Longitudinal Amplitude/Energy

Clickers! A waves energy is related to its:

a)Wavelength b)Frequency c) Amplitude d)Length

Electromagnetic Spectrum Quick Check!

The electromagnetic spectrum is based on a) Amplitude b)Frequency c) The line of origin

d)Wavelength Frequency

Frequency and Wavelengths Relationship Resonance

Color and Pitch Straw Kazoo

Bite down on one end of the straw. With scissors, cut a V shape at the end you bit down on. Questions 1. What does the initial pitch sound like?

2. What happens to the pitch as the length of the straw decreases? Why does it happen? The Eye

The Eye Continued The Ear

The Ear Reflection

Refraction Quick Check

Refraction occurs when the a)Speed of a wave changes b)Wavelength of a wave changes

c)Amplitude of a wave changes d)Energy of a wave increases. Diffraction

Quick Check Diffraction is a)The bending of light waves around a

barrier b)When a wave bounces off an object c)The ability to form a new wave d)The number of waves that pass a

point per second. Wave Interference

Doppler Effect Law of Reflection

Wave Calculations Wave Speed Problem 1 A wave along a guitar string has a frequency of 540 Hz and a

wavelength of 2.5 meters. Calculate the speed of the wave. Wave Speed Problem 2 The speed of sound in air is about 340 m/s. What is the wavelength of

sound waves produced by a guitar string vibrating at 490 Hz? Wave Speed Problem 3 The speed of light is 300,000,000 m/s. What is the frequency of

microwaves with a wavelength of 0.01 meter? What is the period of the microwaves in the above question?

Quick Check 1 In class, I release sound waves with a frequency of 300 Hz. What was the wavelength of the wave in air? a)

b) c) d) e)

.88 m .25 m 40 m

1.1 m .0033 Quick Check 2

A wave oscillates with a period of 2.0 s, what is its frequency? a) b) c)

d) .25 Hz .5 Hz

2.0 Hz 4.0 Hz

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