Welcome! 72nd Annual Meeting of the Corporation

Welcome! 72nd Annual Meeting of the Corporation

Welcome to the 73nd Annual Meeting of the Corporation Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association Our Agenda Call to Order

Approval of Minutes, 2009 Executive Council Reports Unfinished Business New Business Announcements Adjournment Executive Director Report Ann Ninness CATEGORY March 2009 April 2010 Active Members

889 773 Associate Members 12 15 Life Members 152 250

Student Members 50 25 Total Membership 1109 1063 Treasurers Report: ISHA Finances WELLS FARGO

Pegi Risinger April 2010 (Wachovia Securities) MUTUAL FUND ACCT VALUE $53,938.61 MUTUAL FUND CASH FUND $2,662.14 Indiana Members Credit Union Checking Account #1

PAC Checking Account $21,965.77 $830.00 National City Bank Checking Account #2 $26,023.26 Money Market #1 $42,268.62 Money Market #2

$10,214.94 National City Total $78,506.82 Thank You Professional Development Team Leaders Team Leaders Continuing Ed Team Mary Jo Germani Convention Team Suzanne Frye

Conference Team Leader needed Grants/Scholarships/Research Ali Dillingham and Bonnie Hertzog Thank You PD Team Members Continuing Ed Team: Julia Radamacher, Kim Kirk, Margo Courter-Kinzer, Susan McGarvey-Toler

Convention Team: Lydia Hittle-Local Arrangements Lori Carmichael Howell-Exhibits Pegi Risinger, Ann Bilodeau, Hala Elsisy, Julia Radamacher, Lyle Loyd, Jennifer Freeman, Kitty Kubat, Kim Kirk, Anu Subramanian Conference Team: Deb Harman, Elizabeth Antonnen, Kristine Eiler, Kitty Kubat, Kim Kirk, Anu Subramanian

Grants/ Scholarships/Research Team Kristie Lofland, Paul Kreimer, Julia Radamacher, Kim Kirk VP Professional Development Report Dee Combs Fall ConferenceTBD for 2010 Low attendance Low profit margin (if any) Exploring Alternatives 74th Annual Convention 2011 Dates: March 31st, April 1st, April 2nd Location: Sheraton, Keystone at the Crossing Other ideas for Professional Development?

Join the Professional Development Team! Conferences Plans PD events other than Convention Convention Develops Convention Program Makes Local Arrangements Communicates with Exhibitors Continuing Ed Applies for Continuing Education Approval Communicates with ASHA and AAA Scholarships Reviews Scholarship Applications and selects recipients

VP Communications/Publications Report Charone Lesher Summary of Activities Directory Published Online Edition (updates ongoing) Hard Copy Edition Website Resources updated, re-located, expanded New! Quarterly EC Updates (October, January, April, July) distributed via BLAST email and archived on ISHA web site Considering Facebook, Twitter, ISHA Blog Need team members to help!!!! Join the Communications and

Publications Team! Directory Team Reviews and Recommends Content Proofs Drafts Solicits Advertisement Communications Team Makes recommendation for website History Team Maintains ISHA history Professional Recognition Team Solicits input member awards Communicates with award recipients

Thank you Marketing Team Members! Team Members: Julia Rademacher Dolly Gray Katie Book Cheryl Stillson Kathy Petrovic Marilyn Neff Vice President of Marketing Report Cindy Cobb Summary of Activities ISHA Membership

Strategies for recruitment Strategies for retention Increasing student membership Planning for increase in Life Members (The time is now!) Public Service Announcements (PSAs) Stations North and South Resources for members Join the Marketing Team! Public Information

Develop tools that teach other professions, legislators, and the public about what we do! Advertising Develop promotional materials that advertise ISHA initiatives and events Sponsor Procurement Team Find sponsors for ISHA events, projects, awards, grants, and convention/conference speakers Recruitment Develop tools and strategic actions that recruit ISHA

Members Thank you Audiology Teams! TEAM LEADERS Sherry Hodge-Legislative Sylvia Hoefer-Quality Management/PreProfessional Claudia Updike-Scope of Practice TEAM MEMBERS Lisa Goerner Paul Kreimer Julie Bower Sandy Bratton Christa Smith Hala Elsisy Jennifer Simpson

Shannon Van Hyfte Vice President of Audiology Report Deb Liebrich Summary of Activities Secured speakers for Fall Conference Advocated to keep SLPA Board separate from Hearing Aid Dealer Committee Developed plan for increasing audiologist membership in ISHA Developing plan for greater audiologist

participation in Convention program planning Join the Audiology Team! Pre Professional Issues Promoting Student Membership in ISHA Educating ISHA on the latest educational and training issues in the field of audiology Scope of Practice Issues Monitor /Educate state licensure board activities Monitor/Educate related professions Quality Management Issues

Determining public access to services (shortage?) Reimbursement of services Legislative Issues Monitoring bills and GA committee work Providing expert testimony Thank You SLP Teams! TEAM LEADERS Debbie Harman (Legislative Team) Bonnie Hertzog (Pre-Prof. Team) Naomi Horton (Quality Management) TEAM MEMBERS

Jennifer Freeman Mary Jo Germani Ann Bilodeau Jeanne McMillan Linda Sue Sickman Vice President of Speech-Language Pathology Report: Kathy Clifford Summary of Activities Pre Professional Team University Summit, June 2010 ASHAs proposed Clinical Service Continuum Scope of Practice Team

Emergency Permits for SLPs still exist IDOE reports 50 SLP Emergency Permits in 2008-09 What does CCC mean? Quality Management Team First Steps DTCS Schools Personnel Grant Survey (73% participation rate) Legislative Team Following the licensure board merger issue Join the Speech-Language Pathology Team!

Pre Professional Issues Promoting Student Membership in ISHA Educating members on the latest education and training issues in the field of Speech-Language Pathology Scope of Practice Issues Monitor state licensure board activities Educate others about our scope of practice Quality Management Issues Monitoring public access to services (shortage) Monitoring reimbursement issues

Legislative Issues Monitoring bills and General Assembly committee work Providing expert testimony Presidents Report First Steps Task Force Update Studied the feasibility of Support Personnel under Title 880 studied DT Education and Training studied

Early Childhood Degree/Teaching License K-6 Educator Degree/Teaching License Bachelors Degree in Communication Disorder Bachelors Degree in Music Therapy Use of the word specialist reconsidered Developmental Therapist: Focus Area Communication Rewriting DT-C Personnel Guide description ISHA Convention meets Core Training requirement Presidents Report (continued) SLPs under REPA (Revisions for Educator Preparation & Accountability) Effective July 31st 2010

Option to use in-service credits and professional development programs verified by a buildinglevel administrator for IDOE license renewal. Only activities and courses directly related to student achievement will count toward renewal. You may continue to use a current IPLA license to renew your school license! Presidents Report (continued) ISHA Personnel Grant Survey Collaborative project between ISHA, IU graduate student Libby Buck, and IU Department Chair Karen Forrest 73% responded!! Plans to study data are in process Dissemination plan will be developed by the SLP,

Marketing, Communications and Publications Teams Presidents Report (continued) SLI/SLD Task Force: Effective Assessment Processes under Article 7 Task Force Goals Produce guidelines for assessment practices on a continuum from those that minimally meet requirements under Article 7 to those that reflect best practice. Present case studies that demonstrate possibilities for professional roles that result in valid and reliable assessments for students suspected of a Language Impairment and Specific Learning Disability

Task Force Members Leah Nellis and Linda Sickman, Indiana State University Jennifer Dezarn-Lynch, Wayne Township Schools Pat Jones and Lynn Gosser, ICASE Debbie Harman, ISHA Establishes Learning Communities The Facebook of Educators in Indiana Join the Speech-Language Educators Community ISHA needs to make sure it works to

connect SLPs and well as teachers! Lesson sharingendless possibilities! Susan Rockafellow Susan Rockafellow ISHA representative for: SMAC (State Medicare Administrative Contractor Network) STAR (State Based Reimbursement Network) Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] phone contact- 317-468-4664 Legislative Update Mark Scherer, ISHA Lobbyist

Committee established to study licensure board mergers Reporting to the Attorney General Nominating Committee Chair Tracy Quandt 2010 ISHA Ballot Secretary: Alicia Dillingham Robyn Ford Lydia Hyttle Julia Rademacher Rachel Ross-Kroemer Treasurer:

Pegi Risinger Mandy Thurston President-Elect: Ruth Ann Morrell __________________ Old Business New ISHA By-Laws passed! EC Completed a 2-year Strategic Plan Found at www.islha.org Focus on Education

of members and public Advocacy Focus for members and public New Business 1. EC recommends an amendment to the ByLaws establish a membership fee for Life Members of $25.00 annually. 2. EC recommends an amendment to the ByLaws to allow for electronic balloting on all matters of the association

3. EC recommends to extend current ISHA Presidents term until September 1, 2012. Meeting Adjourned! Awards are up nextDont go away! ISHA Awards!!! Please come down to accept yours! Membership Recognition 50 year Members Jacqueline Fresh, June Giesler, Mary Ann McDonald, M. D. Stanley, Anne Summers 25 year Members

Nancy Bowes, Barbara Brown, Cheryl Camp, Ann Densmore, Lygia Ford, Deborah Harman, Sherry Hodge, Melanie Houk, Deborah McManus, Kendrea Parker, Luann Peck, Susan Scheidt, Carolyn Weliever, Laura Zachrich, Cheryl Zielinski Membership Recognition 20 year Members Elizabeth Anttonen, Deena Armstrong, JoEllen DeCamp, Kandi Henriott, Cheryl Hentz, Carol Hession, Virginia Higgins, Tina Jenkins, Maria Mabe, Pamela McCammon, Sharon Miller, Margaret Powers, Amanda Solesky, Theresa Steele, Susan Tracey, Marlene Vale, Jill

Williams, Roberta Wilson, Patricia Wong, Kristen Zurbuch Membership Recognition 10 year Members Beth Ahmad, Sharna Baumgart, Michelle Brown, David Coffin, Roslyn Fine, Tina Fure, Alissa Herbon, Wendy Pavicich, Amy Riego, Anita Risdon, Rebecca Risser, Khandera Roberts, Rachel Ross-Kroemer, Sneha Shah, Catherine Smith, Janice Tipping, Jill Walker Outstanding Student Clinicians

Patricia Ray Suzanne Sizelove Erika Steele Ashley Marshall Rachelle Reichert Mallory Robb Laura Bobinsky Jennifer Karpicke

SLP, IU AuD, IU SLP, ISU SLP, ISU SLP, BSU AuD, BSU AuD, PU SLP, PU ISHA Foundation Scholarships Elizabeth Amos, Ball State University Caitlin Younger, Indiana University Katherine Reckelhoff, Indiana State University

ISHA Certificate of Commendation Congratulations to Mr. Rich Steininger Mr. Steininger has been volunteering at St. Paul Hermitage in Indianapolis for 8 years. Each week, he takes time to come in and gather various male residents, including those on the health center, for a "gentlemen's lunch". He is a gifted communicator and provides a wonderful opportunity for communication and fellowship for these fortunate residentsmany of who have communication and cognitive impairments. ISHAs Honors of the Association Congratulations go to.

Ann Bilodeau! Ann has served and continues to serve ISHA in many ways Convention Teams President-Elect President Past President Convention Program Committee Thank You!

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