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Welcome Back

Arthur C. Butler 2016-2017 Arthur C. Butler Vision Statement We are committed to delivering access to quality curriculum and engaging, effective instruction delivered in a safe and nurturing environment that embraces individuality. Our Mission Statement We provide a very focused and

highly academic educational experience designed to meet the individual learning needs of all students so they may attain grade level standards and beyond. Our mission is to provide the best possible education in the safest 1.EXCELLENCE : Improving our CCSS aligned instruction with our new Wonders and Go Math

curriculum 2.ENVIRONMENT :Supporting our students with site-wide PBIS 3.EQUITY: Improving our ability to deliver differentiated instruction Our 2015-2016 Accomplishments! We promoted our 17th 6th grade class! Held our annual Arthur Butler Science Fair in

March (Thank you to Mrs. Tucker!) 22 English Learners redesignated English Proficient 60 Students inducted into our NEHS 2nd grade held their 1st annual Authors Tea Based on our SRC data, our kids read 17, 385 books and earned 69, 533 SRC points! 185/420 intermediate students earned District Honor Roll with 3.5 + GPA ! 105 students earned this every trimester! Be SAFE

Be RESPONSIBLE Be RESPECTFUL Building Better Bulldog Behavior Day Bring your signed passport to enter our drawing! Important Reminders for 2016-2017! EGUSD Board Policy 5030: Wellness and Nutrition Non-edible/low sugar items for celebrations

Cupcakes/treats for birthdays at school are discouraged Lunch is for lunch only Food items shared at end of the day PAPERLESS COMMUNICATION Handbook, newsletters and site communication delivered through email and phone calls Please ensure that your email address and phone numbers are updated

2016-2017 Staff Changes Staff 2015-2016 Assignment 2016-2017 Assignment Mrs. Baeta

New to Butler Principal! Ms. Kissinger New to Butler KB Mrs. Amaya

1A 2A Mrs. Hartman 3D 4D Mrs. Huscher

New to Butler 4/5 D Mrs. Reese New to Butler 6A Mrs. Gannon

New to Butler School Psychologist Mrs. Rawson New to Butler Mental Health Therapist Mrs. McCartney

New to Butler Instructional Coach New in 2016-2017! Communication Folders! Go home on Mondays Return on Wednesdays Site schedule

Ensures that all students can participate in library, PE, and computers with their class! Provides for a targeted intervention time for all students during the day Grade level alignment for AM recess Awards! Student of the Month! Continuing in 2016-2017 Thursday Early Out dismissal at 1:40

Teacher collaboration time PE teacher (Mr. Tozi) grades 4th-6th ELD instruction through WIN LCAP: Always seeking parent input! GATE program Student Arrival *Breakfast begins at 7:25 *Students eating breakfast enter through side door *Breakfast students will remain in multi until 7:45 *Gates open and supervision on playground

begins at 7:45 *Please pull all the way forward *Please use the crosswalk Student Dismissal Students wait behind the first letter of their last name Cell phone use off campus only Please pull all the way forward Please have student only wait in front of school If scooting or riding, children must wear a helmetits the law!

We love dogs but dogs are not allowed on school campus. Even the smallest dog can trigger an allergy or frighten one of our children. Traffic/Arrival/Dismissal Info. Please drive slowly and carefully to and from school our priority is keeping our children safe! Please be kind neighbors to those who live by our school, and do not block or park in their driveways, park on their lawns, or make U-turns in front of their

homes. Thanks! Please be sure to ONLY turn right out of our parking lot! Please do not use cell phones while driving. We are also asking for parent volunteers to help with traffic from 7:45 8:00 AM as well as during dismissal! We appreciate your help! Butler PTO Executive BOARD FOR 2016-2017 President: Open Vice President: Melissa Bauer

Secretary: Jenny Sheldon Treasurer: Open Reporter: Open Parliamentarian: Open Director A Track: Open Director B Track: Michelle Massaro Director C Track: Director D Track: Teacher Representatives: Your PTO at Work!

2016-2017 Planned Activities! Halloween Dance Turkey Trot Breakfast with Santa Valentines Dance Staff Appreciation Variety Show Book Fairs Common Core State Standards: College & Career Readiness The goal is for all students to graduate from

high school with the skills and knowledge to be prepared for career and college without remediation. 19 New Wonders Curriculum! New TK World of Wonders instructional materials will be implemented in the 2016/2017 school year. New K-6 ELA/ELD California Wonders

instructional materials will be implemented in the 2016/2017 school year. 20 Materials The CA Wonders program provides support for Building a strong reading foundation Accessing complex text Finding and using text evidence Engaging in collaborative conversations

Writing to sources Spelling Because : and Grammar Explicit instruction improves spelling Teaching words and spelling patterns helps students read and write better; in addition, they are maintained over time Therefore: The goal is for fewer worksheets and moving away from writing spelling words 10 times each

or using word searches - Meta-analysis of 53 studies , more than 6000 students by Steve Graham and Tanya Santangelo Routine Day 1 and 2: Direct teaching explicitly uses the Reading/Writing Workshop textbook in order to pre-teach the comprehension and

vocabulary of the week, as well as model close reading. Day 3 and 4: Students apply the learned skills to weekly grade level selection in the Literature Anthology and/or the leveled readers. Reading/Writing Literature: The stories in the literature anthology of Wonders

are engaging and highinterest for students. Writing is directly connected to the reading. Assessments Focuses on skills Given when students are ready

rather than weekly Takes many forms, writing, speaking, selected response, etc. Access to Electronic Resources Open a web browser, and type: https://portal.egusd.net Click Sign in with EGUSD Account

Username = students EGUSD/Google email address, i.e. [email protected] Password = school Reminders Regarding CCSS Math! CCSS Mathematics: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. (Standards for Mathematical Practice #3)

Attend to precision. (Standards for Mathematical Practice #6) Math instruction must be balanced with equal attention given to all three components Conceptual Understanding Procedural Fluency

Application & Modeling How Can I Help My Child at Home? Praise children for making an effort and encourage perseverance. Help them develop the mindset that they should be proud of working hard and learning something new. Use conversation starters that encourage students to explain why or how they know something.

29 How Can I Help My Child to Do Well in School? ALL Students: Read, read, read! Encourage and model reading of all sorts of materials: books of fiction; books that provide information; informative internet sites; magazines; sets of directions. Read for sustained periods of time daily.

30 How Can I Help My Child to Do Well in School? ALL Students: Speak positively about math! If your own experiences in mathematics were not positive, do not share that with your child. Instead, tell your child, Math is the basis of technology and a lot of science. Math is pretty cool. 31

How Can I Learn More About Common Core? Find more information about Common Core (including parent Q & A) on the EGUSD website: http://blogs.egusd.net/ccss Find more information about Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): http://www.cde.ca.gov/pd/ca/sc/ngssintrod.asp Find resources for math by logging into Think Central, the website associated with our Go Math textbooks. (Login provided by your childs teacher.)

Refer to the information sheets on the National PTA website: http://www.pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2583 32 LEARNERS today unleashing the LEADERS of tomorrow! It is going to be a great year!

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