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Welcome Coaches Vision My goal is to create a program where players: 1. Have fun 2. Compete 3. Learn the game of baseball, and other life lessons that come from the game 4. Put Chanhassen baseball back on the map! Philosophy

Family first Academics Baseball There are many ways to play this game! Aggressive, Aggressive, Aggressive! Philosophy continued Look to make the players better every time you take the field Dont put too much stress on winning at the younger levels Try to have players play as many positions as

possible (dont pigeonhole a player) Have players hustle everywhere, all the time, its the Storm Way! Make baseball fun with competitive drills Hitting Teaching tips (everyone hits differently!) Stance Be on balls of your feet (hit on 2x4) Balanced Load

Get to a position to swing Stride (optional) Swing Explode! Down angle Dont get caught up in all the gimmicks! Dont be afraid to SWING THE BAT! Make the kids

learn their pitch! Fielding Tips to teach: Athletic stance ready position Be on your toes (balls of your feet) Glove up and open Righty Right - left - field, right left (step in front) throw Lefty Left right- field, left right (step in front) - throw

Pitching Fastball and change-up! Dont become a one pitch pitcher! Work on becoming a fielder after pitching PFPs- pitcher fielding practice CJ can add more to this! Base running Teaching Tips: Be aggressive! Put the pressure on the defense!

We go hard ALL THE TIME (Storm Way!) Base running Base running (this would be conditioning so work hard!!) Single sprint through 1st base, breakdown and look over right shoulder looking for pass balls Single w/round- round like you are going for second! Put the pressure on the OF! Double working on rounding first base with a good turn hit CORNER of base! Triple focus on your rounds, inside corners of base/ work on

tagging up! Leads off first work on your jump/ work on tagging up! Leads off second work on your jump/ work on tagging up! Leads off third- be in FOUL territory! Bunt Bunt Defense Defense Key is COMMUNICATION! Everything should be covered

3 plays: (situation will dictate what we want to do) Runner on first Runner past second Wheel Bunt Offense Runner on 1st Bunt to 1st Runner gets on 2nd- Bunt to 3rd Sacrifice Bunting DO NOT SQUARE HIPS

exposing your lower half! Level bat ASAP and stay on top! Catch the ball keeping head down! Hand placement Practice Plan Option 1 Warm-up (15-20 min) Indy (15 min)

Bunt D&O/1st & 3rd INF/OF (10 min) Work in gaps/double cuts/etc. Hitting (35 minutes) Groups Stations, hitting on field, base running Recap (15 min) Lift (30 min)

Push ups / Sit ups Option 2 Warm-up (15-20 min) Indy (15 min) INF Mass Grounders 21 outs (20 min) Hitting (20-30 min) Stations Recap (15 min)

Lift (30 min) Push ups / Sit ups Hudl Website: www.hudl.com Email address: [email protected] Password: chanyouthbb12

Questions Anything? Come out to practice anytime! Please do not hesitate to call or email: Phone-952-556-3658 Email- [email protected]

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