Welcome! [hws4.weebly.com]

Welcome! [hws4.weebly.com]

+ Welcome! Information about the 2018-2019 School Year! +About Our Team: Mireille Vroom - 4A Laurel Mason - 4B Shariffa Mawani - 4C Cindy Yong - 4D

Reggie McClellan - 4/5 + Communication Classroom Blog: daily Agenda messages and weekly snapshot of our learning Email: [email protected] Phone: (403) 777-6410 School Website

+ Classroom Theme Then, now, I wonder? + Home Learning: Daily home reading 20 minutes each night Unfinished classroom work Home learning activities - occasional

math problems, bring in an artifact that is Home Projects: 1-2 for this school year + Gym, Music and Buddies Gym with Mike Janzic Days 1, 2, 4 Daily Physical Activity (D.P.A.) on days with no gym time scheduled Students should wear running shoes

in the gym Music with Kristen Smith Days 3 and 5 Buddies with PM kindergarten students + Library Learning Commons Students are welcome to select books from the Library Learning Commons They are encouraged to choose just

right books for their individual reading level + Classroom Expectations Students are encouraged and expected to treat each other and school staff in a respectful manner. Class Meetings will be held regularly to provide an opportunity for students to share compliments and concerns in a safe environment.

Students are encouraged to solve disagreements with greater independence in Grade 4. Situations and students are unique however so if you need support with a situation taking place at school please let me know. I'm happy to help out if there is an immediate concern or an ongoing issue. + Absences If your child will be away from

school for a period of time or is leaving during the day for an appointment, a note is greatly appreciated so that I can plan how to provide them with opportunities to learn what was missed or send notices and work home. + Program of Studies For additional information and

resources connected to the Program of Studies, please refer to education.alberta.ca. The Program of Studies can also be found online at: https://www.learnalberta.ca/content/ mychildslearning/ https://education.alberta.ca/teachers/p rogram/ +

Reporting Student Led Conferences: November 22 and 23, 2018 Report cards: December 20, 2018 Student Led Conferences: March 21 and 22, 2019 Report Cards: June 26, 2019 + Field Trips Shepard Landfill - November 13 or 14, 2018

Living Soil, Worms at Work - October 19, 2018 Wheels in Motion - March 4 or 5, 2019 Glenbow Ranch - May 7 or 8, 2019 + Please Consider Volunteering! Hawkwood School Council, with its fundraising partner Friends of Hawkwood School Society, organize social

events and fundraisers throughout the school year. Without volunteers, many of the activities that you and your children look forward to may not be able to continue including Fun Lunches, Dances, and Movie Nights. As well as being lots of fun, these events also raise money that allows School Council to provide additional resources for the whole school like iPads, laptops, field trips, and special resources. We are very willing to work with you to find the right fit. Be it a couple of hours for a special event or on a more regular basis for programs such as Fun Lunches we have a need for

you! + Thank you! Thank you so much for coming! Please email me with any further comments or questions! Cindy Yong [email protected]

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