Welcome to 4th Grades' Back to School Night!

Welcome to 4th Grades' Back to School Night!

Welcome to 4 Grade th Back-to-School Night! September 6, 2018 Background 14th year of teaching Masters

Masters in Education in Educational Administration The Grace Family Mathematics Whole Group

Instruction Small Group Instruction Unit Assessments Xtra Math

Reading Comprehension Toolkit LEAD21 Large and small group instruction Sustained Silent Reading Time Reading Logs/At-home Calendars

Roxy Reading Therapy Dog Program Parent permission slip link https://www.roxytherapydogs.org/roxy-parent-permission-slip Password: roxyrocks Language Arts Daily Spelling application Curriculum-specific grammar skill practice Being a Writer

Major Writing Pieces Personal Narrative Informative (Research and non-research based) Descriptive Functional (How-To) Opinion Science Electricity Matter Watery

Earth Social Studies Pennsylvania Social Studies Alive! Text and Projectbased curriculum

Covers Regions of the U.S. Progress Reports Letter Grades Success Standards Trimesters

December 4th March 15th June 14th Conferences December March Homework Balance of written work and independent

reading from a selfselected chapter book Reading Gayman Log/Calendar folders sent home daily Classroom Incentives Classroom Individual

Money System and Whole-Class Rewards Monthly Classroom Auction Field Trips

Washingtons Crossing Historic State Park Mercer and Michener Museums (Sponsored by the Art Department) Peace Valley Nature Center

Earth Day movie celebration National Parks for Fourth Graders and families! https://www.everykidinapark.gov/ (in house) Volunteer Clearances Volunteer Clearances: In an effort to adhere to Act 153 of 2014, volunteers are required to obtain a State Police, Child Abuse, and FBI clearance to volunteer in any Central Bucks School District building and/or activity sponsored by

the district. All volunteers are required to obtain and/or renew clearances (child abuse history, state and federal criminal history checks) every 60 months. State Police and Child Abuse clearance fees will be waived by the state effective July 25, 2015. Volunteers have until July 1, 2016 to obtain and submit certifications to the districts human resources department. NOTE:

Volunteers are exempt from this requirement if they: - Have resided with Pennsylvania consecutively for the past 10 years; and - Complete and return a Volunteer Affidavit provided by the district. Volunteers who have not resided within PA for the past 10 years must complete: - Registration is completed online, a physical appointment is necessary. - A receipt with the registration number must be provided to HR . Once you have all clearances you may provide a copy to Human Resources by: - Mail copies to the Administrative Services Center, Attn: Human Resources, 20 Weldon Drive,

Doylestown, PA 18901 or - Email scanned copies to [email protected] For complete details go to the main page of the CBSD website and under Quick Links Volunteers http://www.cbsd.org/volunteers Communication Gayman Folders Teacher website (daily) http://www.cbsd.org/jgrace

Week in Review email (Fridays) SeeSaw Email: [email protected] Phone: 267-893-4389 ext. 1207 Student Information Sheet

Save the Date! Grade 4 Spotlight Concert th Tuesday, March 12 10-10:30 a.m. Thank You! Thank You!

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