Welcome to Core Team Training Summer 2012

Welcome to Core Team Training Summer 2012

CURRICULUM 2.0: STANDARDS-BASED GRADING AND REPORTING INFORMATION FOR PARENTS What is Standardsbased Grading and Reporting and Why are We Implementing It? Why did we change?

Traditional grading is often subjective and combines everything in a subject into a single grade Since each subject has multiple skills that must be learned, the grade does not tell you anything about what particular areas a student mastered or what areas are still in progress. Traditional grades are often not consistent from one teacher to the next. How is this better?

More consistent standards across classrooms Measures all students on a comparable scale More accurately shows families specific areas of strength and areas that are in development Tells us what students have actually learned Looks at knowledge over time; moving

toward proficiency What is the same What we value is still the same, what has changed is the way in which we communicate the information to you. We want all students to learn, to become responsible, and to provide information to families about achievement Why are we implementing

standards-based grading and reporting? Old OLD O, S, N or A, B, C Grades based on the quantity or amount a child mastered (percentages and points) Subject specific New

ES, P, I, N Grades based on quality or depth of learning (proficiency and mastery) Levels of Performance Instruction begins at the grade-level standard. How the student performs at the grade-level standard determines level of proficiency.

Exceptional (ES) Proficient (P) Instruction on the Measuremen t Topic Meets the grade-level standard by demonstrating proficiency of the content or processes for the measurement topic. In progress (I) In progress toward meeting the grade-level standard.

Not yet or minimal (N) Not yet making progress or making minimal progress toward meeting the the grade-level grade-level standard. standard. How the student responds Exceptional Exceptional at at the the gradegradelevel standard.

What is the goal? PROFICIENCY!!!!! How are Curriculum 2.0 and Standards-based Grading and Reporting Aligned? Curriculum 2.0 Organization Measurement Topics Related learning goals are organized into Measurement Topics.

Each content in Curriculum 2.0 contains two or more Measurement Topics. Measurement Topics Civics Culture Social Studies Geography Economics

History What are the Components of the Curriculum 2.0 Report Card? Reporting Progress The goal is for all students to get a P This may take more time for some than others ES is not automatically given to students

above grade level; instructional level and proficiency on measurement topics are separate areas It is about quality, not quantity or speed Standards-based Report Card Subject asu

Me ic op T t en m e r Standards-Based Report Card Social Studies (Grade 1) P ES

P P P Reporting the Reading Level Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 Math Enrichment/Acceleration Learning Skills Kindergarten Personal and Social Development

Follows classroom rules and routines Interacts easily with peers Shows initiative and self-direction Uses classroom materials appropriately Grades 1 3 Work Habits

Follows rules and routines Completes tasks

Kindergarten Grade 3 Thinking and Academic Success Analysis Skills Collaboration Effort/Motivation/ Persistence Elaboration Evaluation Flexibility Fluency Intellectual Risk Taking Metacognition Originality Synthesis

Learning Skills: Codes Code Description DEM Demonstrating PRG Progressing N

Not yet evident Additional Information Your childs teachers School principal A Parents Guide to Curriculum 20122013 http:// www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/curriculum/elementary/gu ides.aspx

Curriculum 2.0 website: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/curriculum/2.0/

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