Welcome to Curriculum Night! - Issaquah Connect

Welcome to Curriculum Night! - Issaquah Connect

Please find your students seat. You will find a pile of papers there. The upside-down form is the demographic form. Please check the form and make sure that the information is correct. If it is, please place in the manila envelope we will pass around and check off your childs name. About Mrs. Herseth Bachelor of Arts in Education MastersDegree in Curriculum and Instruction Minor in English

Endorsed in K-8 and Reading Teachers College NYC- The Reading and Writing Project GLAD Trained Liberty High School Drill Team Head Coach Photography Business At the Table Safety Patrol Information- If your child turned in a form saying they were interested- they need the yellow sheets at

your table! Demographic Form- Please check the form and make sure that the information is correct. If it is, please place in the manila envelope we will pass around and check off your childs name. Cast Off Event Information Safety Patrol Led by Mrs. Bird and Ms. Murdock One Day (morning AND afternoon) once a week ( Monday Crew, Tuesday Crew)

Positions change each month for variety Scheduling papers went home today with student due back September 20th MANDATORY meeting September 20th 1:30 to 2:15 to learn expectations and POSITIONS Students will be required to sign an agreement on expectations and held to those expectations all year! Earn points from daily activities, team work, respect, turning in

homework, reading and writing monthly calendars. Goals: 2,500 points- Free Recess 7,000 points-TBD 12,000 points-TBD 19,000 Points-25,000 points: TBD 30,000 points:TBD Trimester 1- will send home a Friday report- will

keep you updated if changes occur for T2. Social Emotional Learning Curriculum 4 and 5 Grade Units th th Unit 1: Empathy and Skills for Learning

Using self-regulation skills to succeed in school Developing the ability to have empathy Expressing compassion Unit 2: Emotion Management Identifying and managing strong feelings Using strategies to calm down strong feelings Unit 3: Problem Solving Solving problems on one's own

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Class DOJO- students set how they wanted to feel in class, their points are determined if they are showing that they are contributing to the class community. Second Step- Second year of curriculum RULER: Mood Meter, Meta Moment

Daily Check In Absences If your child doesnt feel well, please keep them home where they can get well and avoid spreading germs. If your child is absent, please call or email both the office and me. Id be happy to send home homework with a sibling or a neighbor if you request it.

Planners Each of your students has a planner they write in at the beginning of the day. The items listed for reading are the items that have the box next to them. These items are in class work due Friday. Reading with Mrs. Herseth Reading Units of Study (Lucy Calkins) Edmodo-Recap-Actively Learn Planners hold everything that is due on

Fridays Students will have reading responses due at the end of each month and will be responsible for turning in one a week. Most of the work is in class work unless your student chooses to take it home. Writing Lucy Calkins Units of Study Narrative Informational Argument

Memoir Rubrics and Checklists Writing Celebration on October 20: Tentatively 9:30-10:15am

Math Eureka Mathematics with Mrs. Calamaras Amazing Teacher Very hilarious- the kids ADORE her and her stories about her adorable sons, Cal and George.

She is kind, generous, and SO KNOWLEDGABLE about math and science. I couldnt have chosen a better counterpart. Social Studies Field Testing: Elementary Social Studies is currently in the adoption process to ensure that materials are standardaligned and modern in their approach. Materials undergo an intensive, evidence-based review process that usually includes student field-testing. As part of the process, our class has been invited to fieldtest the Social Studies materials and lesson this school year. What does this mean for your child?

Our class may be covering topics that differ from our peers. Our pacing of topics may be quicker, as field-testing concludes the end of February. Our input matters. Our class will have a say in making sure social studies is standard-aligned, modern in its approach, and inclusive to all. To learn more about the curriculum adoption process go to: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/academics/adoption For questions, please contact Dawn Harper, Elementary Social Studies Specialist for the Issaquah School District. Her email is: [email protected] Fifth Grade Social Studies: Fall This fall our class will be focusing on the big idea of US First People, Encounter and Colonization in Social Studies. US First People, Encounter and Colonization: In this inquiry, students investigate the reasons

Europeans first came to North America, their impact on the indigenous people, and how the development of trade affected the land and people. The compelling question Was America the land of opportunity during the colonial period? asks students to examine the relationship of all people involved from multiple perspectives. As they complete this inquiry, students use evidence from primary and secondary sources to defend their responses. Science with Mrs. Calamaras Motion & Design Energy Electricity Fossils Structures, Behaviors,

Heredity & Adaptation Kate Poaster Labs F.L.A.S.H. Science Fair 5th Grade Requirement THANKS to the PTSA for funding part of our Kate Poaster Science Labs!!

FLASH Well be teaching FLASH some time in April/May. Winter Parent Preview Presentation TBD Technology

Computer Lab- Mondays Word Processing skills Typing.com Publisher, Excel Movie Maker Edmodo

Coding Office 365 Art & Drama Village Theater drama workshop-winter Cartooniversity-spring THANKS to the PTSA for funding our drama and part of our Cartooniversity!!

Specialists Monday and Thursday Music Tuesday and Friday PE Thursday Library Newsletter Emails Were mostly green at Cascade Ridge.

Newsletters will come to you on email Connect Websitecheck it out! I will update this bi-weekly with the owl post and any links. Forgotten Things Fifth graders are in charge of themselves and their things. I dont let kids call home for forgotten homework If you bring something they forgot,

please leave it for them in the office. The office will let us know of the items arrival. Parties Halloween Valentines Day End of the Year- as an entire grade level to go with Cast-Off New party planning guide to parties which includes no homemade food Food/Supply Sign ups will be later this

month for the Halloween Party. Parent Sign up on PTSA Website Yearbook Room Coordinator Holiday Barn

Art Docent Party Coordinator Conferences December 6& 7, AFTER report cards come out. Need a reality check? Let me know. We will be scheduling conferences as a school in October through Skyward. Stay tuned for more details. What is a 4?

Meeting 6th grade standards Consistently performing beyond expectations independently Seeking opportunities to go further on their own Demonstrating depth of thought and application Connecting knowledge or skill to another area Applying knowledge for a new purpose Analyzing concepts Showing multiple applications and/or perspectives Teaching others

Testing Smarter Balanced (English Langauge Arts and Math) testing window is March 7-June 10. Measure of Student Progress for Science testing window is April 18-June 10. *When I know the real dates, Ill let you know. Camp May 30-June 1

Parent Information Night- TBD Chaperones- We predict having 2-3 Dads and 2-3 Moms selected from each class. The chaperone drawing takes place at the Parent Meeting. Cost $240ish Time

Call me Write me a note Email me Message on Class Dojo Questions? Email me or put on a sticky

note with your full name and childs name on my desk so that I can email you.

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