Welcome to MSTC

Welcome to MSTC

Welcome to MSTC Instructor: Brent Presley OVERVIEW

MSTC Network Login MyMSTC MSTC Email Computer Needs Software Needs Network Storage Course Website & Syllabus

INTRODUCTION Brent Education Bachelor of Science (Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, Economics). MBA, Masters Degree in Programming in progress Previously at Skyward, LifeQuest, Sentry 1 daughter who is 9 years old

I have a Tardis in my basement (next slide) TARDIS INTRODUCTIONS Name Program you are in. Degrees you have already obtained (if applicable) Computer knowledge level (1-10) Current job

Family 1 interesting thing about you that will make people remember you PROGRAM SUCCESS ORIENTATION (PSO) Friday, August 28 12 pm to 3 pm Community Engagement Room Strategies to ensure your success in IT

programs Extra Credit for attendance Lunch MAC LAB Isolated from MSTC network

Wireless Internet: APPLE-LABs User: sp-imac1 Password: @&FR_0S Personal user accounts next class Windows access via VMWare virtual machine (next class) SET UP PROFILE ON THE MAC Instructor and/or assistant will log you in as an administrator Then create your own profile

Use a password you can remember easily Set up the mouse in the traditional manner if you wish TRANSFER VIRTUAL MACHINE Transfer virtual machine from the admin account to your account. This will take a while to complete Save it on your desktop

May wish to save it to a flash drive Always shut down the vm at the end of class MSTC NETWORK LOGIN Username ######## (student ID) Password First 2 letters of first name (1st letter caps) First 2 letters of last name (1st letter caps)

Last 4 of social security number Change it (Alt-Ctrl-Del) USER PROFILES iMac user profile is maintained on current computer VMWare Windows profile is maintained on current computer MSTC labs use DeepFreeze Profiles reset every day (2 am ?)

Store files on USB or in the cloud MyMSTC Different username and password Username=Student ID (can customize) Password self-selected Use Need to create a password? Access to

Schedule Transcripts Registration options MSTC EMAIL 24-7 access via Internet lastname####@my.mymstc.edu last 4 digits of student ID Only accessible via browser

Other student addresses available in address book Dont use for SPAM MSTC EMAIL Off-campus access https://outlook.com/mstc.edu Or through MyCampus Authentication required Network user name and password

ONLINE GRADES Current semester Blackboard Also used to view assignment due dates Past semesters Access via MyMSTC Final grades only Academics, other academics, Assignments

Select the (semester) class COMPUTER AT HOME School computers only available M-F Suggested configuration 2-3 GHz processor 3-4 GB or more of RAM 320 GB + hard drive Internet connection USB drive

SOFTWARE AVAILABLE (IF NEEDED) Provided by MSTC Operating Systems Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit) Programming Languages Visual Studio 2013 (available if needed)

Others Office 2013 (via Email, Settings) put one on your VM VMWare (thru Net Fund) http://e5.onthehub.com/WebStore/ProductsByMajorVersionList.aspx?ws=073f1066-723ade11-b696-0030485a8df0&vsro=8 Downloadable via Microsoft Dreamspart https:// mstc-dreamspark.onthehub.com/WebStore/ProductsByMajorVersionL OTHER COMPUTER RESOURCES

Room 218: Software Development Mac Lab Room 323: Networking Lab Note: User name/password are different than Mac Lab and MSTC network Rooms 110, 112, 411, 412(Windows Labs) Learning Commons Other campuses NETWORK STORAGE

H: Drive Your personal space Limited storage CLOUD STORAGE H: drive NOT available off campus Cloud storage is more portable OneDrive Inclass files: Account: [email protected]

Password: student2015 Your OneDrive via Email (click OneDrive) 1TB SkyDrive with Office 2013 PRINTING IN THE LAB $25 lifetime printing budget Not per semester 5 per page Can refill your budget (front desk)

Form available for refund C.A.S.S. Campus Activities and Student Senate Manage student activities and funds Good leadership opportunity for resume Good to have an IT representative COURSE WEBSITE & SYLLABUS http://instructor.mstc.edu/instructor/bpresley/

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