Welcome to population medicine - Ontario Veterinary College

Welcome to population medicine - Ontario Veterinary College


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[email protected] Check your University of Guelph email account regularly (or set it to forward messages to your primary email account). GRADUATE STUDENT HANDBOOK Contains information on: Links to Required OGPS Forms & department forms Qualifying exams & defence guidelines Support Services (Health, Counselling, Accessibility, Stress

Management) Student Health Insurance, Dental Plans & UHIP Benefits, Vacation, Sick Days Student services (Payment of Fees, Student ID cards, bus passes, GSA, athletics, parking) Is located on the Clinical Studies website OVCDepartmentsClinical StudiesGraduate Studies GRADUATE CALENDAR You can use this for:

Schedule of dates (e.g. registration dates, holidays, etc.) List of offered courses & descriptions General & graduate degree regulations Grading scales & procedures Graduate Awards & Financial Assistance Fees Graduate Calendar 2018-2019

REGISTRATION Every semester you must register for: UNIV*7510 Active Full-time UNIV*7500 Research/Writing Then add your courses Register early to avoid late fees UNIV*7100 Academic Integrity will be added to your course load by Graduate Studies Deadline for completion is Oct 3

CLIN*6950 SPECIAL TOPICS: PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS Develop skills to interact with veterinary clients Enhance the veterinary-patient-client relationship Skills for preparation and delivery of professional seminars Two semester course Course Coordinators: Dr. Shane Bateman Dr. Michelle Oblak

STUDENT FORMS Advisory Committee Form (due by the middle of the 2 n d semester) Graduate Degree Program Form (due by the middle of 2 n d semester) Graduate Student Progress Reports Required for each semester of study Due by the middle of the following semester

NEED ASSESSMENT FORMS (NAF) Financial Need Assessment Forms (NAFs)- required in order to apply for financial need based awards Write OVC AWARDS at the top Forms available here: Student Financial Services Forms & Documents For the department section sent to [email protected] NAF Deadlines: Fall/Winter: Due third Monday of January

AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS During your program there will be opportunities to apply for additional funding: OGS, NSERC, OVC Awards etc. September to April is when the majority of award competitions are held. Check your email for competition announcements Dont leave your applications until the last minute!

PROJECT STUDY DESIGN/ BACKGROUND, MATERIALS & METHODS Required for all MSc and DVSc candidates in the first semester of study Project proposal paper will be due the middle of November, 2018 Presentations will be scheduled for mid to

late December, 2018 STATISTICS TECHNICIAN Meet with Gabrielle Monteith early on in your research planning Email Gabrielle at [email protected] for a meeting QUALIFYING EXAMS & FINAL DEFENCES Semester 6: Qualifying Examination: Your exam

committee and reading list needs to be set 3 months ahead Semester 7: DVSc students should complete their research by the middle of the 7th semester Defences: By the 6 th semester for MSc students By the 9 th semester for DVSc students Allow at least eight weeks for planning and scheduling RESOURCES FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS

Learning Commons Array of services: learning & time management, writing & referencing, library research, data management, and information technology Located on the1 s t Floor of McLaughlin Library Graduate Student Learning Initiative Free workshops and short non-credit courses My Grad Skills Offers 18 online modules in Teaching & Learning, Career

Development, Research, Communication, and Entrepreneurship FREE for UofG graduate students. MITACS A non-profit national organization that fosters collaboration between academia and industry GRADUATE STUDIES & RESEARCH COMMITTEE Dr. Tom Gibson (Graduate Coordinator)

Dr. Carolyn Kerr (Department Chair) Dr. Alice Defarges Dr. Luis Arroyo Dr. Fiona James DVSc Rep - Edouard Marchal MSc Rep - TBA U OF G ALERT The University of Guelph's emergency notification system sends critical messages to your uoguelph.ca email account when an emergency happens on

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